Makeup Vanity Mirror Cabinet Victrola Antique Art Tiles Kohler Sink

So here’s a bathroom vanity made out of a victrola cabinet. It’s an old antique from probably the thirties, or twenties, or something, And I had the cabinet, and I thought wow, that would make a nice bathroom vanity. I really like it because it’s got fantastic hinges. Oh, you can’t even see that, but they’ve got this wonderful hardware on here. There, you can see that. And the doors just work like, they go all the way back, and they are just a pleasure to work. But it’s actually from an old victrola, or record player. Worked. Found a nice sink to put in it, and those beautiful Italian tile scraps that I used, for the backsplash, worked out great. Closed Captioning by Kris Brandhagen. [email protected]


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