Lyda Pung, DO – Physician Profile

Hi, I’m Dr. Lyda Pung I’m an OB-GYN who practices with the Independence Women’s Clinic located at Centerpoint Medical Center in Independence, Missouri Every patient that comes in ultimately has a unique story I think you have to listen well in order to treat well Educating the patient is incredibly important to me That’s probably one of the more important things that I like to focus on when I see a patient We are in a population that does present some higher-risk obstetric issues and we’re comfortable dealing with that I’m well-trained in robotic surgery and all of my partners are as well Initially when I was in medical school I wanted to be a family physician because I liked continuity of care then I had my surgical rotation and I loved surgery and when I eventually got to my very last rotation which was my OB-GYN rotation I realized that continuity of care and surgical procedures could be combined into one specialty and it was the perfect fit for me

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