Malinowski: Every witness told us the order to freeze aid came from Trump


  1. Republicans don't actually care about our laws or fellow Americans / Humans. The only thing Republicans care about is themselves.

  2. Correction to this corrupt dem. The whistle blower is like the guy who pulled the fire alarm when there was no fire and he wanted to get out of 5th period math.

  3. This not what we voted for when we appoint these ppl to congress they are wasting a lot of our money and just now making up crap.. all lies

  4. Actually the president said "no quid pro quo. I need them to do the right thing." (Not, I need them to do the investigation. Very different words)

  5. You Malinowshikido, are a weasel. Trump held it because he wanted to be sure that Ukraine was serious about being tough on criminal activities. You sir are a miserable dipydo.

  6. Thats funny. I thought Obama and Biden ordered a freeze if Biden's son's corruption was investigated. Oh. I forgot. That was a democrat. They are "above" the law.




  8. He held up aid initially to make sure this was not a criminal administration we all know this….. Ukraine has been notorious for its criminal politicians

  9. Questions are being answered but notice commentator is embellishing his answer with added content that was not actually said. Not a lagitmate interview, special interest skit.

  10. So their argument is: we would have had a crime, but for the whistleblower blowing his load too early?

    Good luck with that, Dimocrats. 🤣

  11. Tommy " 2 Step," Malinoski my 7 year old lies better than you. You are a practiced politician, but I don't think you'll be re-elected being so stupid! BTW, New Jersey is the third most corrupt state in the US with 1.2 politicians being convicted per capita of corruption.

  12. Duh, corporate clowns, he doesn't want to fund Isis either. It's not a crime to wait to see if the country will be led by a corrupt leader before giving aid BECAUSE LIKE CRIMINALS NOT HONORING GUN LAWS, ANY LAWS FOR THAT MATTER IT STANDS TO REASON THAT A CORRUPT LEADER MIGHT OH, I DON'T KNOW, MANAGE MONEY IN A CORRUPT WAY? YOU THINK? But luckily a professional comedian who had the number one show in comedy won the highest office in Ukraine and he ran with the same promise as President Trump did: to drain the Ukraine Swamp, so the money has gone to Ukraine. You aren't really very talented at propagandizing America, that market is already saturated and you coming into agreement with the other liars will fail as well.

    When an individual or a media outlet opposes the truth the individual or media outlet also opposes God Himself. Ya know, professionally, AS THEIR CAREER. Does that seem smart?

    "You are more informed and more savvy than your audience will be in your future broadcast career" is just what the top broadcast journalism schools teach their students. There is a purpose for establishing a foundation of superiority. The false feeling of knowing more than one's audience forms a disconnect and erodes the sense of duty to inform the public for the good of the local community or State or country. An inflated ego is much easier to control and is ideal for creating a dedicated propagandist with the deception skills of a stage thespian.

    If you have agreed to support the soft coup effort(s), which this video title would indicate, you are A TOOL.

  13. President Trump wants other countries to pay their fair share. Its not going to be just the American taxpayers dime. WWG1WGA Trump 2Q2Q

  14. The president ordered a freeze on multiple nation's aid last year. Doesn't anyone remember this? Okay now all you liberals stick your fingers in your ears and go La la la la la la I'd don't hear you. He could have just sent them blankets and 20 year old rations like our former president. He sent guns, munitions, modern MRE's and money that they actually needed.

  15. I wouldnt give anyone aid without finding out coruption either not one dime would i give them till i found out what was going on and that would not be a pay of if there was so much coruption from biden caught on camara talking about getting investigations quashed

  16. if you want to be in charge of the investigation, you have to win votes:-) democrats won the votes; so they are in-charge!!:-)

  17. The explanation was given. Trump wanted to make sure the corruption was ending in Ukraine and the money was used by Ukraine was used in a legal manner.

  18. So what the PRESIDENT ordered the money not be sent or the aid not to be sent, all that tells me is the PRESIDENT wanted to make sure that the aid was not going to a corrupt government, he let the money go through so where's the harm no quid pro quo like with Joe Biden.

  19. Having read the transcripts it appears the aid was not being given based on how Trump felt about corruption in Ukraine

  20. It's to bad democrat's have never put this much effort into the economy,job creation, lower taxes,fair trade deals,border security and protection for the American people.

  21. So freaking what? We never give funds to other countries without knowing they align with our values and policy. But Biden withheld funds b/c of his SON! This is just BS!!!

  22. Just another lying Democrat, twisting and distorting language to suit their agenda… They have nothing, we KNOW they have nothing and they refuse to admit they have nothing… Dammit, can't we just end them all?

  23. "No credible explanation has been given." So, they'll just make up their own… Unbelievable!!! I thought all these politicians were lawyers? Don't they recognize evidence when they see it or DON'T see it?🙄

  24. I think it is great to freeze all aid to foreign governments until we investigate corruption. Especially when members of our own government are corrupt and exposed (like a billion dollars from china or millions from Ukraine).

  25. What I would like to know is who the witness is that was told to freeze the aid UNTIL Ukraine investigates the Bidens? The POTUS is allowed to hold up foreign aid money.

  26. Like a true mafia mob boss Trump is not going to directly incriminate himself. As Cohen stated before Congress, Trump implies an action leaving it up to the individual to interpret what is required.

  27. There were several other countries where aid was held up and the bottom line is it doesn’t matter what these people said- what matters is that the aid was given despite no investigation ever being done. That’s the end of the “scandal”- no investigation was done, the aid was given.

  28. if you have to hunt a crime that's not obvious beyond reason, then it's no crime,. simple, leave my President alone please. go count crayons.

  29. There are a million reasons Trump could've held the aid back, our tax dollars. Unless they have him on tape saying you're not getting the aid unless I see this or that before I send it….. this is a big waste of time.

  30. Dems, no matter how hard they're trying with making up new rules and holding all the cards, don't have enough to actually make a conviction. You can't rightfully unseat a duly elected president on hearsay. President Trump's fortitude since 2016 is unbelievable.

  31. This interviewer is so dumb. How do you expect them to have heard from anyone who could say Donald Trump told them directly to withold aid to Ukraine when Donald Trump wouldn't let them testify? What a dump question!

  32. Read the transcripts:
    immediately after Mr. Zelensky brought up the military aid, Mr. Trump said he wanted him to “do us a favor though,” and then mentioned investigating the Bidens

  33. The aid was frozen because the new government wasn't established at the time. Trump didn't want to aid to fall into the wrong hands of the old corrupted government. Besides at the time of the phonecall Biden wasn't even running.

  34. This Dem Rep of New Jersey is like all the rest singing the same song that the President is guilty of quid pro quo. There is not a single of them Dem has intelligence and an independent mind of his or her own. So dishonorable and you can see how his dishonest face shows when he was asked the question. Real dishonest scumbag – not fit even to serve in a third world country. Period!

  35. We had a liaison between our plant and cooperation headquarters. He would say the corporate leader wanted this or that at our plant. We found out he was never at that high of rank to even look at the corporate board.

  36. I don't think this Villian will be impeached just because his zombies don't see anything he does as a problem but I do hope he gets voted out before we are fighting in the streets because I cant stand Trump and his mindless worshippers.

  37. If he held aid for corruption purposes I support it 💯. Corruption investigation isn’t looking into the Biden’s, but rather the investigation may conclude the Biden’s are corrupt. Totally different intent.

  38. so, someone heard that somebody say something that the president says that??? but nobody knows who says that something? what the heck is going on with these democraps?

  39. Just because u draw a conclusion based upon an observation doesn't make your observation good enough for me to draw your conclusion.

  40. Relaxing ""Frame-up classes"", Lessons
    in Creative Writing,""" ""Circumventing the
    Constitution refresher""", ""manipulating
    Congressional Protocol refreshers,"" ""Turning the argument
    on your opponents,"" """using innuendo
    effectively"""", """pointing the finger in
    the opposite direction"" maintaining relevance, keeping the base
    focused on hating trump making new accusations to bolster the Moral outrage,
    consolidate the base, maintain the level of Disdain and a sense of hope to be
    able to say we gave it our all in the end after it fails..

  41. This is stupid…all they are doing is trying to sway the people…stir up the liberals into a frenzy for blood….without evidences!

  42. It’s a crime (bribery) to ask a foreign government to put on a show to benefit your re-election campaign.

    Using taxpayer money to do it makes it even worse.

    It was extortion. Clear as a bell.

  43. Why is it that folks can't just answer the questions directly. This guy is like an eel.
    And the High Crime is Against the People of the United States and against our President. We're tired of being spun by the DC insiders who haven't been looking for our National interests for at least the last 70 years.

  44. The only reason they're trying to remove him from office and lying about him 100%. Is because they fear the fact that they're going to lose in the 2020 election to him. This is why they have focused every lie that they can come up with the set him up for the past 3 years. Instead of doing the job they were hired to do

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