Making a Difference in Health Care at HBS

so how do you move an idea forward we all know that it's not enough to have a great idea ideas do change the world but only if they're implemented effectively our healthcare problems in both this country in the developing world will not be solved by doing more of the same what we're doing the healthcare initiative is consistent with what Harvard Business School is always done we want to train and educate leaders who will make a difference healthcare certainly needs leaders who will make a difference it certainly needs innovators my company has vexes technologies and we are working with a proprietary technology that allows us to create heat-stable vaccines in the end product that we produce it's a thin film that's then put in a vaccine vial shipped around the world at any temperature which point it's reconstituted dissolved again and delivered to the patient the exact same fashion as current vaccines so VAX s technologies was actually an outgrowth from an HBS class called commercializing science after the class was over we decided to formally incorporate the business licence to technology and that's allowed us to move the technology closer to making a positive impact on people's lives so ultimately founding a company like VAX this requires a tremendous amount of resources and also access to information experts knowledge the iLab provided all of those tube access technologies which was key in getting us to where we are today the healthcare initiative is really an umbrella and it's an important umbrella it's one that sits across everything we do in healthcare here at the school it goes from MBA program to our alumni of the MBA program executive education the alumni of our executive programs to our faculty and doctoral students the challenges we faced over the years in running the lagoon hospitals has been providing quality health services and on the other hand providing access to the widest population as possible the work that fulla LOI is doing with hygeia is quite incredible for that environment we have a setting where private healthcare is very nascent in Nigeria the Harvard Business School education has been extremely valuable to some of the other clinician managers who have also had the opportunity to go for the executive programs in healthcare executives are particularly interested in gaining more management expertise because they've come from a clinical background initially we've brought that back here now particularly in the area of mother and child care and we've created a very strong integrated modern child clinical healthcare platform and I think that in itself has been extremely special virtually every faculty was interested in healthcare has relationships and projects they're doing with the rest of the university we run a forum and healthcare innovation jointly with the med school it's truly an example both cooperation across the university but we're the sum of the two is greater than the two parts are alone yes so what we are developing at Madonna we manufacture messenger RNA so a patient will themselves make the protein that they are lacking to restore their health the partnership is actually one of a biggest deal ever done between a large firm a sticker company and about a tech company in the history of biotech when I was building Australia G to get a deal to a finish line I was using things alone HBS are how to negotiate I think that's the power of a GPS is you don't realize it but slowly thereafter David the transform you I've been a doctor since 2005 and have been working in the UK's National Health Service I'm a joint degree student between Harvard Business School and Harvard Kennedy School I think that the Kennedy School is fantastic it's really giving you an idea of social policy broadly how the business school really really adds value in being able to put those ideas into practice in a sustainable way I came here because I had passion for trying to change healthcare some people say that's naive but I don't think anyone challenges the need for change and I honestly believe that by being here I'm really going to be able to have a much more powerful impact in the world you you


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