Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals Specialty Brands Office – 2018 New Good Neighbor Award Winner

Mallinckrodt is an older company it’s
got a 150-year history and we’ve been in– advancing in the areas of
science and medicine, but we have entered a really exciting new chapter and that
was in 2013. In 2013, we became again an independent company. The goal that we
have, the objective that we have as a company is to really move away from our
legacy businesses and move into becoming a top performing and high-growth
specialty pharmaceutical company and we’ve done a lot over the past few years
to achieve that. So we renovated this space, there’s two buildings here as you
know we take up about 190 thousand square feet of that, which is 80 percent
of the footprint here at the Bedminster site. We really built it to accommodate
our branded portfolio so our commercial activities and medical activities to
support the inline brands, but also our development activities, so we’re
developing products that are in the pipeline right now and all of those folks that
work here, whether they’re in commercial, development, and sciences all work
together and collaboratively. So we wanted to design a space where people
would work together, they wouldn’t be in their functional silos, so 70% of the– of
the space is actually open space so it allows people to mingle informally, have
conversations over coffee, walk down to a very nice cafeteria, have conversations
there. We even have a fitness facility that we developed as well as a data
center. We’re really very excited to be here in Bedminster, we’re excited that we
have the opportunity to grow from– in fact we have space to grow within this
particular facility, we’re very excited about that. We’re putting roots here in
Somerset County and in Bedminster for our growing portfolio of specialty pharma
products and medicines.

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