Making Wild Lettuce Pain Relief Medicine Powder


  1. *UPDATE* Dear Friends, the above video shows me making wild lettuce medicine from prickly lettuce which was before it flowered. I have made three batches of the medicine since then, all of which were from post-flowered prickly lettuce. The results were not the same! The end result was a taffy-like substance. It did NOT powder, but gummed up my coffee grinder. So, if you make this medicine from flowered lettuce, and hope to powder it, it's possible it may be too gummy to make into powder and capsule. You could make it into tincture instead, see my other video. I am also experimenting with turning the medicine into rolled up "taffy" pills instead. Please let me know in comment section if you run into the same inconsistency. Thanks!

  2. Yeeesh! Everyone complaining about the music. You have to assume if you made it this far, technologically speaking, you should know how to use a mute button or, at the very least, turn down the volume! Someone takes the time to give us good information and you shit all over them. What is wrong with this world?
    Anyway, does anyone know how to determine dosage or is it just trial and error?

  3. How long can you store W.L powder,  once in capsule form UN-REFRIGERATED? Great video.  I thank you sincerely!

  4. I found a plant in my granny's garden that has a little ball that dries up after the petals fall off. I shake out the hundreds upon hundreds of tiny black seeds. They are scrumptious baked on top of bread. The pods (my name) I chop up and low boil with water. I add a little calcium carbonate after turning off the heat. Then I……..ah…a..uh…oh… wait a sec…umm… therrre's someone at the door. Ah…. damn… seems they're at the back door too… shit…hey..fuck this, this medicine thing… knew I should have just called Flaco and Manuel. Shit!!!

  5. The music gave me HBP. It would be good to talk about the process, I learned nothing like the science behind it or how to find the wild lettuce, what is the reason you dehydrate it and make powder etc.

  6. Thank You for this After watching every single solitary step, now how many times is this supposed to be taken per day? An idea would be nice?
    😶💊💊 😃💊💊😶
    I need relief desperately

  7. Many years ago, I heard a man on the "JOHNNY CARSON SHOW" claim; boil a plain old head of lettuce, toss the lettuce and drink the left over water; then enjoy the pain killing benefits and sleep.

  8. "Always ask permission from the spirit of the plant before cropping." Okay, but how do you know it says "yes?"

  9. Is wild lettuce related to Dandelion? The leaves look similar and it even has blossoms that resemble Dandelion.

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  11. Wat if the guardian spirit of the plant said no fuck off wen you asked if you could crop it, cukcoo wtf

  12. I'm 6'2" 250. How many capsules should I take at a time? I live in Northeast Tennessee and this stuff is growing everywhere, even in my yard.

  13. Does this plant actually grow in Washington State? I've looked and looked and I don't know if we've just lost so much habitat or just never grew here in the first place if anybody knows the answer I would appreciate it.

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