Make Coca-Cola At Home?

what’s up guys Lew here back with another video and today I have something that I am really pumped up for I don’t normally say pumped up that’s kind of new me and Jack have been talking about this thing since it arrived we have a serious problem here at the office with keeping cold beverages or actually any kind of edible material for very long we consume it this thing here is like a solution to all of our problems all the problems in our lives Keurig asked me to check out their brand new cold Keurig Kold a variety of your favorite beverages made in this machine right at home in a little pod and it slices like you have coca-cola products in here concept is you have a little pod you see a picture of it there stick it in the machine hit the button booyah cold beverage let’s jump inside the box and find out if that’s exactly what goes down first thing I see here a prime and care pod do not discard required for setup and maintenance okay coca-cola sprite Red Barn waterfall looks like a little tray for the bottom so this is it this is the Keurig Kold now it has a refrigeration unit built in so this is the reservoir for water oh this is glass is drink maker chilled beverages to an ideal temperature of 39 degrees Fahrenheit this this whole thing feels pretty robust man plug her in and let her go all right we’re gonna plug her in plug it in her so I think you guys can probably hear that as I said sort of around the same volume as a mini-fridge so we left it for a little while and we’re actually not gonna have to do that again that’s just the initial setup and now it’s time to prime it now there’s a little thing here called a prime and care pod fill the water reservoir with room temperature or cooler water that’s what we have in here right now is filled up insert the prime and care pod put it right in here I guess done place a glass on the drip tray so we have the included glasses here all right let’s go here is exciting okay next up make a drink this is what it’s about right now okay Seraphin passion fruit natural flavored sell sir mix lifts you to a place of breezy effervescence what a combination words there no calorie low calorie zero calories zero calorie flavored water the classic coca-cola at home seems impossible it’s happening here what look at this thing whoo this looks fancy to Flynn’s soda shop root beer hmm what you diet coke to course you do this is another flavored carbonated water this one is Persian lime flight red rush natural fruit punch flavor sports hydration mix time to do a taste test oh my goodness the pressures on the pressure is on right now so I’m going to get started with one of these Seraphin Persian lime pods just place this guy in close the lid down now let’s push this button for the magic part you see that carbonation right now look at that light refresh gotta be honest quite refreshing a little bit nicer than a standard water beverage so I believe these little beads inside are what allow for the carbonation to be added to the flavor next up I have zero calorie flavored water so this is a non-carbonated some similar idea but non-carbonated hmm you came here for the og of the soda business you came here for the coca-cola classic everything hinges on this little guy right here the future is now don’t laughter Oh oh that looks like coca-cola that is coca-cola got a fight got a little bite to it I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited for coke in my life so there you have it carried cold thank you very much for watching if you enjoyed this content make sure to leave a thumbs up down below subscribe if you haven’t yet and I will catch you on the next episode now will drink my coke slowly and dramatic


  1. Why is Nobody Talking about the waste of plastic…i mean, one pod for an 0.3 Liter Coca Cola Glass…just buy an 2 Liter Bottle (its plastic too, but better than this)!🤦🏼‍♂️

  2. It costs around £8 for 1 pod of Cola. £4 for Dr. Pepper. This was a great idea but they should have waited until they found a way to make the pods cheaper. This is why they have already discontinued the first and only generation of the Keurig Kold.

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  3. According to reviews (sorry if i can’t spell perfect) this machine straight up sucked, loud humming and didnt alwas work. Pods are expensive and itselft is also very expensive.

  4. I love coke the problem is though everytime I go to take a drink I get it on the end of my nose and it reminds me of cocaine but fizzy.

  5. If rather buy carbonated bottles of water and some Coca Cola syrup flavoring to save more money than the overpriced machine

  6. Hey this way you can use the EcoloBlue for that and you can get all the soda you want. As long as you have pods, or that soda stream flavoring.

  7. Someone: Hey I'm thirsty could you give me a Coca-Cola with ice please.

    Person who watched this vid: DON'T WORRY I'LL BUY A MACHINE TO MAKE COLD DRINKS. It will arrive in 20 days.

    Someone: * slowly going to the door *

  8. I googled to see if this was ever actually a thing because i do not remember it. But i guess since they discontinued it nobody really cared in the first place 🤣

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