1. The first time I ever heard this was in February 2011 in Australia on a Rainbow Family road trip in a big hippy bus with several beautiful brothers and sisters, we went from Byron Bay down the coast to the Blue Mountains. It was such a magical time, blasting this loudly in the bus as we ventured along 🙂

  2. Islam preaches God is ONE,invisible,eternal and Muhammad is the last prophet.All Muslims must face Kaabah while praying but are prohibited to pray to it.

    These famous ex-Christian preachers who became Muslims.


    Ahmed Deedat

  3. Om tryambakam yajamahe

    sugandhim pushtivardhanam

    urvaarukamiva bandhanan

    mrityor mukshiya maamritat

    Wir verehren die Höchste Kosmische Wirklichkeit, die überallhin ausstrahlt und das Wohlergehen aller Wesen bewirkt. Möge diese Höchste Wirklichkeit uns innerlich reifen lassen, sodass wir die Höchste Unsterblichkeit erfahren.

  4. I truly hope you still read / reply to comments. Where did you get the visuals from or how did you make them? What is the Tibetan text that is rotating here. I recognize the OM symbol well enough, but not the rest. ALSO – thanks again for creating this & posting it. You might be interested to know that my acupuncturist (Community Acupuncture Works, near Zuckerberg General Hospital on East 24th Str. in the Mission, San Francisco) plays this while providing treatment & I believe she found it via your posting of this here; So thank you very much indeed, again.

  5. Thank you posting such beautiful music. I really do appreciate this, listened to the whole thing through. <3

  6. I have been playing this mantra for ten years. Before it was available on youtube, I had it downloaded as a music file and played it on loop everynight, throughout the night on my laptop. It has been an amazing journey. I cant attest to the healing power of this mantra.

  7. प्रकाश में हमारे मूल पिता की आत्मा के समान रंग है danke vater !

  8. Thich lam,chuong trinh tung rat hay…..aum…..aum…..aum…..thong thien hoc that da den gan minh…..cam on nhieu…..

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