MAGIC MEDICINE (2018)—UK Trailer

what I’ve always been desperate to do is to find a physical reason for feeling this way the anxiety of fear the panic the past 30 years I’ve had 30 different types of medication and none have worked and it defined a weak change and sts-1 the door slide open for research into psychosis I think it psychedelics has the potential to revolutionize depression treatment if not psychiatry this is the psychoactive ingredient in so-called magic mushrooms thousands of people who could benefit from these fruits are denied access to system improvement would be lovely just to see the world through a different pair of eyes this could be the start of a new life somebody could have one of the most profound experiences of their whole lives in it he was taken back to you very very difficult memory might underneat me of the last was sex service it doesn’t stop people go through the whole lives without ever really facing those demons this was the big ride this is the one that changed things depressions so prevalent everyone’s exposed to it well for the problem as I will take you straight to that you have to decide didn’t they whether you agree be affected me that for the rest your life at all it made me think or perhaps are but not just a passenger on this merry-go-round is that a beautiful experience would you say I would say yes [Music]


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