M.D. (Doctor of Medicine) VS D.O. (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine)

what's up party people what's happening hey in this video I want to talk about something you guys asked me a lot dhole MD vs. do and which school to go to and where and all that good stuff so I'm going to talk about that first I'm gonna take a sit on my coffee oh it's good coffee second I got a question for you can you see too much nipple and this shirt can you can you see that is that too much nipple I don't I it's a thin shirt and I put it on look good and then I was like looking in the mirror on the way out and I was like I can smile is that bad is that like if they're saying that the nipples are showing anyway let me know what you guys think about that one here's the deal if you didn't know this already you first try to get into a u.s. medical school allopathic MD school there is really nobody I don't think that we'll try to get to a do school first unless there are some 6-year programs out there you go straight from high school into the six-year program you go BA or BS and then do at the same time and that will save you a lot of time if you want to do that a lot of people don't know what they want to do in high school and so you know you're probably not going to do that you go into college first and you kind of decide blah blah but if you know very very early there are some schools out there and there are also some allopathic MD schools that you can apply to out of high school it's a six year program and you finish med school 24 years old you go into residency in 24 and then you finish like 27 if your medicine 29 ish if you're you know dude for surgery general services five years so that's pretty good deal so you have that and then of course you try to get into an allopathic medical school which is which means MD and here's okay so here's where it splits if you do not get into an empty school the question is in the United States question is do you go to a do school or do you go to a Caribbean school and here's my breakdown of this if you apply so first of all you apply to empty schools if you do not get any invitations for interviews whatsoever then don't bother around we're going to like amassed getting a masters and trying to improve your grades that you've up and taking the MCAT again or all that stuff then you choose either do or MMD if you apply to MD schools the United States and you get some interviews but you don't get a spot or especially even if you get like on the waitlist or something you don't get in then I would take the time to either take the MCAT over or improve your grades do like or into our masters that is the only time I think it's worth doing that now there are some people that I know that took a lot of time and went back and got a masters and it took them like four years to get the masters to improve their grades to take the retake the MCAT all that stuff and then they did get into an MD School in the United States so it's not impossible but it chews up a load of time and that's why I think it's better in my opinion instead of wasting that time go ahead and go to Caribbean school because there's no guarantee that if you spend four years to read you know improving your application that you're going to get in that's that's the catch now there are people that have done it and they were dead set on going to an allopathic school and so they took the risk but in my opinion that's a big risk that's a four years kind of down the drain then if you do not get any interviews whatsoever your choices are empty in the Caribbean or Europe right a lot of people talk about Europe and also do school so here is my take on tio versus Caribbean I have a lot of friends that are do physicians they're surgeons they're trauma surgeons they're or orthopedic surgeons they're vascular surgeons essentially you can almost do anything I think with a deal if you go to a deal medical school it used to be that your options were limited for residences I think that is opening up becoming easier for do med students to get residences in kind of like allopathic residences they're not really out out forth residences but a lot of times there are some residences that do not accept dio's that is opening up so that's pretty good the issue that I see with do is not the training not the school it's that the public doesn't know what a do is not not everybody now there's a lot of people and it's a lot better than twenty years ago that's for sure twenty years ago like people had no idea what a do was they thought it was a chiropractor essentially right and so you have to explain that to every patient so that is cumbersome and over a career explaining to every single patient what your degree is and what and it's okay that you are a doctor is a pain in the ass that's what I see as the biggest obstacle it seems really stupid but that is the reality my brother-in-law's a do and he does same stuff he has like better training than me better experienced than me because of the jobs that you got but people still every once in a while they're not sure what a do is that's the reality it doesn't matter like why you chose it or whatever it just matters that pure cannot be annoyed to explain to people what the do is over and over and over that is why I say in my opinion it's probably better to go to Caribbean school and get an MD and after a while nobody's going to know the difference and they you know don't really they don't realize that there was any issue because normally there's an issue the reason you go to a deal school or a Caribbean school right and there shouldn't be any issue after a while because you will go into a residency right if you get a good residency then that will that should completely make up for you know your school you know the thing about medical schools are or any school is that you do get very similar training and education in any schools not all schools but that is one of the biggest differences is about going to an Ivy League school is that and I've talked about this before is that you have different doors that open for you for the rest of your life if you tell somebody you went to Harvard they're gonna be more impressed than if you tell you want to come state school State College that's it doesn't matter going to a Caribbean school doesn't hurt you people do look down on that for sure and I still get from some of my colleagues every once in a while but I did a pretty good residency and so by doctoring speaks for itself I think in the end it was the right decision for me no I will say that if you go to the wrong Caribbean school you are going to put yourself at a huge disadvantage and you will have a huge chance of not getting a residency whatsoever which is why I advocate for going to one of the top three or four Caribbean schools because program directors in the United States already know those schools and they trust those schools and they trust that those schools are producing really good students and so they are ok accepting students from those schools what about Europe Europe is a problem because it's very different in their system and if you come to the u.s. and you're like oh I try I did my all my medical school in Europe Here I am I want a residency in the u.s. the rest the program directors are like it's a completely different program when you get over here you're going to be completely lost not that it's different you know physiology and Anatomy but the way that the training is and the in the UK and the rest of Europe is is just so different and so students are often have some time they need to take some time to get acquainted to the u.s. system and you know in a busy residency where as a program director hiring residents but you're also in hiring employees that need to do a job you don't want to hire employees that don't know your system that's why I think going to Europe is a disadvantage because these residency program directors know that and they know that about you and you're gonna be at the bottom you're gonna be less you didn't even be lower on their list and Caribbean students if you even get on the list at all actually had a friend who went to Budapest I think for his med school and he did that because he wanted to go into six year program so he went there and then he realized that he wasn't going to be able to get a u.s. residency at all and he transferred into a Caribbean school after like four years or five years or something like that finished at the Caribbean school and then he got a residency and now he's like a trauma surgeon I think he's like the icy director of a fairly big program so it is possible I says a million times and people keep asking me but it's very important to brush the u.s. Emily's if you're going especially step one if you're going to go to a crib in school because that's almost your only chance at getting a good residency there are other ways to get residences than just getting matched that's for sure and I think I talked about that in other videos that is your surest chance of getting a residency from a Caribbean school anyway I think that's about it that's enough babbling for the day and all of that are you guys hey thanks for watching this videos comment share like subscribe all that good stuff and I'll see in the next one


  1. no one picks DO over MD lol. No one. everyne bitching is stupid. DO MCAT averages were in the 20s while MD were in 30s. Now the scale has changed. but regardless. MANY competitive residencies will ask if you're DO and if you are DO, they'll not even interview you. lol.

  2. Going to Caribbean schools nowadays is a huge risk. When Dr. Buck went to a Caribbean school, it was way way easier to get residency in the States. DOs are way better than Caribbean schools now.

  3. My uncle is an M.D and seemed "holistic". When I was shadowing him, he was explaining about the Mediterranean diet to his patients and asking them how much exercise or footsteps they were getting through the day… So I think the "Holistic Osteopathic Medicine" is all bullshit. My perceptions could still change later on tho. Additionally, OMT is not even scientifically proven! But whatever they are still both called Physicians.

  4. I disagree with you and I feel sorry for the people you will mislead with this video. Please stop putting out false information. Thanks

  5. Does having good nipples give a competitive advantage? That probably deserves its own video…and make sure you show yours to us next time!

  6. Hahaha. Bro, you act like a little kid, which gives me hope that I will be in school with people that are not LEGO eating social retards and might…. MIGHT still have a personality and a sense of humor. .

  7. US MD > DO > IMG MD
    This is the way to go. I’m usually a fan of your videos but this advice is shitty. IMG’s match rates are low as hell and DO match rates are only going up. On top of that MD and DO are merging together.

  8. As a patient myself I don’t even go asking if a person ya DO or MD for me my priority is that the doctor takes the time to explain my condition and the repercussions. I have got into MD offices that the doctor barely look at me neither listen to me but then I been treated with PA’s and D.O’s and they have treated me as a human. St the end of the day this DO MD 💩 doesn’t make any difference for the patient as long you can damn fix my health issue.

  9. The carrib grads are going to eventually be forced out as the bottleneck into residencies tightens. Enjoy holding the bag because you cut corners.

  10. I had this conversation with my mom recently. I told her I was applying to a DO school and she asks me what it was. When I was finished explaining. She then asks me why I wanted to go to school and waste money so I could keep explaining to people that I am a doctor with just a different abbreviation after my name LOL, 😂😂😂😅

  11. I had real low Ugrad gpa and 65%tile MCAT, did an SMP performed well and was accepted to a decent US MD school. Took 2.5 years.

  12. this video is literally all outdated incorrect info. these days DO>IMG and anyone who says otherwise is just aging themselves.

  13. Oh wow calm down people, so much hate in this
    comments! If you don’t know Dr Parker go to his old videos, this is the way he talks and we love that, the fact that he is right or wrong is not the point, that’s just his advice and he gives it to us for a good reason, trying to help us find a good way for our professional career. He doesn’t put ornaments on his words, he is being transparent about his thoughts. We can disagree or not without being offensive. Hope this hatters don’t become Health care professionals 🙄

  14. Nice video doc, hide those nipples man lol, when talking about European schools you didn't consider doing a specialty abroad , like how a foreign orthopedic surgeon would be accepted for example, after revalidating the certificate of course. Keep on with the videos, great inspiration!

  15. Tbh, the so-called DO "stigma" is starting to disappear now. The Residency/Fellowship training is more important than the school you chose. As long as you crush your STEPs and put in effort, you're good. The main downside I can think of is that many DO students write both the COMLEX and USMLE.

  16. From my point of view DOs and MDs are 100% equal degrees, and neither type of doctor can be differentiated just from their degrees. True DOs tend to have an undergraduate gpa that's slightly lower, but it's absolutely ridiculous to judge a doctor based on their undergraduate studies. Just think about it, "this doctor got a C in Organic Chemistry, so I don't think he should be the one treating my cancer." Lol. It's funny and sad at the same time.

  17. If you listen to this fool about going to the Caribbean over DO… then you’re a fool also Lmfaoo. Going to the islands is a huge risk and gamble. Do that as a last resort.

  18. Hey Dr. Parker, I am interested in trauma but am unsure if I want to study so many years to be a trauma surgeon. I have researched and seen that there are trauma PAs. Could you make a video about that? How would a trauma PA be incorporated into the team? Thanks!

  19. Hey Dr. Buck, thanks for the insight and success stories. This was a helpful video in my path. I have heard rumors that the accreditation and residency programs for MD's and DO's will be combining into the same program. This will help to provide more opportunities to DO's but the differences will still be there either way.

    Aside from DO manipulation, I think one of the biggest differences between MD and DO is ability to practice in other countries because there is a field in Europe called Osteopaths which actually are chiropractors. That is where the discrepancies come from for Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine.

  20. I disagree with you! DO schools are much better respected than Caribbean schools. You have a much higher chance of matching for residency if you come out of a DO school.

  21. I've noticed that most DOs practice in small rural towns and MDs practice in the cities and suburban areas…I think it is harder for DOs to find employment in larger hospitals…just my observation

  22. Love your videos man and love your style!

    . Im one of those people who went to a DO school and didnt bother applying to MD schools. I don't really think theres any stigma after residency now vs 20 years ago when you went through the process except maybe in surgical specialties. Again thats my n=1 experience. I am currently at an ACGME emergency medicine program with 70% DO residents. I think the Osteopathic school you go to is important as well. I obviously have bias for where i went (DO school in philly), but certain DO schools are more established and have a much wider residency network with graduates from those schools. I would say look at match results in recent years for certain DO schools and take that in perspective that you will have higher success overall matching in a residency you want vs IMG.

    For people applying to med school, i think its important to realize its all about getting into "that residency" you want. After you get that residency who cares at all about what is thought about you after that YOU ARE A PHYSICIAN BOARD CERTIFIED in X.

    I think Dr. Parker also is talking about setting yourself up for surgical residency opportunities. From this perspective I understand his viewpoints because there absolutely are programs especially in surgical fields that will never look at a DO candidate even if they officially say they will on paper. As he has mentioned he has been in the field and knows how many many program directors think so I have to give it to Dr. Parker on that one. However if you really are not dead set on one residency track and want overall opportunity it is worth giving the DO route a serious look.

    DRAWBACKS: From my experience at a "well known DO school" you will face issues and extra steps when applying to certain programs. You will have to take two board exams and face real bias on certain programs. Also if you are really considering going to a DO school is you actually want to learn the MSK training you get (ie OMT). I wanted this training and approach and will always advocate for it. However talk to many different people who are doing it to weed through the bullshit on both ends.

  23. So let me get this straight.. you’re saying that being an MD over a DO makes you a better Dr? Or are you saying being an MD over DO gives you a better status quo and makes you seem superior? If at the end of the day you care so much about what title you have I wonder what that says about your character as a Dr, are you more focused on yourself or the true focus which should be the patients.

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