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as I was giving head off report to the night nurse there was a roach crawling on the wall what's up guys and welcome back to my channel very Vanessa so today's video I wanted to talk to you guys about home health and my experience working as a home health nurse when I was an LPN I worked home health for about six months and I want to talk about the pros and the cons and kind of like my experience and stuff like that so about the good stuff and what is good about being a home health nurse the schedule is super flexible so you can tell the agency like all right I only want to work Friday Saturday Sunday or I only want to work Monday Tuesday Wednesday and they'll do their best to put you on cases that match those days and the shifts that you want Pro number two there's only a one to one ratio so you provide better care I I remember when I first started doing home care and I had that one patient for 12 hours I was like oh my gosh I actually have time to give a bath actually have time to you know do everything that I want to do for a patient but I don't always have the chance like I remembered that the first case that I got I gave a bed bath I did my dressing changes I did tree care it was a 13 year old girl that I had on my first case and I just remember having that awesome feeling like wow I I can actually provide care I'm not running around trying to give meds to 15 patients or to some impatient so that's a really big benefit you pick your assignment so if you had a bad experience at that home with either the patient or the family member you can easily call the agency and say hey this isn't for me like put me on something else and they will put you on something else for the agency that I worked for they tried to place me on assignments that was close to my house so you know that that was a really big plus you don't want to take on a case that you have to drive so far and you know it's it's I think it's a really big benefit that they were able to place me on on cases that were close to my house benefit number five it's a flexible setting home health agencies also staff clinics they staff schools like for school nurses they staff sometimes hospitals like on certain units like med surg or ER a staff many places just because you go to the home health agency it doesn't mean that you'll only be placed in the homes so that's something to keep in mind and Pro number six there's opportunity for growth as an LPN not so much but as an RN like let's say you worked for the agency as an LPN and you went through RN school and now you're an RN and you're looking for employment there's opportunity for growth because as an RN within a home health agency you can be a supervisor so you can do supervisor visits you can visit the homes you can visit the patients and make sure that they're getting everything that they need make sure that they don't have any new skin breakdowns make sure that the parents or the family members are happy with the care that they're getting make sure that the nurses are documenting appropriately and what they're supposed to be documenting on so that's a huge benefit there is some opportunity for growth I gave you all the benefits that I saw when I was working in home health so let's talk about the stuff that I really wasn't a fan of Kahn number one and I'm gonna give a disclaimer I live in South Florida so I'm just putting that out there before I say what I'm about to say Kahn number one is the low pay depending on where you live the average pay for an LPN in South Florida is sixteen to seventeen dollars and then it goes up depending on the complexity of the case like if the patient has a trach if they have a g-tube or if they're on the ventilator trait but the starting salary for a base a basic patient in the home as an LPN is sixteen to seventeen dollars in South Florida and you cannot debate me on this because I have worked for about two agencies in South Florida and that's what it is so the average pay for an RN in home health agencies in South Florida is $18 18 to 20 and then it goes up based on complexity just like the LPN salary goes up based on complexity that's low pay I mean as an LPN I know that there are other youtubers that I've talked about this and said you know that LPNs make more money than that and and that's ridiculous and how can I help and make that much money how can our and make that much money well in South Florida that's what it is I mean I have no reason to lie and that's that's been my experience unfortunately so that is a con cod number two there's no paid training so when they send you to the home to do an orientation with another nurse to meet the patient to meet the family for let's say four hours you don't get paid when they send you to the agency to do skills check off on whether you know how to operate a ventilator whether you know how to give insulin whether you know how to I don't know administer diets that if the patient is having a seizure all this extra training and this oh we need you to come to the agency to make sure you get signed off on certain things you don't get paid and if you do it's minimum wage don't debate me on that Conn number three there's no health insurance unfortunately most agencies will offer health insurance if you hit forty hours a week but not all of them and if you're like me you know the whole reason that I went and started working for the home health agency was because of the flexible hours it allowed me to go to school it allowed me to pick twos and refuse the assignments that I wanted so I wasn't hitting 40 hours a week therefore I didn't qualify for health insurance con number four I had to roll my eyes on that one nurses with seniority get priority on the better assignments so as a new as a newcomer on to an agency these agencies they know how to play their games they're very nice to you they are you know super sweet and they don't tell you upfront when it's a difficult case because at the end of the day they just want to staff that home and they want to make sure that that home has a nurse so you being fried i bushy-tailed the agency is not going to tell you that they have difficulty staffing the case that the parent or the family member complains about everything like you most of the time when you go to these houses you're walking into the unknown like you don't know what what has transpired in that house you don't know what experiences other nurses have had like it's it's almost it's scary because you don't know what you're walking into and now guess what you walk into this situation and you're there for the 12 hours you can't leave like if you leave this abandonment they go after your license so that's that's really a a big disadvantage con number five ah houses that are not clean not everybody keeps their house as clean as you do some people don't clean after themselves they have roaches they have ants they have flies one of my friends actually she's an LPN and she does homecare full-time and she was telling me that she carries raid in her purse or in her trunk of her car because she's been to houses that have like roaches in the house and if she comes across a house like that like she'll just go pop her trunk grab her raid spray do what she gotta do and you know so that's really disgusting I've actually been to a house one time where as I was giving handoff report to the night nurse there was a roach crawling on the wall thank God it was my time to leave but I didn't go back to that house after that I was like no I'm not gonna put my bag down and have roaches crawl in my bag and take roaches home with me like that's gross Khan number six houses that don't have basic necessities like paper towels soap gloves mass yes that is very true I've been to a house first off the house was disgustingly it was disgusting it was like a hoarder house number two when I went to use the bathroom because listen I'm there for 12 hours obviously at some point I have to pee when I went to use the bathroom tell me why there was no paper towel and there was no soap in the bathroom and there was no toilet paper so you can imagine how like what do you expect me to use to clean what I need to clean in addition to cleaning my hands it was so gross you know after that incident happened I started carrying my own paper towels my own mass my own gloves because sometimes you go to these houses and you don't find what you need so that wraps up my video on working home health as an LPN I did it for six months and if I ever had to do it again at least I know what I would be walking myself into and if it's something that you're considering as an LPN I hope that you found this video helpful but thank you so much for watching this video and hit like subscribe comment down below and let me know what you guys want to see in the next video and I'll see you guys in the next one bye


  1. Thanks for this very informative video. By the way..I love how you can literally see the agitation & more of your "realness" comes out once you describe things you DON'T like lol That is really messed up tho how LPN's & RN's who do that aren't compensated enough

  2. Speaking as an RN I can tell you one major con you forgot to mention, which is the HOURS of unpaid documentation that you take home, that ultimately takes away from your personal time for family, significant other, or just some quality โ€œmeโ€ time. I was in home health for just a couple months and found out very quick that it was not a good fit for me.

  3. I live in South Florida as well and she is correct about the pay. Commenters saying they get more and live here too are also correct. It depends on whether you're doing visits (which can pay $35-$45 per hour and usually only up to 1 hr per patient) or doing shifts which are usually 12 hrs in the home or 8 hrs at school. When you add it all up, you come out better doing shifts than visits, but worse than what you can make in the hospital as an employee (instead of an independent contractor).

  4. I only got 5 months of office nurse under my belt but was offered $35 flat rate (30 to 45 minutes per visit) for home health in San Diego. Another agency wanted me to come back after a year of experience and was offered $45 (30 mins to 2 hrs per visit. Also, I will get paid for a driveby if they have an appointment with me and decided to cancel last minute.

  5. Iโ€™m in Central Florida and I making 16 hr as a CNA, maybe you should Consider moving youโ€™d make more money

  6. hi vannessa",, subscribe to my new growing channel and i already did tge same. thanks for the info i grad in may2019๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘cant wait. lpn here i come



  9. Yeaaa I think imma stay at my facility as long as I can๐Ÿ˜‚. I really considered home health bc I know Iโ€™ll need flexibility with school but a lot of those cons I canโ€™t deal with lol.

  10. Omg the horror stories! ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿฝโ€โ™€๏ธ There needs to be paper towels and soap…at least soap and NO roaches!! ๐Ÿคฃ Thanks for sharing!

  11. I stay in delray beach and its very different then the numbers you was talking about with pay. Even ft. Lauderdale is different then the pay you say. So I will say not all south Florida.

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