Loyola's Internal Medicine Residency Program

thank you for your interest in loyalists interval medicine residency program I know that the interview season can be a long process and wanted to take a few extra minutes to remind you about some of the highlights of Loyalists internal medicine residency Loyola University Medical Center is a 535 bed academic center located in Maywood just outside the city limits of Chicago our location provides one of Loyalists most important assets its patient population Loyola serves as a primary care center for the indigent patient population of Maywood in Bellwood providing our residents with a rich and meaningful experience in in patient care and outpatient continuity clinics as the westernmost academic medical center in Chicago Loyola is a major site for tertiary referrals of patients from Western Illinois Eastern Iowa and southern Wisconsin loyalists excellence and heart lung liver kidney and bone marrow transplantation provides the opportunity to learn from these medically complex patients pre and post transplant care our affiliation with the Edward Heinz jr. Memorial VA offers a unique patient population which provides an unparalleled experience of diagnosis and treatment of our veterans loyalist campus also includes the Cardinal Bernardin Cancer Center home of the busiest bone marrow transplant center in the state of Illinois and our heart and Vascular Center which houses eight cardiac catheterization Suites residents also benefit from the Marcel Andy Haas School of Nursing building equipped with an innovative virtual hospital as well as a state-of-the-art procedural skill center located in the strict School of Medicine in addition to the excellent subspecialty in inpatient care in the Loyola campus the Loyola primary care network consists of 29 satellite facilities including the 100,000 square foot Burr Ridge outpatient center whatever most unique and exciting features of our program is the four plus one system this separates the responsibilities of inpatient and outpatient clinical duties in order to maximize each without one competing with the other this is not only enhanced a continuity of conduit clinic but has also increased the educational value and structure of the inpatient service within our program residents are divided into five firms that rotate temporarily together through four week and patient or consult blocks followed by a one week ambulatory experience and a golden weekend for our preliminary year residents the plus one week is a personalized week created specifically around your educational goals for the categorical residents the plus one week consists of five half-day continuity clinics offset by four sub specialty clinics both are categorical and preliminary residents take part in our Friday school Friday school is dedicated to furthering education and training this four-hour session includes interactive small group sessions case based learning for DV with preparation and procedure simulations in addition one hour is the academic research curriculum or arc arc is a newly redesigned longitudinal research curriculum that focuses on teaching research methods data interpretation and critical analysis of published literature the curriculum is focused around core journal articles which are presented and discussed and small groups led by dedicated research faculty for those with further research interests we offer up to three months of dedicated research during residency in addition to excellence in patient care and research Loyola has a strong commitment to service the Jesuit tradition of education and service permeates the Loyola culture with the rich array of medical mission opportunities available for resident participation locally the public action to deliver shelter or Pat's clinic provides health care to the homeless population of the greater Chicagoland area residents can also volunteer at community health clinic offering free health care to low-income uninsured patients while simultaneously teaching medical students history and physical examination skills in addition each year small number residents participate in international medicine experiences although residency is busy there's arguably no better city to enjoy your time off in Chicago with championship sports teams dozens of cultural institutions and museums more than 250 theaters over 7,000 restaurants and 26 miles of lakefront there's always a new experience waiting for you here at Loyola we seek residents that thrive as part of the team demonstrate intellectual curiosity strive to deliver patient centered care and show a desire and commitment to teaching a lifelong learner as a program we are proud of our educational opportunities and resources that we feel will train and equip you to be a superior and successful physician so thank you again for your interest in our program we are excited that you are considering training at Loyola and wish you the best of luck in the match process

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