Make Pain Medicine Cheap and Easy: Mullein the Legal Pain Killer

hey folks it's Patriot nurse joined me today and we're going to make pain medicine from perfectly legal herbs so friends join me in the kitchen here I don't have necessarily the most organized kitchen but at least it's functional I want to show you the herb that I'm using here and that's Mullen and I like to use organic when I can this is doctor Christopher's brand the best botanicals another good brand is frontier and I think there's an star West botanicals is still pretty good but these are large bulk sizes of moyen that I purchased by the way and I found that the efficacy as far as pain relief is pretty even between the brands but what I want to show you is how I'm preparing it and hopefully you can see here a simmering pot of Mullen here and this is of course the cut stems leaves and flowers it's all in there together the flowers are the best as far as overall like content of the the properties that give you pain relief but the best way to prepare them I found is to make a strong decoction of mullen and let me show you over here real quick I will show you the book that I recommend here this is the herbal soul bliss and also the school of natural healing from dr. Christopher and I'll put a link in the description box below so that way you can can score some of those books for yourself but basically all that you have to do friends is just slow cook this for anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour and I used the formula that dr. Christopher gives in his school of natural healing for the strong decoction of mullen and I would call it effective overall for pain relief and it is also a good nerve food for people who for instance have pain that tends to set in later at night it can help you sleep through the night pretty well so if you got any questions of course you know run it by your pharmacist or your doctor if you're worried about drug interactions because I don't give I'm not giving pharmacological consults on YouTube so I hope that was helpful for you all and I'll put link to the things I've talked about in the description box below if you didn't enjoy the video I hope you'll subscribe to me patriot nurse you can also support me on patreon friends I have a prayer request if you would please I have a friend named mr. Eddie who is battling for every breath right now he is fighting Lou Gehrig's disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis also known as ALS disease so if he would lift him up and he and his family up in your prayers I'd appreciate that for sure I hope it was helpful for y'all pronounced patron nurse sign off see ya later [Applause]


  1. This is great information, as I didn't know about the pain-killing properties of mullein, but now I have a ton of questions….How can we pick and prepare it ourselves, etc. Thanks !

  2. Your prayer request got me thinking about someone we haven't heard about in a long time who was going thru tough times…Any word on how MainePrepper is doing these days?
    Hope he doing better. If you do ever talk to him, please let him know he still has friends out here and is welcome at campfires across this country.
    With prayers, long live the Republic.

  3. Any natural pain relief from or aid for IBS, carpal tunnel, or nerve pain in hands from diabetes?

  4. Thanks for the tip, very useful! I use Mullein, whenever I can get it, for cough relief or other asthmatic problems in the flu season, but never knew it was for pain. I have to check that book out. Sending out prayers for your friend. God bless.

  5. Please do more of these type videos….thanks for this one will be getting book and herb to make asap

  6. I find liberal application of 15 to 20 year old Scotch before bed are helpful for a good nights sleep, and so is a good trip to the range. Ah the range a great place to relax.

  7. My husband and I just watched this..I usually love her it double speed.This was a lame video..pushing a book for profit I recipe or suggested dosage.

  8. 72 bucks for the book! I move too much to spend that much on a book. lol Thanks. I'll just listen to YOU. g Prayers for you friend.


  10. So nice to hear someone from the medical field talking about natural remedies. My husband was told in February that he has cancer and he declined standard care and we are raising money to send him to CHIPSA treatment center in Mexico for their 3 week program to get him healed 🙏. Thanks for all your videos.

  11. Not being a wise ass but after you cook it how do you take it? Do you drink it ? rub it on you ? can it be stored? and after you make it how long does it last …Thank you

  12. Wow, mullein grows everywhere in VA and TN as does Opium Lettuce. I was picking up our new zero turn mower at TSC in Marion and mullein was growing all over the bank behind the store and it was huge. Smoking it is said to be very good for the lungs as well. Our Opium Lettuce grows to 20' tall here as well and is great for pain relief, thus the name.

  13. Prayers for your friend in Jesus name. Ironic because we have a lot of mullein plants I am trying to eradicate off my property.

  14. I love your mirror in front of the stove, so you can see behind you while you are cooking. Great idea. 👍🏌

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