Lucero/Dhawan – School of Medicine – Class of 2018

I’m from Las Vegas, New Mexico. Since I
was a kid I always loved science and math. And I think late in high school was
when I decided that I wanted to become a doctor. I had applied to a lot of other
colleges but at the end of the day no one could offer me the same thing that
UNM was offering. Any major that I could think of that I wanted to select,
affordable costs – anywhere else I went I would have had to have taken out student
loans. I was born in India and I moved to Socorro, New Mexico when I was pretty
young I heard about the BA/MD program here at UNM and applied. I was lucky and
grateful enough to get in. Since then I’ve been here at UNM for the last eight
years or so. I really found a love for Pediatrics which I’ll be starting a
residency in in a couple months. So, two years ago now, two years ago in December, I proposed to Leah and she said yes. We are actually getting married
next week, just before graduation. This is a program that’s very invested
in their students and also the community as well, which is what really stands out
from other institutions. I think you feel the investment the entire time you’re
going through the course. They want you to succeed and they genuinely care about
you. We’ll be going away for a few years but we have every intention of going
back to New Mexico and practicing here.

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