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Neal Howard: Welcome to Health Professional
Radio, glad that you could join us. Once again, I’m your host Neal Howard. I’m going to be in conversation with Mr.
Nick Hart, he’s been appointed as President of the Specialty Business at Lupin Pharmaceuticals,
the fourth largest generic pharmaceutical company globally. And he’s going to discuss with us today the
importance of forward-looking approach and how that’s guided and impacted their mission
of advancing safe and affordable healthcare for women across the globe. Welcome to the program Nick. Nick Hart: Good morning Neal. Thanks for the opportunity to speak with you
and to your audience. Neal: Congratulations on your recent appointment. Describe what it is that you are going to
be doing there at Lupin. Nick: Well thanks for the word of congratulations
and the sentiment. Yeah, my responsibility will be as president
I’m responsible for the commercial operations of Lupin US as well as the women’s health
aspect of the business. And promoting our products Solosec for bacterial
vaginosis and also looking for other therapies in the areas of women’s health predominantly. Neal: Well specifically when it comes to women’s
health, what are some of the challenges and opportunities that you’re looking to address
for women’s healthcare? Nick: Sure. Here at Lupin we’re interested in all aspects
of women’s health, so everything from contraception to postpartum hemorrhage to hormone therapy
in menopause to everything in between. So the challenges are obviously numerous. You can certainly ask any OBGYN, they’ll tell
you that there are there are many challenges to each individual woman but from our perspective
we’re looking for therapies that can add value to the equation in terms of meeting some unmet
needs where therapies are available yet perhaps maybe not the greatest or there are just no
therapies for a particular condition. We really look preferentially for those we
can change the outlook for women for any particular disease. These are challenging as you might imagine
because these diseases are challenging to treat or for many physicians and many women
sometimes reluctant to even approach their OBGYN about some of the conditions that they
face, Neal: Now you mentioned being able to add
value to women’s healthcare. With so many women’s health issues, what guides
your focus in your effort to prioritize what you’re going to tackle first, second or third? Nick: Sure. So we look at things preferentially towards
the greatest unmet need for instance Solosec for the treatment of bacterial vaginosis. The treatments there were challenging because
they were either administered vaginally or there are multiple pills for multiple days. We came up with that product that is one packet,
one dose, one time so where there’s a condition where we feel that can change dramatically
the outlook for a patient, we’ll look in that direction first. If those aren’t available, we’ll certainly
look into either research or development products that can ultimately suit who have various
conditions or diseases who were treated by OBGYNs. Neal : Well you mentioned some women being
reluctant to talk about some things even with their OBGYN, what do you think is the level
of awareness about the importance of being upfront and do you think that that level of
awareness needs to be expanded? Nick: Sure, that’s a great question. I say that women are reluctant not because
we do as you would imagine quite a bit of market research and we find that women are
more comfortable typing something, as many of us, into a search on online and finding
the answers so we you know we will reach out as many companies are now doing, we’ll reach
out to women online and make sure that we provide as much information as we can in that
vein but also challenge them or really ask them to go see their health care professional
be it an OBGYN or a nurse practitioner or a physician’s assistant so that they can
get that real-time diagnosis and the real treatment from a health care professional. Neal: So once they’re with their health care
professional, what is their responsibility to adequately raise awareness for his or her
patient and equip them equip for the future? Nick: Yes. I guess it might be a little bit of a dichotomy
but we have also found through research that once a woman is in front of that healthcare
professional, they do open up, they become much more candid, much more comfortable talking
about a particular condition or a disease state. Now many physicians go through specific training
in that regard to discuss with women various aspects of her health so we do find that it
is beneficial to get that woman as quickly as possible into that healthcare professional. Neal: When Lupin Pharmaceuticals is I guess
sending reps out, how much education are these reps giving to the health care providers above
and beyond just advising them to try your product at their practice? Nick: Right. Well we certainly give as much information
toward the patient as possible. So we naturally discuss with the healthcare
professional be it a physician, a nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant – we discuss with
them the ins and outs of our product based on the specific labeling that’s been approved
by the FDA. But in addition to that, we want to make sure
that discussion as we talked about with the healthcare professional and the patient goes
as smoothly as possible and the patient is able to leave with some educational materials
about their particular condition – in this case bacterial vaginosis with Solosec so we
make sure that that there are plenty of materials that are easy to read, easy to understand
so that the woman can leave and have a pretty good understanding, basic knowledge about
a particular condition and the best way to treat it and what to look for in the future
in case this condition should happen again. So we take education of the patient very seriously
and we do whatever we can in terms of electronic media and printed media to get this in the
hands of patients. Neal: You mentioned many women being very
comfortable as we all are with just typing in something into a search engine, where can
we go online and learn more about Solosec and
Lupin Pharmaceuticals? Nick: Very easily, anybody can go to
or and from either one of those sites you can dig in and
find out much more information about Lupin Pharmaceuticals in the United States and elsewhere. And also about Solosec and the approved FDA
labeling. Neal: Great, thank you so much for coming
in and speaking with us today Nick. It’s been a pleasure. Nick: Thank you very much Neal, much appreciated. I enjoyed it. Neal: You’ve been listening to Health Professional
Radio, I’m your host Neal Howard. Transcripts and audio of this program are
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