1. For how long does this training need to continue? I had a dog with separation anxiety which would bark until passing out if left home alone, or even if she couldn't see mee. I would love to get a dog, but I worry that this could happen again.The dog in question was a 5,5kg longhair dachs female, which I adopted from my father. I believe she never had to be alone before she moved to me and I tried to leave her at home while going to work. I remember the dog sounding very hoarse when greeting me when I came home. A few days later i got an handwritten anonymous letter telling me to hand back the dog and get a cat. I put two and two together an brought the dog to work the next day and the following years which was difficult but also rewarding for both me and the dog.
    I was told to train the dog to relax when in a cage so that I could leave her in a cage when going to work. I didn't try this but maybe it would have worked. The dog was never trained very much, but would reluctanty sit if I had food or treats and came on command if she wanted.

  2. Aww my dog is a maltipoo named Cody and he doesn't have separation anxiety but he follows me around all day lol.

  3. He was a bad dog and is disobedient that is why he was abandoned, Beat him now. "CANE" him in the ass.
    Go on hit or kick the Cock in his neutered cock-stem. Then whip/beat the Dick. Teach the Cock how to behave properly.

  4. Go on hit or kick the Cock. Then whip/beat the Dick. Teach the Cock how to behave properly.
    Club the bastard, and then send the "thing" to the dog meat processing factories in South Korea.

  5. My dog's separation anxiety stopped the moment I put him in a crate. No barking. Fine and happy when I returned.

  6. We discovered if we "borrow" our , year-old, tiny Grandpuppy, a Yorkie, he's fine. Even though Shorty is 8 years old. Recently, I had the displeasure of advising several neighbors about another neighbor's tragic death. I left Shorty alone, but with our disinterested cat in the house. Two hours later, it occurred to me, but he was fine.
    I'm wondering if it is because his owner has a small apartment, about 700 sq ft, versus our 2500+ sq ft house. I'd welcome your input on this theory. Or, is he just older and calmer? His "Dad" is an excellent doggo-Daddy and he's very well treated and loved. He loves us too. He's a mixed Jack Russell Terrorist, Beagle and ??? mix. Very chill too. Surprising, considering his main breed. LOL!

  7. I would have to say that maltipoos are great dogs. I found a lot more information and training from Maltipoo.org

  8. Currently taking care of my family friend's maltipoo.

    He's an arrogant, whiny, manipulative little bastard that tries to mount all other dogs and other people to show his dominance.

    Really love that little nigga though, would do anything for him

  9. omg i love maltese and maltipoos! my first maltipoo had really bad separation anxiety..plus it didnt help that i spoiled her smh, now im looking for another dog of same breed <3

  10. my Maltipoo has gone crazy lol. she keeps on getting trash out of our trashcan and goes either under the bed or behind the couch and just yesterday she bit my mom and my moms hand was bleeding a little bit. lol so we're getting her trained

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