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s3d med imagined most of the medical education classrooms have about 150 students sitting in a client's in the pedagogy followed today teachers use blackboards or whiteboards to draw diagrams and label them sometimes they also use projectors to display some schematic diagrams on small screens I'm sure we will all appreciate about half of the students sitting behind cannot even read these labels in the font size used by the teacher the teacher also spends a lot of time writing these diagrams moreover the students do not get a depth perception of various nuances and find features of the most complex human body you know we're in medical and we deal with muscles bones veins arteries when you see it in a 2d image you can understand nothing because it's on the board it's 2d but when you're dissecting when it's in your hands you get to know what it is so from that place in the last bench spec specially you won't get a basic gist of it you can't make out what's going on s 3d Medi magic is created mainly as an audio-visual teaching aid in the cutting-edge stereoscopic 3d technology in this technology our strong 3d projectors being the stereoscopic 3d animated content onto a silver coated screen and the students can visualize the content in a breathtaking immersive 3d environment where the objects come out of the screen at an equal distance the students can also feel the depth perception are able to relate different anatomical structures and remember them for a longer time see I didn't know there was something like s 3d media magic so as soon as I saw it it gave an orientation it makes things more easy first understand recent research also tells us that stereoscopic 3d presentations increases the attention span of the students I still remember the first time I watched it it was just amazing it was like watching a Hollywood film like James Cameron sabotage same tree the experience with knowledge and education that's a really good initiative and it helped me personally in clinicals I understand things better s3d Mary magic is loaded on a learning management system lms this LMS is the most easiest and user-friendly software the tutors will use a digital pen tablet and stylus and open the software once you open the software you just need to enter your user ID and password to start s3d Metis magicked initially the blackboard was the main tool but the problem with black borders sometimes the Spelling's might go wrong sometimes his font size might not be there another problem with the black borders when we wipe it off whatever we would have built the story or the lesson it will be completely lost the students they have to listen and make note all both other normally in the class in one hour – taking 30 minutes to draw all the structure but with escuela midi magic things are fast we can explain fast to the students and say time to teach them better s3d mary magic is tailor cut for problem-based teaching so you can first choose the subjects like anatomy physiology biochemistry histology neuroanatomy embryology pathology pharmacology forensic science microbiology and so on once you choose the subject we have the images related to problem-based teaching you can use these images annotate them add more labels and information on them and share them with the students on the fly now touch the video icon and select whether you would want to view the detailed videos on 2d or stereoscopic 3d the videos open instantly and stream seamlessly with a world class immersive experience in medical education like never seen before this technology is a pretty simple those who know the basic computers for them just by the click of the mouse and then a couple of times if we practice it comes natural to us later so it's helpful for everyone luckily it's very simple you can mute the voice of the s3d medi magic and use your own voice using our wireless microphone you can pause these videos take a screenshot annotate them and share them with the students on the fly all these shared documents can be sent to the students mails ids which they can use for revision at their will s 3d midi magic also has a student version the student version is in 2d and can be viewed on both Android and iOS platforms a more progressive pedagogy lays huge stress on pre learning and post learning this is exactly why s 3d meta magic has a student version as well using this the students can view the lesson before coming to the class as a part of pre learning processes and revise the same after the classes as a part of a post learning process on easily available display devices on their tabs or mobiles with the world's best seamlessly streaming digital medical education content though F word DQ is also good for self learning so ultimately they need to go towards the self learning tool so when they are going for the self learning the app also is very important and then many times they can go on revising the teacher is not available they can do on their own so this is the era of taps and phones everyone is behind tabs so V medical students actually go for apps which how these 3d but unfortunately many of them are not effective either they'll be in 2d or they'll have limited amount of facilities we can't cut and open it but now with children's version it's very easy for example early morning when I get up every full face I can just go through the topics topics already allotted to us we just go we come to know how is it and after that you can come to the class it makes things more simplified especially in the dissection table we'll understand we can just compare okay this is how is it the lungs placed how's the heart placed yes exactly it looks like that and for last-minute revision is the best this is just to mention a few of the finest functionalities of s3d Metis magic which has come to the aid of medical education first time in the world with the STD magmatic abdomen

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