Magnesium Deficient Anxiety Webinar with Dr. Carolyn Dean

well welcome everybody welcome to the magnesium deficient anxiety webinar with dr. Carolyn Dean thank you so much for joining us this afternoon I we appreciate your attention to this topic I know it's very important to a lot of people because we are in a highly stressful and anxious antagonized time in our culture whether you're here in the United States or around the world and a lot of people are not sure how to deal with their anxiety their stress their headaches the pressure the challenges the chaos it's too much and yet we biologically as human beings are at a cellular level totally competent and capable of handling this and a whole lot more it's nowhere near the survival that we've had to deal with for thousands of years so dr. Carolyn Dean is here today and she's gonna give you some good news I mean some great news some super encouraging news about how to manage anxiety stress and other issues that you have biologically in your body and in your systems with some very basic products that are going to help you before I bring her on I just want to let everybody know once again that dr. Carolyn Dean is a medical doctor and she's also a naturopath she's been on the leading edge of the medical and natural medicine community for over 30 years ladies and gentlemen she has an extraordinary resume an incredible contribution that she's made to people's health vitality and well-being all around the world you're probably familiar with her because she has written the legendary landmark mark and record-breaking magnesium miracle and it's now in its third edition you can get it on Amazon and this most recent edition has over 600 medical references ladies and gentlemen 600 medical references scientific proof and evidence to show the importance of magnesium in the body so sit back enjoy this webinar you've gotten great in four nation you're gonna see your the slide and you're also going to be able to have a replay of it that you can take notes and share with your friends at any time and at the end of the webinar we're going to give you an extraordinary opportunity to enjoy some great gifts so welcome dr. Carolyn Dean Thank You Ginny and thank you Chad for setting up this session for us there's there's a lot of complexity involved with getting the webinars to you and in the first slide we talked about complex endocrinology so there's a complexity that allopathic medicine has attributed to this nervous disorder called anxiety now the trouble is that they can't say what causes anxiety it's a mental illness they say and they say maybe it stems from brain changes which is scary in itself they do say environmental stress has a factor just the conflict in our lives I suppose they're referring to and of course they bring in genetics and that's something that's stressful in itself because we don't think we can change our genes so the faulty brain circuits controlling fear and other emotions are identified as the problem but what's the what's the underlying reason for those faulty brain circuits so that's what we're going to talk about today but first just a bit of a sidebar because I like to know what people are feeling I took some yohimbe it's herbal stimulant many years ago some of my patients started talking about yohimbine and that it revved them up kind of a natural speed since then you'll find it promoted for erectile dysfunction and even depression so when I took it to check it out Ginny says I'm always trying things so I checked it out and I I just had a panic attack I got anxious I had to hold on to to a doorframe to keep myself from just by breathing away so I felt that that gave me an experience with anxiety with depression not depression anxiety and a panic attack when my adrenals kind of packed out when I was so stressed out doing that aids crying fatigue researching in New York I started getting kind of vibrating and weak and exhausted feeling and closed closed to anxiety and what those experiences told me is that anxiety is physiologic if I could bring it on with a herb it meant my my body was triggered on a biochemical level now in the next slide over medicating anxiety allopathic medicine they also know that anxieties biochemical but instead of looking at natural biochemistry and what the body needs to work properly and I say it's magnesium and the B vitamins mostly instead they go to synthetic chemical drugs and there are 84 anti-anxiety medications and that's just overwhelming and what's happened with the main anxiety drugs the benzodiazepines is that they blend you're feeling I think anxiousness and then the side effects are drowsiness here to build the dizziness impaired memory attention problems and physical dependence so there's there's really no big upside to taking a drug especially if it's a magnesium or B vitamin deficiency and on top of all that these starts are addictive when you look at that fine fine print on these drug labels it says for short-term use only and we know they're used for years at a time the next slide is what magnesium deficiency triggers come up for people now this is this is a huge slide I mean it's just too many things going on here but that's why we have my book the magnesium deficient anxiety booklet for you to read and detail about these triggers and just to you know quickly go over a couple of them air pollution is going to be a problem because it puts your bronchioles into spasm if you don't have magnesium deficiency your bronchioles won't go into spasm when people are short of breath they get anxious uh alcohol will trigger because it releases adrenaline and the adrenaline will start pumping your heart increased heart rate can make people anxious if you've got too much calcium it bumps out your magnesium and you get anxious and irritable because of magnesium deficiency and it goes on and on dehydration itself we'll talk about that later in the protocol to follow but if you're dehydrated then your heart reacts and also your body reacts to the lack of water even to the point that if you don't have enough water you're not taking minerals into your cells and those minerals aren't there in your cells to do their job the list goes on to electrolyte imbalance which I just sort of touched on instead of looking at magnesium in an electrolyte panel there they're mainly tracking calcium and chloride and sodium I know it may be hard for people to look at this list and say walks I don't know if that's causing my anxiety but what you'll find you know exposure just stimulants will speed up your heart and then it'll add to your feelings of anxiety I think the biggest trigger and what I'd like you to contemplate is that the low blood sugar that's caused by a high sugar die you eat a doughnut and a copy with three teaspoons of sugar in it in the morning your blood sugar escalates it elevates and insulin comes out to drop down your blood sugar as you put sugar into your cells when the blood sugar drops precipitously a Drent adrenaline comes out from your adrenal glands to bring your blood sugar back up and while it's doing that it comes up your heart so you'll have a royal blood super episode and and think it's a panic attack if you go to your doctor and describe it they'll say oh you had a panic attack you know here's a benzodiazepine and even the sugar diet itself will deplete magnesium I've talked about this many times it takes 28 atoms of magnesium to process one molecule of glucose and double that amount of magnesium to metabolize one molecule of fructose so if you're switching to fruit thinking that that's safe for you then you're actually depleting more magnesium so I'll leave it to you to get the book and we'll have the link for you at the end of the webinar so that you can really assess for yourself oh yeah maybe I'm taking too much calcium maybe I'm not drinking enough water and maybe I should cut back on the gluten and maybe my medications are affecting me and affecting my magnesium levels and we're not telling you to change all these things at once we're saying start taking your magnesium or take more magnesium and then see what's left over because the magnesium is going to help so many aspects the next slide is about magnesium managing fear and this is important for us to realize how how crucial critical how effective magnesium can be for something is horrifying as just upstair sense of impending doom that can come over a person who's in them groups of panic attack so in the Journal of Neuroscience they they concluded that the elevation of brain magnesium was occurring they still thought it helped the plasticity of the cortex now what plasticity means is just the brain being able to switch off this fear in the face of cutting magnesium into the brain the next slide the magnesium deficiency symptoms are low energy weakness trigger-happy adrenals just forcing out adrenaline where you just get you know some little noise behind you and you you you jump and panic muscle tension and saw me a headache sivan migraines heart palpitations shortness of breath tingling extremities I'm easiness and irritability inability just to sit still or stay still of restlessness so when people look at the magnesium deficiency symptoms and kind of overlay their anxiety symptoms they're quite similar and the next light has a list of anxiety symptoms heart palpitations dizziness shortness of breath panic fears sleep problems can't stay still or calm cold sweaty tingling hands and feet shortness of breath dry mouth nausea muscle tension so when you think well I'm having anxiety because you're having these symptoms well who's to say you are having magnesium deficiency symptoms and that's that's what I'm trying to get across here in this webinar is that you may have been misdiagnosed you made misdiagnosed yourself and until you kind of clear up your magnesium deficiency by saturating with magnesium you won't really know what's what's left over the next like this these are some words from I think they might be from the magnesium miracle 2017 edition how do we graduate from being a calm person then control of our nervous system to an anxious beautiful individual I say it's a gradual but chronic decrease in magnesium reserves so when the body is stressed the reserves of magnesium are lowered and when they are lowered in the reserve slot that muscles and the bones they dump into the bloodstream and then we are able to cope this is how it should be we should have a reserve so that when we're stressed we have the magnesium available in in the bleachers for us to balance out the stress so just you know the next sentence about feeling both calm and alert but what we want to do is just realize that the body's in control if we give it the right building blocks the next slide is done how magnesium deficiency can lead to a lack of energy the the lack of proper nutrients the magnesium b-complex the lack of sleep by magnesium deficiency the underlying infections and inflammations from lack of our nutrients leading to fatigue depression air to build the anxiety and even thoughts of suicide and just to give a balance here I'm coming up to a slide about how the magnesium and and the vitamins work for you but then the next slide is about magnesium deficient adrenals I've already mentioned this a few times actually the adrenals under low blood pressure low blood sugar situations or stressful situations even low blood pressure actually you can get surges of adrenaline that make you think you're having an anxiety attack the next slide I do want to throw in the conflict that can occur and create anxiety what we say in total biology which is about the conflict basis of disease is that anxiety is a normal attribute of the biological brain it's designed to keep us alert in order to stay alive trouble is we we've become hyper alert and kind of hyper paranoid and hyper afraid of so much in our environment sometimes even scared to eat certain foods we just we're just too hyper about all the stress that's around us and and about all the stressful information that surrounds us as well when we go on dr. Google and try to find out what's wrong with us there's just too many reasons we tried to narrow that down give you the the basics of most chronic disease which I think are magnesium and mineral deficiencies in yeast overgrowth and that's the ground that I'm working on so anyway continuing on about total biology if a predator comes toward us we have to be on our guard but if our anxiety seems to be on overload then it becomes retreat' i'm we get into a situation that seems like a previous situation with the next slide globus hystericus that's a condition or an aspect I guess you could say anxiety stress panic attacks where your throat kind of closes up and you can't talk you can't you know you can't take care of yourself this story in total biology about how a person can develop kind of an ancestral fear and anxiety picture about seeing a movie where the woman has to cover her child's mouth so they won't make a sound if someone who has panic attacks it's possible that in their ancestry there was a sound that you know created a situation where people died so your throat has to close off you have to be able to shut that off and that's what anxiety and panic can do for a person so everybody has a program of panic somewhere because it helps us survive but they can become exaggerated and some people can't control their anxiety and these stress will seem that we she can force us to relive our previous stress it's like they're in in layers and layers and let's stress or trigger today can can trigger a stress that you had as a child and you really don't even know where it's coming from now all that being said if you kind of recognize oh yeah you know I was anxious as a child and it was because you know my parents weren't really available to me they weren't protecting me and I did feel stressed I felt I had to take care of everything even just intellectually knowing that can actually distance a person from their today anxiety and help them get that detachment so that they don't get completely caught up in an anxiety or panic attack we do make referrals to our total biology consult dr. David Holt even you can talk to customer service about that referral if you feel you want to discuss with someone where your conflict lies the next slide is about the Bach Flower Remedies and this is one of the first modalities I've learned and it's very helpful to have something is it a talisman it's edible SIBO if it really work we do know the Bach flowers work with animals and infants and children so we know they have a physical with that and what a person could do is its have some Rescue Remedy or walnut or a scanner menu is on hand to deal with the aspects of anxiety and panic that they may be experiencing it's just it kind of gives you that little bit of detachment another detachment I haven't put it on the slide is so if you could sing in the face of anxiety there's something about singing which is a right brain activity that will take you out of the the worry Center and the worry and stress that you're going through now people have got back to me and saying yeah – you know that actually works and we're not saying the Bach flowers or and singing or even EFT emotional freedom technique I haven't put down a slide about that but that's another modality that we use actually Chad I'll get you to put the EFT module as part of the package for people at the end of the webinar because that can be helpful while you're waiting for your magnesium saturation to occur the small kind of first aid techniques can help you distance yourself from your fears the next few slides they're about the B complex and this is where your people will say to me about my slides there's just too many words but because I know these slides are going to be available too after the seminar and you can read them at your leisure I always include more information what we've got with the B complex these are the ones that are in our realign capsules we've got the thiamine that fuels energy and the krebs cycle it you've heard me talk about the Krebs cycle and how magnesium is necessary for six of the eight steps in the Krebs cycle will be one Fineman is also in there the the following slide is the one about the Krebs cycle we're not going to spend any time on this but following that continuing to be complex slides I have the the B two three five and six and how they also work on the Krebs cycle they work on the nervous system to help manufacture serotonin melatonin dopamine they're absolutely essential the the third slide about the B complex is finishing up with finish up with b12 and folic acid and biotin and all of them are in the realignment in their methylated form or they're free to base form so they're they're very well absorbed they're low potencies so that you know they're not synthetic most high Clinton's and high potency B complexes are synthetic and the body isn't really that great at dealing with some synthetic nutrients as far as I can make out if you take high enough amounts of synthetics they can jam up the receptors and finally cause something to occur but you're far better off using methylated or food-based B complex so those are the the basics of dealing with anxiety we want to leave time for Ginny to go over our total body reset which is the the next slide and we will have plenty of time for questions because I know there are a lot of people on the call on the webinar and we want to get to all your questions so Ginny I'll ask you if I've left in thing out of the basics before you help people with the the protocol that we we really would like them to follow ok Carolyn let me ask a couple questions that have come up and then the protocol um I want to can you say a few words about the magnesium RBC test people want to know how they determine if they are make easy and efficient and also they want to know when can they switch to a maintenance dose versus the saturation goes yes um I had to start talking about a magnesium blood test because this year magnesium test was so inaccurate the serum test is always going to look good because your serum perfuses your heart and the heart absolutely needs magnesium in order to keep it functioning the heart is one big muscle the highest amount of magnesium in the body is in the heart if the heart doesn't have enough magnesium it starts going into palpitations or atrial fibrillation and heaven forbid a heart attack serum RBC is an okay test the best test is on ionized magnesium test but it's it's only and there in research laboratories at this point we're trying to push and push a push to get it as a as an accurate magnesium test in all the standard labs but it's not there yet so magnesium RBC is an okay test to follow your levels and to try to ensure that you're at the highest levels of the magnesium RBC the test can be gotten at request to test calm the the price of it I think is still around $49 which is less than my copay so you can get your own test but then what you want is if the range is three point eight six point five you want to be at the highest levels that range is that enough Jenny yeah that's good and also let's just talk a little bit about the timing it's we've got some people on here who've just started to use the remag four days ago one of the gals is just taking four drops a day which is perfectly fine not a problem but let's talk about the timing of actually achieving a certain level of saturation or relief Carolyn what do you think about that right we have people who are very sensitive to to everything to foods to the environment to stress and and they will even say to us that every time I take a new supplement you know I get more anxious or I feel that it's too much and and it makes me think I'm allergic to it well with magnesium especially with the form we use it it's very safe we don't we don't see allergies to it we just see that when when people's 800 enzymatic processes in the body have been deficient for decades often and you start waking them up it's like your arm over the back of the chair getting numb when you take your arm off the back of the chair it starts to wake up and tingle and feel worse than when it did when it was numb so it's like a numbness that's waking up so that's why some of our folks have to be on just a couple of drops in their their leader she salted water a day to slowly get their body used to the fact that this is something new it's not going to harm you it's going to help you and you're going to get over feeling this revved up different from feeling weak and fatigued it's like people don't even know what it's like to be awake in terms of building up well we definitely have a lot of people who've built up from a couple of drops a day and now they're on there two and three teaspoons which tends to be that what we call the saturation dose I had to take or teaspoons for over a year before my heart palpitations calmed down and adding the ream I'd helped me because I think I was treating other mineral deficiencies with remag so when I did the remind I needed less remag but it took me several years before I get to the point where I needed less than 3 teaspoons then I needed less than 2 and now I only take one and how I gauged that is my stool would get a little loose when I took more than I required but that's not if you're getting loose too in the beginning that's more from a leaky gut and used overgrowth and intestinal toxicity or just you know plain massive stress you can't look at the first couple of months having loose stools as being magnesium saturated we really have to look at 6a 12 18 months of taking saturation magnesium to get your body saturated then often the blood tests the magnesium RBC test does not give us a good gauge of that people will say well you know it looks like I have 6 on my magnesium RBC test isn't that enough but I still have insomnia I still have leg cramps so if you still have magnesium deficiency symptoms which you can learn about in them in various of my magnesium books or Google a blog called gauging magnesium deficiency symptoms look at the the symptoms of magnesium deficient we look at your symptoms if you're still getting anxious then it's possible that you still are magnesium deficient so I know there's much more to it that's why you know we have such great customer service so that people can ask their questions of us as you're going along in the process so back to you Jenny okay let me just ask a couple questions that came in because we did offer people to ask those and also yes let me just say right now support s upp ort at RNA reset comm is the way to contact our 24-hour customer support you'll contact one of our our health guides the people who are guiding you on your journey to health and if they don't have the basics of what you need then they will contact dr. Dean on your behalf so you're always properly supported and I'm so thrilled that on the chat line here several people have already commented about our customer support and how bright it is and it really is good I mean we've just got extraordinary people they're very well educated they're very good with all doctor Dean's content and her information they all use the products themselves they've all had some kind of a health recovery and they all are very willing to help you recover your health as well like I said as your guide to help so a couple of people wrote in Carolyn as some things now one thing I just want to do like for example here's a perfect example Carolyn okay one of our lovely customers we just love love love this gal she recently lost her mom she says she's had the worst anxiety of her life she's been using remag for a couple years already she's been using me might and now she's taking about three teaspoons of remag a day and she's using the lotion but she is just you know she's suffering from grief yeah can she reconciled the to the grief of losing her mother and that anxiety knowing that she is taking saturation doses of the magnesium is this where the Bach flower or total bio s oak absolutely absolutely I read the we don't want use magnesium as a drug to suppress anything even so you have to go through the grieving process but it can be eased you can get a little detachment from it by using the Bach flowers sometimes the homeopathic remedies are helpful too and the total biology can be helpful there's so much involved when someone in your family died if so many layers of possible conflict that that can be occurring so yes about flowers and dr. hole to give you perspective on what you're going through and and allow you to go through what you're going through yes absolutely and know 100% that you're supporting yourself biologically and that's very good too because you you do get additional peace of mind even though you've got bad anxiety right now Karen and that we know and love you very much but also just keep in mind it's nowhere near what it could be had you not have the support of all the products underneath you so you're probably doing better even though I know you're very uncomfortable and using a parent just sucks believe me it's terrible okay now let me also just say this Carolyn a lot of people think that there should be some kind of a modification on their initial dose of magnesium based on their body weight or size can you talk about that is because we usually just say start with a quarter teaspoon build your way up one light why do we say that and why don't we say if you weigh this many pounds should take this much so type of a thing yeah because it depends on many more things than just your weight I you know I'm I'm pushing a hundred and five pounds and I needed four teaspoons and someone else who's 250 300 pounds they may not need that amount so it really goes on comment to magnesium you're burning off now how much you burned off in the past what what your magnesium stores look like it's this is not a drug either this is something that can do so many things that's why customer service and education is so important this is why I couldn't get any of the magnesium or mineral companies to make a concentrated non laxative high potency magnesium because it does open up all these pathways it starts waking people up and it we really have to be careful how we discuss it with people you cannot just start with two teaspoons a day without your your cells opening up to the magnesium dumping out toxins yeast toxins heavy metals drug toxins there's so much that the magnesium does that we have to be aware of as responsible owners of this company we we have to tell you to start low and go slow and maybe that's not the same for what even 90% of people but with anxious people where you don't want to feel even a smidge worse we are going to start low and go slow okay very good excellent excellent okay now let's go to the protocol and look a little bit about that so that people understand what we're talking about when we're looking at the protocol and also for people who've never used the remag what they can expect now also Carolyn let me just can you explain why I mean it's so offensive I think to some people's minds that magnesium could be this deficiency could be behind all this I mean could it really be that simple yeah yeah can i I was amazed when I first started researching magnesium from the before the book I was totally amazed and the reason why it's kind of difficult for people to get it is because it's it's not anywhere in our education of in public school it's not in our medical education it's it's not on the media it's not brought up in in all the crazy medical TV shows or movies you just hear derision about nutrients but if you um if you go back I lost Chad to go back to that krebs cycle if you go back to that Krebs cycle chart you look at what the what to make energy what the body has to go through it's taking blood sugar and making it into glucose 6-phosphate and then it goes into fructose 6-phosphate and then it's trip dose one six phosphate then it's using magnesium twice and and each step you have to go through this incredible biochemical reaction and it's like nobody even considers yeah the amazing amount of work that the body is doing to do any little function and each step in those pathways takes a vitamin and/or a mineral in order to proceed that that's how complicated and complex we are I'm yeah go ahead very good all right excellent I know it is so incredible I mean we really are miraculous and that is why we say at a biological at a cellular level our products are all geared at the cellular level this is happening in the mitochondria right Carolyn yes right the the krebs cycle works in the mitochondria there are one to two thousand mitochondria in every cell now there are no mitochondria in red blood cells and that's like a sidebar on the magnesium RBC the magnesium red blood cell tests because there aren't any mitochondria in the red blood cells which is where most of the magnesium hangs out in the other cells so it doesn't make the RBC magnesium test that accurate but back to the mitochondria yeah awesome work done by the mitochondria and now in in the crazy biohacker world and a lot of the alternative medicine world you hear both oh yeah mitochondria really important we have to use all these very expensive supplements to help our mitochondria know there may be genetic problems and oh yeah it's it's doom and gloom about the mitochondria and here what we're saying is well actually if you want your mitochondria to work just saturate yourself with magnesium because it's required and in six of the eight steps in the in the function to make your energy so they're very good excellent okay so I'm going to go over the protocol now I want to say Christina you're asking how much magnesium how much remind this and that this is what you want to tune into I'm gonna review the protocol right now I'm gonna let everybody know that this protocol is tattooed on the foreheads of every single person who works in customer service it comes in your product box it's on our website it's a FAQ that we have you get it in a piece of paper in your box we try to make this available to everybody it's on our product labels so you should be able to find this out information very easily but I'm gonna go over it here right now so what we say is once you order your products the first thing that you want to do on the next slide Chad is to start with adequate hydration dehydration is common dr. Dean is very concerned about dehydration and really actually ladies and gentlemen it is a big issue for a lot of people with chronic illness and I don't know how many people we talked to during the course of the day when we ask them if they're drinking their water and they're like kind of sort of maybe you know and if I please drink your water people so it really is we want a half of your body weight in pounds in ounces of water if you weigh a hundred pounds you're gonna drink 50 ounces of water everybody's all of it so much but really honestly it's what your body requires and after you get that body water in your body and you see how good you feel and you see your skin start to rejuvenate and you see your bow start to operate properly and you see your mind get clearer you'll stick with the water okay now the next thing we want to say is also you're going to add a quarter teaspoon of the Celtic salt the real Redmon's real salt is fine pink Himalayan sea salt you're going to add that to every part of your drinking water we know for a fact that there are no 64 pound people running around on the planet unless they're small children so we know that everybody can at least drink one quart of water a day that's what we're banking on you're gonna go do at least one quart and in that we want you to start with the quarter teaspoon of your 72 trace mineral sea salt very important those little trace minerals are like teeny tiny spark plugs and they go in your cells and start firing up functions as well they're not as prolific as the whole high-end magnesium and remind minerals that we have but they're good and they're helpful so we want you to do that okay now the next slide we're going to talk about Rheem a remake is what they say you know our customers have so many words for rebate if I wish I could remember them all but one thing they say is liquid gold rhe bag is liquid gold and I like to go with that because I actually think it's great it's pretty close to true somebody earlier in the webinar typed in and said can you please review the different kinds of magnesium for example I take magnesium alloy L 3 & 8 to 80 P and remaing okay I'm going to explain about remag and then I'm gonna talk to a little bit about these other forms okay first of all remag is a 60,000 part per million concentration okay that's part a that means it's like taking a bowling ball and stuffing it down into the size of a gum ball that's how concentrated the magnesium is alright so you take a bowling ball and you stuff it inside of a gum ball and you don't lose any of the integrity of the magnesium and then on top of that you do one more thing you shrink it down to the size that can actually slip into the cells and get into the mitochondria what were we just talking about magnesium not in the bloodstream but in the mitochondria this is the deal-breaker maker and this is what makes remag so special so you're going to want to 60,000 part per million concentration of a 99.99% elemental magnesium in a picometer form you can't beat it nobody can touch it it's the most amazing stuff and it is super strong and it is concentrated so that's why we want you to dilute it in that water and it is super strong so sometimes people like our good friend Adrian is only gonna start by taking four little drops and that's okay each drop of remag two point five milligrams of magnesium okay now let me just say that each drop of remag two point five milligrams of magnesium yeah I looked at this two AEP magnesium from some other company I've never even heard of it before and that's thirty seven point seven milligrams per tablet do you understand how these products all have to be compounded with something else a mag malate is magnesium and a malic acid l-3 na did they're compounds why are they compounds because they can't be remaing they're just like you know the girls who didn't that you know always the product ever the fried oyster bridesmaid freak mag is the bride and these others have to be compounded with something else because they're magnesium ion size is too big for the cells so they have to try to dance in with somebody else I'm telling you remag is the best now if you're using these other products you know personally it's up to you we never say discontinue anything dr. Dean is the one of the directors of the nutritional magnesium association and we are all for magnesium all day every day but if you've got remag you've got more than enough I mean probably in these other things that you're paying money for those finances could be redirected to other products that would be more beneficial for example likes let's say we might and or another bottle of remaing that's the way I would see it so that's my personal advice to you I've been doing this a long time and plus I hear the testimonies all day every day so the next thing I want to talk to you about next slide is our remag lotion we are so absolutely pinpoint thrilled with remag lotion everybody loves it it is super silky smooth it's not sticky the recipe for the product is 200 milligrams of remag in a teaspoon ladies and gentlemen and it that's a lot of magnesium in your remag 1 teaspoon of remag lotion and it is working for people and we've got a little testimonial here where a customer's mother refused the remag oral but without knowing it she used the remag lotion as her body lotion and the rheumatoid factor is no longer showing in her blood test now that's a crafty that's a crafty daughter and a fun mother so she's like okay mom you're not gonna take the world stuff guess what here's this beautiful log should my button show she's just using lotion she doesn't know one thing about it and the next thing you know her rheumatoid factor is down out of her blood system within six months so that's again more information it's gonna go into your skin and it's gonna be absorbed the same way and it's gonna go into those mitochondria it's gonna start generating energy and it's gonna start getting rid of inflammation somebody asked if I could talk about magnesium and arthritis let me just talk about magnesium and inflammation and of course rheumatoid factor is an indicator of arthritis but let me talk about magnesium and inflation period any influence flama Tory responds in the body except those coming from trauma you know I mean if you get hit by a car and you break your leg and you've got inflammation that doesn't mean your magnesium deficient but means you're unlucky I'm just kidding but it doesn't mean your magnesium deficient but most inflammatory things we know what we're talking about here with arthritis diabetes is often inflammatory related and also insulin resistant which is another form of inflammation cancers are inflammatory related on and on my headaches inflammatory related all these things can be proactively you know knocked out of their path and off their track with remag and remag lotion ok next day slide is ream ight remind is so wonderful ladies in general it's a 12-part multiple mineral that supports the structure and function of the body all the organs the glands and the hormones ok incredible incredible the chromium zinc iodine manganese magnesium in selenium have all been associated with balancing blood sugar and as more nutritional testing is done we will learn that all the minerals are important in blood sugar balance plus we've got thyroid support all the endocrine system we might is a true electrolyte it is going to fire you up I mean fire fire it is awesome you're going to get energized from it and it's going to be so supportive of your mind and your heart as well so excellent excellent product again part of the protocol you start with the remag quarter teaspoon and a couple days quarter teaspoon order teaspoon and you build up to a saturation dose same thing with three might you start with the quarter teaspoon and you add a quarter teaspoon until you get to a saturation dose and that's all laid out for you in the protocol okay now I've got somebody asking Kathy Kincaid I've been using remag and remaining three ounces of juice followed by a quart of water it's not a mistake to do it that way Kathy it's it's just fine that's perfect that's the way you do it that's fine a dr. Dean isn't thrilled about juice because it's got a lot of sugar in it and sugar is a magnesium waster but what we're concerned about is that you're using the product and you're getting it in your system and you're adding your water and you're getting properly hydrated so yes stick with that and if you want to really knock it up to the next level just try cutting out the juice and putting it into the remind you're not going to lose anything except the sugar and that's a good thing that to be without is all that sugar Oh okay next slide realign I always say realign is Cinderella in the basement doing all the hard work keeping the house clean while all the bra all the girls are up partying at the ball because remag Andrey might are very impactful you know you feel those things right away boom boom they come in your system you're like wow what it was that real line you take real line and you're like I don't feel anything necessarily I don't think it's doing anything for me but it is doing something in your liver and that's the most important thing that we talked at great length about the B vitamins today all the B vitamins and realign are in their methylated and natural form and they're going to help your liver they're going to help digesting food but blood sugar balance but the other great thing that it does is that it also helps to metabolize acetyl alcohol as excuse me acetaldehyde and what that is is the sugar alcohols from all sugar products in the body now the big heavy hitters on that are alcohol like quite literally tequila or vodka or whatever beer okay but also people who have yeast overgrowth also people who consume a lot of carbs that sugar those sugar alcohols turn into toxins and hang out in your body and remag will usher them right out it's a great heavy-metal detox as well it's got element fining precursor to glutathione on and then your l-taurine which is fantastic so realign I say a hug for your liver just give your liver a big hug and take your realign and just absolutely wonderful the next thing we want to talk about in the next line is restructure restructure is so special because it was actually developed this type of this protein it's a three-part protein okay it's a pea protein it's a rice protein and it's got a whey protein in it but hold on people it does not have the milks in it it's no casein part to it and the what are you quite well lactose is like point zero six two five but it's got this really cool protein in it and what it does is it's highly absorbable it's a very good for your body it was developed by a cardiologist dr. Dean loved it bought the formula swapped it out put some extra boost in it with lysine very important for protecting the immune system and then we added our RNA drop powder to it which gives it an extra boost and really halves it impactful at the muscular level at the skeletal level it's the perfect meal for high blood sugar perfect for yeast overgrowth you can mix it with water coconut milk almond milk any variation thereof and you can add nuts and coconut oil for eggs if you'd like a little Quito kick to it it's very versatile and it's super delicious we have a great video from one of our customers who just made he's so sweet he just made the very first video he's ever made in his life sixty-seven years old was so inspired had to show us his restructure protein pancake mix and he made restructure protein pancakes for everybody in the video oh my gosh it's so great and I tried him and they're very good and so we'll get that video out pretty soon and you'll be able to see his recipe we've had our customers who make our restructure cookies we've had customers make restructure banana bread and we've had customers make restructure frosting for cupcakes so listen restructure is very awesome if you can do all that with it your you've got a great product on your hands so love love love restructure as well and then the next thing we're going to talk about which is certainly last but not least is the RNA drops and I'd love to talk about the RNA drops I've been with the RNA drops from the beginning quite literally and I must say that there's nothing like them there's just absolutely nothing like them they are a biological sugar what does that mean it means they're biologically compatible with the body in a sugar form if you've noticed a lot of people are not happy about sugar a lot of these fake sugars that they're using the sucrose as' and all those other kinds these are not good for the body and also you've got your fructose sugar your high corn you know all that nonsense those are not good what is the body 1 the body wants the sugar that it can recognize at a cellular level and that's what the RNA drops have it is a sugar that is recognized at the cellular level and can actually the body can actually use it at a cellular level to create RNA and DNA it can be used as a backbone it can be used as a cell replicator and this is what we want because people are bombarding their bodies with bad sugars that are not helping the body they're causing toxic reactions like we learned about in realign they're causing you know acid aldehyde and all these other kinds of things to be going on in the body what RNA drops do is it gives the body of beneficial sugar and not only that the way that the RNA drops are made and of course this is the brilliance of doctor dean in her background of using natural remedies and also homeopathy is that they are kind of like a homeopathy they're not they're not homeopathy I want to say that but they're made in that way where there's a resonance there's a frequency that carries forward from generation to generation and what that frequency does is it allows an energy modification in your force field so to speak and your force field of love so you've got an energy modification and a cellular modification and ladies and gentlemen it doesn't get any better than that because that is what we are we are energy we are light we are salt and light we are absolutely minerals you know the Crosby Stills Nash & Young song we are Stardust we are all these minerals that we've just got done talking about we are all these great substances that we just got done talking about and now we are also are the RNA drops I mean those compatible biological sugars are so essential for cellular replication and if anybody is evidence of what using the RNA drops are that would be dr. Dean who looks like she's about I don't know maybe I think she looks probably in her 40s and she's a little bit more advanced in her age than that so you can take all of these products with confidence and pure 100% unbridled joy every single day of your life for the rest of your life as I have done and you can take any prescription you want any prescription you want take them all take none do whatever you want to do with your prescriptions because there's no conflict these are all again targeted to the cellular level biologically compatible 100% extraordinary products very pure very clean and what's gonna happen with your drugs is eventually you're not gonna need them anymore hopefully we say that hopefully you're not gonna need them anymore because you are gonna restore your body at a cellular level and eventually what is gonna happen is the strength and the sustenance that your body will get will start to make you aware and you'll be like hmm I don't know I feel a little sped up today maybe I don't need that thyroid oh I feel a little bit off today maybe I don't need that high blood pressure pill oh I feel better today maybe I don't need to take these five different chemical cocktails for afib that's what you will hopefully get to have you stay with the program stay consistent stay true to it now let me tell you something else that we did for everybody on the total body reset is we actually appointed somebody to be a absolute dedicated health guide to the people who are using the total body reset we want you to feel uniquely supported and of course you know everybody is uniquely supported but Julie Dickey has come on board and she is reaching out and talking with people she's able to carry just like a little a little humming pigeon she's able to take the messages straight to dr. Dean as do everybody else but sometimes people who are using the bundle have complicated health challenges and they need some extra direction and that's what she's able to do find resources for you and help you in that regard okay so Carolyn what did I leave out about the products well I think you covered it very well I do want you said something about a drink a quarter water a day don't don't use that as license to drink less than you should you you really want to be drinking all the water you can okay I know so here's another common question people you know they use the pink Himalayan salt in there on their food and they want to know do they needed in their water yes in the food it still has to dissolve and find its way into your cells and I think a lot of the salt we we eat on our food doesn't get properly dissolved if especially if you're not drinking enough water and it just goes out in in the toilet so to to get that salt dissolved in your drinking water is the first step to getting it absorbed into yourself I know every person you know that I talked to I say you know when you go to the beach for a day people feel so good at the beach and they don't understand they're just sucking all that beautiful mineralization into their lungs they're bringing it into their bodies through their skin they're swimming in the ocean and they feel extraordinary and I say that our sea salted water is just like the ocean in a glass you're just taking in that beautiful environment and bringing it into your body and it will eventually restore you in the same fashion we're again perfect okay excellent now also here's another one what if you have high blood pressure can you still take the pink Himalayan sea salt well what people do there is they just go very gradually part of it is being a bit anxious that you've been told for so long that you can't take any sodium but that's table salt and a CL it's not sea salt sea salt has less sodium chloride because it has all the other 71 minerals in it so you just go slowly and you know hopefully as you're taking your magnesium and if your blood pressure is related to magnesium deficiency then your blood pressure is going to be a 10 you waited by your Meg museum intake so just go slow and your body will will tell you what it what it requires or what's not good for it we don't push people people say all I'm afraid of salt I can't take it well then don't take it but what you'll gradually do is them it's in a sense balance your body's minerals and balance your body's hydration so that we'll have people say well you know I'm not drinking enough water and I'm starting to feel dehydrated and then it kicks in that their body is actually requesting more hydration we had that happen in the very beginning when people would take a lot of the remag and it might have even before been before realized and they said oh yeah you know my mouth is dry and my tongue is dry I feel dehydrated well they weren't drinking enough water with their magnesium remag because the water kind of works with the minerals the water goes into cells and pulls minerals behind it or the minerals will go into the cell and pull water behind it you need the water in the cells to make the biochemistry work excellent excellent now somebody's asking Carolyn is this forever well I just take these products forever and also will the reset help antibiotic damage to mitochondria through fluoroquinolones mm-hmm okay it the forever is until the point where all our farmlands are remineralized with rock dust and until that occurs and the US Department of Agriculture can assure you you're getting 600 milligrams of magnesium in your in your good daily diet or you'll be taking them until then because we are replacing what's lost from our food and what's lost from our water our water is so toxic with all the that drugs and chemicals in it any body of water that's measured anywhere in the world now will have drug you in it so all the water treatment plants treat the water filter it we use filters in the house so the water comes to you with nothing in it no minerals and that's where we're supposed to get our minerals so that's why you have to replace it with the sea salt and the remag and we might in terms of slur quinolones yes i i've developed kind of a theory when i started her hearing about the tendon rupture with fluoroquinolones knowing that fluoride binds up magnesium i've I kind of realized that maybe the people who really get these fluoroquinolone toxicity problems started out as being very magnesium deficient i've had a number of former athletes who said you know they were working out and they had a race or whatever coming up they got sick they took an antibiotic it was a cipro and boom they were they were out they either had tendon rupture or tendon damage and as for healing the problem it's certainly going to help the mitochondria local application with remag lotion can can help the tendons and the muscles we've had a lot of people tell us that if they catch their cipro toxicity within the first week it they can overcome that the longer you've had the damage the longer it's going to take but we've still had people who have told us that all the stress and all the layers that come after the cipro attack the cipro poisoning we were talking about the adrenals get get weakened the thyroid Punk so all the things that we work on with our our remag remind and realign all these layers off the gut problems we're working on that with the yeast detox and the priestess is so we we just find that the whole protocol from my I've been I've been reading nutrition for 50 years and all the work I've done over the years culminates in and using a very simple protocol of highly absorbed nutrients that can overcome just about anything that that is thrown at you and if it if it doesn't if there's if there are symptoms left over we work with total biology and then if there were still symptoms we tell people to get some further testing see if at that point there can be some genetics that we can work with but we don't start with the genetics because that that's a whole Pandora's box that doesn't really lead to any conclusions because what we would do for any sort of genetic polymorphism or genetic variation I refuse to say genetic mutation but for any sort of genetic variant variation I would just keep using the protocol anyway I wouldn't change my stance because everything is covered in what we're doing we feel very good excellent words excellent words yes and can you say a bit more about why you take the RNA drops is it a sweet nor is it to rebalance the sugar mechanism okay it's neither thank you for asking questions so we can be clear the RNA drops are a biological sugar that supports cellular replication and what we're saying with that is that and when your cells are making RNA and DNA to actually construct the cell from protein and amino acids they build it on a sugar these RNA drops are super sugar they are a biological sugar harvested through the barley germination process they're 100% natural and through that at a cellular level with the I so you are getting this special impetus in the drops to replicate your cells more perfectly and in addition to that they have a harmonic in them like a homeopathy that also has an energy frequency that also can help support the body we people say they feel blissed-out they feel a detached date they get over their anxiety on relationships and people who used to bother them don't bother them anymore because they reach that harmonic level that detachment and that kind of blissed-out joy when they use the drops consistently again over time this is the state that they achieve and what we say is the cares of life grow strangely dim you just don't get it stressed out about things as you used to and that's actually a perfect question Kathy thank you for asking it because we're going to go to our bonus material slide where we're going to talk about what is available for you as somebody who's participated in our webinar today dr. dean has whipped out another gracious and generous gift and if you go to the URL that's on that page which is RNA reset calm forwards flash anxiety – gifts you will find our our offer for you and the offer is actually the RNA drops they've never been on sale before ever we do not put the RNA drops on sale they are a very unique proprietary formula that only dr. D knows how to make and nobody can replicate them touch them or even has the idea or the mind to even know what they would be and so what is wonderful about the RNA drops is we started in 2011 introducing this product through the RNA drops mini bottle it was a sample bottle that was $14.99 and we are actually saying farewell to our mini bottle here in the month of May we are taking it out of production it has served us well for many years we love it dearly it has introduced so many of our customers to the miracle of the RNA drops and in fact some of the people that are our closest and most wonderful customer friends to this day are people who started by buying a sample bottle of the RNA drops back in 2011 2012 so again RNA reset calm / anxiety – gifts is the URL that slide should be up on our screen here and when you go there you'll see a code for the mini drops 899 is the price I know you're not seeing the link because I think we're having some technical problems there it is there it is the link RNA reset comm for / anxiety – gifts doctor Dean's other great gifts are on that page as well you've got modules that she's offering you educational modules and the offer on the RNA drops minis now let me say if you've never used the drops you want to take advantage of this because you're never gonna find the drops on sale again like this and also if you use two drops on a regular basis if you buy like 10 little mini bottles you'll have the equivalent of a regular-sized bottle and you're gonna save 10 bucks on your purchase so pick up a handful they're great for your friends they're great for you the shelf life on them is two and a half years so you've got plenty of time to use them stock up store up on the RNA drops and let that be our fond farewell to our good friend the mini bottle and then after we're done with this production run you won't be able to get them anymore for people who a lot of people get them you know 10 12 at a time and hand them out to their friends okay now the final thing in our final slide is we just want you to know again that we've got dr. you can't get the link to work okay I'm gonna try the link right now on my computer just to make sure because shadow is does a wonderful job and Xie – why I have PS and I'm looking at it and it's working just perfectly so again it's RNA reset calm forward-slash anxiety – yes and you'll see she's got four modules melatonin magic maximizing manganese in the theater of the mind and the emotional freedom technique that she talked about earlier for controlling anxiety and plus you get a free copy of dr. Dean's magnesium deficiency anxiety book and a special one-time offer of the RNA drops trial size bottle only $8.99 and the shopping code there eight nine nine mi I all caps $8.99 Minnie we get a bunch of those that's awesome now what else are we is the barley minimal enough for gluten sensitive the RNA drops really don't have gluten in them you know that it's such a the point excuse me point ten parts per million is the threshold for what's considered gluten-free and last year we had a situation where they were up you know a little bit like maybe 0.15 or something so we had to say they were gluten positive but really it's very very very modest so we don't have people with gluten issues who have problems with the drops but if you think you're gonna have a problem with them then you can either use them on your skin and I just say right at your wrist like perfume rub them in right there because they're gonna go into your body and be equally effective okay let's see and where are we we've got one more slide and that slide is just to UM go to the magnesium miracle the resources that you've got magnesium miracle at you've got the a free ebooks under dr. Carolyn Dean you've got all of our products you've got dr. Carolyn Dean Kamen her all her resources and you've got our radio show archives so support RNA reset su PP ort at RNA reset comm we are awesome awesome awesome good to go and I think that kind of wraps it up today Carolyn yes very good shinning wonderful yes we we should warn people we do tend to go over just to get to all the questions I hope people don't mind and I hope you learned and enjoyed and and that you'll continue to go to support at RNA reset if you have any questions at all okay thank you so much and thank you Chad our wonderful expert and our technical guy who's always behind the scenes for us and thank you everybody who typed in and parts pated today again support su PP ort at RNA reset for any questions that you would have and the links are not in the description box on the video right now but they will be a little bit later and you can always get them off the video alright everybody thank you Thank You Carolyn excellent thank you so much for all of your work and your advocacy for people everywhere during Aloha


  1. Looking into mineral deficiencies and Himalayan salt brought me here. Himalayan salt helps me sleep gives men stamina I fast and juice with himaylan salt and feel great. So I'm on here learning about magnesium and other minerals for knowledge.

  2. I just ordered the reset kit. I was wondering if cellular respiration is capable of just stopping? Or is it sort of extremely deficient.

    I hop I get an opportunity to talk with you. I ordered the product yesterday.

    Quite frankly I thought I was dying. Your was sobering to say the least.

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