Lyme Disease Treatment – Marc's Envita Review

flying in my life it's been polluting my life for the last six years I at least that last six years I was not myself not the real mark there was that disease that was always behind me following me all the time everywhere polluting my life my name is Mark Boucher and I'm a patient here at invita for Lyme disease I was out of high school and I started my business and that's all what I was caring for I wanted to be successful but after that I started to be a trucker so I was tracking Midwest here I was full of energy I was doing two rounds a week so it was a lot a lot of hours and then I started my welding business I was painting vehicles sandblasting vehicles bodywork fabricating but then I thought that was making me sick because at the end I was shooting like a skill of pain today at that point we had our kids me and my wife she where she was on because she was pregnant she started to work for me and then we wanted to do a greener business because we really thought that was making me sick so then we started the business together but after a year or two I was still going down and we didn't know what the hell I had feeling sick for me was really them tired my joint started to have pain into my joint my muscle you start to shut yourself down from the outside slowly because youth you get to a point that you say you want to understand me when I was really really sick with Lyme the worst one was the heart it seems like I was going for a heart attack at any moment I could feel my heart my veins were popping into my head I could feel my heart in my big toe was going like that migraine were so bad all the sounds the light memory was a big one too you can't forget my age I could forget where I was going where I was coming the whole mental thing I was getting really slow I had tried many many alternative way of medicine energy that works with natural naturopath chiropractic places massage all the new way of doing things it's like dying by the inside and it's literally it's literally what that is because you're not feeling well by the inside so everything that's going on especially that that disease is not well known you're feeling that all by the inside without any help those are really hard part for me I was looking for help mainly for the Lyme disease because that was the last thing in the last few days that I've been told I went online and I asked Google where the best place to be treated for Lyme disease and anvita Medical Center came out at first I thought Dino the owners speaking it was talking to me a lot then I went to the testimonial of the people that were that that went through it it was talking to me I was then 80 percent sure that I had Lyme disease I had emailed them they were pretty pretty fast because within a couple hours they had answered me I had spoken to them they asked me for medical information that I had they gave me a patient coordinator so it was really easy the process everybody at the front desk the doctors the patient it's been a very good journey speaking with the patient the nurse for me was like to be reborn again we did the test and they started me the very next day on the general treatment because of all the symptom that I had when I got there I could barely walk I was going like small small paste I was shaking had stabbing pain to my legs I could see things running inside on the other side of my skin it was weird very weird the first three weeks was pretty good because they were giving me vitamins they were giving me all the good things to raise my immune system then when I learned I had the Lyme disease there I had to go through the IRA treatment which is really special to this place here it creates a lot of die-offs and that creates hurts after finishing irad it's starting to be started to be better but the way I'm feeling now it's a blessing so the headaches are a lot better I can look at light before I couldn't do that I can ear sounds they're not bugging me at a point where I go really mad at it my heart my heart that was the worst when I come came in here it's like a good the good good 60% better which is making me live normal now and my legs well I can walk on it easily I can get up a chair without holding for my dear life I can go up the stairs of my apartment in one shot envita saved my life because it was a matter of time for me for a stroke from the beginning I gave them a call they warned me they made sure that I didn't take a plane to trigger that a heart attack they already know by the symptom what was going on for me and yes invitar really saved my life I have many plans and had many trips many idea I want to see a lot of people I got Joey of life and I can't wait to get home

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