Hello Friends! You will really be surprised with this experiment
am gonna demonstrate to you in this video and this has a scientific basis. You will see how I used Fresh Aloe Vera Gel
as a magic rooting hormone or the rooting stimulant on two bougainvillea cuttings and
also used Indole Butyric acid and Cinnamon Powder as controls. You will see this complete experiment with
results step by step. Stay tuned� Welcome back! If you are a hobby gardener or newbie interested
in growing plants, please consider subscribing to this channel by clicking the subscribe
button and also the notification bell icon next to it to receive notifications. Well, Actually I have performed this experiment
twice and both times I was successful with 100 percent success rate in the most recent
one. Well before Starting the experiment, the scientific
basis or the concept of using aloe vera gel as a rooting stimulant to grow plants from
cuttings. To keep it short, we all know that the natural
rooting stimulant or anti-inflammatory substance responsible for rooting is salicylic acid
and that�s it. Aloe gel contains this useful substance along
with other useful enzymes, amino acids, saponins and minerals like calcium, manganese, magnesium
and zinc. Anyways, without wasting time, let s begin. Step 1: First of all we shall prepare a Fresh
Aloe Vera Gel Rooting hormone. Pick a Fresh Aloe leaf and peel the green
layer with a knife and find the magic rooting hormone gel inside. Carefully take out the gel into a container
and make into a watery mixture � you can also use a hand blender for this job and also
add small amount of water if you want. Step 2: Choose your plant cuttings. And mind you! this works on any plant. I have chosen four bougainvillea cuttings
for this experiment. I have followed all the other universal tips
or hacks involved in growing successful cuttings like 45 degree cutting angles, stripping the
leaves, sealing the top end with candle wax and so on.. You can follow my video on these Hacks in
a separate video from the card link at the top right corner of the video. Well now coming to Step 3: Choose a loose
growing medium like coco-peat or sandy soil for the ease of root development. First make holes like these before you insert
cuttings. I am inserting two of these cuttings by dipping
them thoroughly in aloe vera rooting gel. Also for much better results, keep your cuttings
soaked in aloe vera gel for about 6 hours. Then am also keeping two controls for the
experiment, One cutting am dipping in cinnamon powder and another in the indole butyric acid
that is the chemical rooting hormone powder. Step4: Finally spray some water to keep the
soil moist, another hack here is, you can even mix the remaining aloe vera gel in water
and water this container with the solution. Now the Time For results: You can see the
surprising results after 30 days � that�s really fast, young leaves have started their
growth. Also one more thing, is I have done a similar
experiment with aloe gel 3 months ago on this plant cuttings and you can see the results
� though not 100 percent successful, there is one successful result I got, you can even
see the root development of this cutting. Sorry am disturbing this plant for the purpose
of demonstration and that�s on because its already 3 months old now and should recover
this shock. This result actually made me repeat this experiment
and this time on bougainvillea. So there we have it folks, That was our interesting
experiment on the magic rooting of cuttings using aloe vera gel. Why not try this experiment on your cuttings
and share the results in comments section below the video. So that we can avoid buying those costly chemical
rooting powders that cost too much and who can rely on the contents inside those powders. Well please give a like to the video and also
consider subscribing to the channel if you are new to our channel. Happy Gardening!


  1. Hello sir, thank u for wonderful research and yr efforts ,keep it up and expect more, since because I eagerly wait for yr new videos, can I try this method for rose, hibiscus and jasmine too?

  2. thank you for the info in this video. I tried rooting powder for my roses with no success. I will try aloe method. I drink aloe vera juice from fresh aloe leave every day and I dont have any more joints pain and dont need to take any more pain med. aloe is a miracle plant , love it.

  3. i put my tomato cutting (from suckers) and they start showing roots after 3 days in my ebb and flow hydroponics with gravel medium, and around 5+ days in dwc setup, sanseiviera is by far the slowest with 1 month+ before any root shows (in coarse sand + charcoal medium)

    i hear honey is a good rooting promoter as well, should be interesting to see the comparison

  4. You should have a non-treatment as control. If the non-treatment rooted as well that tell you the aloe is not needed at all.

  5. Thank you Garden Tips for excellent ideal. We have used the expensive rooting compound (about $7/ounce) with mixed results, and now leaf slim from our abundant aloe plants will be used in starting flower and vegetable plants from cuttings.

  6. Break up tiny green new shoots from a Willow tree and grind them in a blender with a little water. Use as a rooting hormone. Works great.

  7. I believe its mechanical property's are key. Because it drys down to a plastic like layer its function is to retain water.

  8. Amazing! Thank You 🙏
    Nature offers us everything to survive healthy !
    But the human being persists in destroying !
    Blessings to You 🌹😊

  9. GARDEN TIPS+ I came to your channel to see some Hacks on germinating Avocado seeds using asprin which I found very informative and I'm trying. The 1st video in that series lead me to part 2 of that series which lead me to this posting and after seeing these videos and the ease in which you explain everything making it easily understandable has gotten you a thumbs up and a new subscriber.. I can't wait to watch the other videos you have to offer with your gardening Tricks/Hacks!!! Thanks.. 🙂

  10. In what month of the season we can use this metod on the fresh cuttings, will work on fruit and nuts trees also ?

  11. Thank you sir for your very interesting videos. Years ago while living in Florida my brother had planted a pineapple plant and he did get results. However the plant stopped producing, until one day I happened to have a bottle of Alloe Vera juice that had been sitting around for awhile and I decided to pour the juice onto the plant and the result was that we actually got two pineapples that that grew that time one was bigger than the other but both were very sweet and delicious. I'm now getting ready to try again on some seedlings to see how they turn out. Thank you once again and keep on posting your videos.

  12. Thank you for sharing your experement…
    May I ask if you had tried this method with peppermint OR Vinca Rosea ..!!?

  13. Very nice process Brother!
    But I want to know,is it applicable for every plants?
    Specialy can I apply it for Mango & Rose tree??Plz reply me!! Thank u 😊

  14. Wonderful explanation and very very useful information. Was waiting for this information. Thank u sir

  15. How do you store the ready aloe vera gel for future use and how long can I store before needing a new mix?

  16. I have used honey in the past and had very successful results. I have a lot of aloe so I will have to do a comparison between aloe, willow water, and honey and see which has the most successful results. I have experience with the honey and the willow water and I know they have both shown veryu successful results buit I am always looking to add new tools to my hobby.

  17. These kind of ha ks doesn't works..I tried many times..Many of the times cuttings grow without using any hormone..

  18. Thanks for the great video . I will try it now on Fig branches and dragon fruit cuttings!
    I have lots of aloe so perfect for me to try . Hi from Bali

  19. i have an idea. Find foods that contain salicylic acid and plant in soil with cuttings. One tray without foods that contain and one with foods that contains and show updates on which was faster

  20. Short. Sharp. Straight to the point. And additional vital info, from another video. Complete and it gives confidence to others to try. It is all about the topic and not about you. Good job.

  21. Thanks. I don't have any aloe vera on him but I do have some cactus pads so I'm going to use that since the properties are pretty much the same between the two plants

  22. I wanted to clone a citrus tree…in my readings, soil supposed to be wet…will wet soil affect rooting if aloe vera was used? Also, where did you purchase your organic rooting hormone?

  23. I will certainly try this aloe vera method for my cuttings. Could you tell me what I can use for black sooty mould on my Bougainvillea. Thank you.

  24. Useful tips, bcz no rooting hormone others.. But Indians available in alovera… Every place.. Thanks info mation

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