Making genetic medicine work – Introducing the TGMI

hello I'm nazneen ramen i'm professor of human genetics at the institute of cancer research london and the Royal Marsden Hospital today I want to tell you about the transforming genetic medicine initiative the TG mi the TG mi was formed by a collective of diverse highly experienced individuals all passionate about genetic medicine researchers doctors scientists implementations and we have a singular mission and that mission is to build the foundations to make genetic medicine work so over the last five years there's been tremendous hype about genetic medicine and under that hype there is real opportunity there is real potential for genetic medicine to make transformative impact on human health making ill people better keeping well people healthy but there are also real challenges many of those challenges are really quite basic we still need an accurate knowledge base telling us which genes actually cause human disease we need to develop new ways to marshal the massive amounts of data so that it can be interpreted correctly and we have to build pipelines of processes that moves that information and knowledge from computers to the hands of doctors fundamentally what we now need to do is to build the strong foundations before we sell the penthouse suite and the reason that this is so important is because if we don't get this right we could get it very wrong and instead of genetic medicine being used only to bring benefits for humankind it could lead to harms so we have to make sure that that infrastructure underpinning genetic medicine is flawlessly robust so that the potential of genetic medicine can be realized in future videos we will be telling you about the specific TGM I projects that are making genetic medicine work you can also sign up for our newsletter at the TG mi da talk and the link is below for now I just want to you for taking the time to listen

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