LPS: Addicted to Starbucks! (My Strange Addiction: Episode 25)

hey it's Elina by the way can you talk about what my Starbucks necessary hi guys my name is Alison I'm addicted to starving I love Starbucks so much that I got my own 20 feet long custom-made Starbucks logo do you see the beauty look at it the detail and I look absolutely ravishing it's not that I have an obsession with coffee or anything just Starbucks and you drink from their tea a frappe coffee iced coffee anything it just has to be stacks Alison is looking at her daily to-do list hmm let's see drink Starbucks every day almost sometimes herself drinking Starbucks she already holds the world record for drinking the most amount of Starbucks under five minutes but she continues to be her record every single day Alicia's go to sleep with Starbucks coffees or drinks or anything I'm Starbucks oh how am I you do babies doing time for a bedtime story once upon a time there was a girl who loved Starbucks and her name was Alison the end Alison's mother is watching her cuddle with the Starbucks SME you know my daughter is a Starbucks when it's all because of me I took her to Starbucks once she never let go since but I don't understand just drink the coffee Allison's sister attempts to steal of Starbucks from her every day even though Allison warned her not to my sister Austin is so selfish you get Starbucks every day – lemon get one and like yeah I'm like I'm so mad because like my mom doesn't do anything about it well she does but Alice is too stubborn I just want one Starbucks okay let's see what all the fuss is about Oh some Starbucks is tingling oh oh I'm so glad you're okay you think I cared how she felt she tried to steal my Starbucks I was my sister or whatever but she tries till my Starbucks you're a debt to me by the way can we talk about all my Starbucks and matches my eyes yes Allisyn wastes half her family's income on Starbucks that's more than 5,000 686 Starbucks cups a day that's more stars than there are in the sky so I love Starbucks so much but it's not all over me I need to smell like it did everything so I decided instead of wasting my money on makeup just use Starbucks's makeup okay Foundation is on and lipstick oh I'm looking smell like a million bucks what a day Allison why did I get a bill for over $2,000 what is that you're bathing in oh my gosh mom will you chillax I have to buy mitt milk thanks for my bath what'd you think I was in the shower in water 500 mitt mochas what in the and I had to get mint because mint is an ultra good cleaner for your body this smells delicious now if you'll excuse me I gotta get back to my bath we have mint leaves in the fridge use those for your shower if you want mitt so bad you know you will be to use leaves that's peasant like now get out of my sight peasant you know what I said to that poor that's funny cause last time I chose my bank accounts about your little rich mint stuff okay bragger wild my mom and Alan start arguing I'm gonna take her um Starbucks coffee and shrink it I want to see what the hype is about well Allison's sister doesn't know is that this is an ultra caffeinated espresso drink with over 15 shots of his Allisyn drinks more than 300 cups of Starbucks a day that's enough caffeine to kill 3,000 giraffes stop drinking Starbucks that's my late it's like so I need to like not have ears like I told you not to have ears No so stop telling me not to Starbucks good actually I was the barista at Starbucks when I was younger oh my god really mom I don't care mom it's not the Stone Age anymore don't you mean you work that's done bucks it's dark bucks down mom fYI my mom really tried to pull about I work that Starbucks card on me ain't gonna work honestly I don't even know why she's complaining that I'm drinking Starbucks mom I'm so thirsty Allison we're a long ways from home the only drink store around us now is a Starbucks Starbucks isn't that for coffee mom I'd rather drink water it's okay you could drink one to quench your thirst won't won't kill you but daddy said I can't have a coffee it's okay I'll let you have one but daddy said I don't care a rat's butt what your daddy said you're gonna have Starbucks if I said so but mom you're gonna have a Starbucks whether you like it or not I won't let any daughter of mine get thirsty be right back honey Starbucks is overrated ADATA like it I'm excited to try it okay honey I got to a vanilla bean frappe here give it a try oh okay just one sip oh my oh yes yes it's bill on floor about on-camera drinking it off before haha okay what have I done I forgot luscious mint mocha bath I woke up from my nap and I realized it I drank all of my Starbucks many Starbucks I think my babies are still there no I drink some too what am I gonna do any stupid and never ran out of my Starbucks before I'm freaking out I'm not a caffeine withdrawal I need Starbucks right hey the reason Allison are in a Starbucks because I cancelled my credit card and Allison's daily delivers are coming to her so that's why Starbucks Starbucks I need leave it now unicorn frappe are you really gonna act like you don't know mother if she would just try my 100% pure fresh the ground coffee from freshly ground coffee beans she'll forget all about Starbucks I have the perfect solution for you I made you some homemade coffee it's not Starbucks is it coffee blend oh hey the other thing say coffee's special and we're like specially disgusting don't bring it before I try it give it a sip you won't regret it it's gone approximately four minutes and 33 seconds without Starbucks my mom is really pushing my limits she has another thing coming I tell you okay mom I'll try your coffee find out as part of my videos so check those out too don't forget to leave a like in a comment and I'll see you in my next video bye


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