LPS: Addicted to Eating Rocks! (My Strange Addiction: Episode 35)

hey it's Alina I love to crunch munch and eat them for lunch hi my name is Erin and I'm addicted to eating rocks I'm sure that you've heard of people liking crunchy chips and crunchy foods little rocks are the crunchiest to be amongst it yummy you're wondering how did you move out to the wilderness don't you need a bag well I have everything I need I have a fridge which force has rocks in it sorry my freezer is a little sparse but I even make rock popsicles anyways I cook my rocks over here I have some rock marshmallows they're exclusive rare white pebbles and here I had a picnic with my friend I won't introduce you to her in a bit but me and her we love eating rocks and finally my rock bed erm sleeps five times longer on his rock bed than he did on his regular bed if you're wondering why do you like eating rocks well but I love to crunch munch and eat the free lunch fit how comfortable I am when I first got here this battle is just wood but Abel I hate sitting on just one so I glued rocks to it and now it's the most comfortable bench ever I love the rock in my butt crack Aaron you've missed your last five doctor's appointment and that's very bad this is Aaron's personal doctor that his parents paid for and he's been missing all of his doctor's appointments and she came to check up on him Oh leave me alone I want to sleep here I don't care about my stupid spine apparently my spine is getting worse and worse by the day because I'm sleeping on rocks cavemen used to sleep on rocks and they were perfectly healthy to me first your parents brought you to me to remove rocks from your intestines in your stomach because you've been eating rocks like a crazy person and now your spine is getting worse and worse because you're sleeping on rocks people's bodies are meant to sleep on beds soft things are you crazy it's just really bad for you it's so bad good lord I don't know where he got this obsession with rocks from I mean his parents are so worried about him he moved away from the house so he can be with the rocks and eat them 25 seven and they hired me to make sure he's okay I mean they're still paying me fifty nine dollars an hour but it's just not doing any good for him Aaron come back to my office with me once Aaron starts eating rocks he forgets about everything else around him Aaron come back to my office with me we'll give you a nice little checkup and we'll remove all the rocks on your stomach again okay how does that sound big boy hello Aaron hey Aron Arun Aaron anyway I've tried my best to help you out $59.99 an hour is not enough I quit you might be thinking does he just eat any random rock from the street no I inspect the rock and make sure it's the perfect rock for me for example this rock is unique because it looks like a chicken nugget and when I saw it I fell in love and this rock I love the way it crunches and it's just the perfect shade of wrong that's an eating map but this was my area and then you came and you took lava on my place you put that stupid switch down and you put best of it they block there I like it now yeah my name is Julia I was living here before that big big dog came in here and cook up on my spot I don't like that I looked at him like this with him and puppy wasn't scared why I oughta I'll tell you what happened so it all started like this this was Cecilia's territory before Aaron came and claimed the rocks I love rock so fun to glide on slide in roll in amusement park zoo Cecilia is homeless but she has made friends with the wrong girl I told him I don't kiss on the first date and he said what oh no he didn't he did and then I slapped him it what it's what he deserved yeah where are you going come back here you can't move out of our house just to live with rocks you're so excited I love rocks I'm gonna be with them forever the heck is wrong with you Aaron kids leave mom that house just to live with rocks did you hear yourself rocks yes what's with the big idea the munch crunch and I eat them for lunch rocks when did you even start eating rocks to hear yourself you're the crunchiest brother anyone any girl could ever ask for yes I used to always eat rocks but I would do it privately because I knew you would judge me I knew you would judge me with mom and dad I knew you would do that thing hi I'm Aaron's sister and like he's never shown signs of wanting to eat rocks before but just one day out of the blue he's like I'm I'm moving out and I'm going to live with the rocks and eat them it was so absurd and like we just couldn't believe it it's kind of traumatizing actually cuz you're a vegan and all you do is eat grass doesn't mean we all have to follow your stupid diet F what I eat really delicious stuff like tofu and like stuff like that so shut up and like broccoli just grows and like how can you like rocks you know they're just so Oh rocky don't talk smack about rocks rocks are yummy why I oughta burn you in boiling oil here get me out of here this is the wilderness honey you can't just get me out of here this is my home and if you want to live here in your camp you sure can't okay so you're psychotic and you are too what the heck you come into my house stepping on my rocks I'm tilting my territory it's salt walks one more time and I owe it a boil you don't oil frying me little mouse rocks are gross disgusting and they smell like farts rocks smell like farts and they're gross and they make me want to puke I don't know what's happening to my sister thinks you can spit bars oh yeah me and that little mouse will show her hey you look at rocks – hey yeah I do want to be friends yeah let's roll – my sister okay um first of all I'm a rapper so I don't know how they could roast me they literally eat rocks rocks rocks it smell like farts can happen when you eat walk except for throwing up yeah Oh cat smells like bats and your big fat head can it wear a hat third that was good okay she roasted her dude that's my sister I don't miss her I'd rather be without to be with her that was the single best three lines I've ever written by I mean you really roasted me brother brother I hate you so much it's not a bra I'm just thinking how I feel it was a good wrap Thanks oh this look really nice place you got here could I live here and eat the rocks here so good yeah but don't eat too much because I roll around and I sleep and stuff in itself Wow this is the life I just left my house and I already found myself a friend and rocks to eat rocks are hard okay so I like living here with this Cecilia vows at all it's getting really annoying for jumping on the rocks that I'm about to eat [Laughter] they'll smell like Mouse but making them dirty so I'm gonna kick her out like I don't really eat the rocks I just jump on them and sleep on them and yeah they're really fun to jump on they're really bouncy actually Cecilia jumps on 73 rocks a second that's more rocks than there are in the Grand Canyon the Grand Canyon is approximately seven million years old I don't know how I'm gonna kick her out because she didn't invite me to her homework and everything so I'm just gonna take the rocks and leave it's late at night and Erin's gathering rocks to take with him and leave the area he doesn't see Cecilia of hiding in the wrong what are you doing to my rocks why are you stealing them away from me yeah Maya what the hug for spying on me now yeah I saw you taking my stuff obviously I'm gonna I'm gonna obviously I'm gonna hide in the rocks but then I am learning from the rubble it's how you taking my crap no you know what going to be rude you get out of here I claimed this place now I'm bigger than you I can beat you up in five seconds rocks are my life so get out of here interesting interesting trying to kick me out of my own hell yeah I am well I'm gonna boil you in hot oil I can beat you up in five seconds flat so get out to come to this but I did so she'll have no choice man no choice all I can do is cringy down what he said he thinks he can beat me up I've been a bigger dogs in my lifetime okay don't mess with me young man I could I told them Oh beat you up that'll teach you a lesson Oh sasuser grabbed Erin's like don't yell text me again you hear get out of my property I'll be back nobody messes with Sofia yeah you'll heard that no one does will Aaron get his revenge on Cecilia find out in part 2 hey guys it's Elena thanks for watching if you guys want to see more of my videos click on the subscribe button you should also follow me on Instagram and add me on snapchat and hey there's a few more videos on the right so check those out too don't forget to leave a like in a comment and I'll see you


  1. i have question…..why is the cat and the dog "siblings" if there diffrent species w h a t ?

  2. I love the rock in my buttcrack

    sentance award goes to…..

    wait did you 25/7? thats what it sounded like

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