Manage your anxiety with Cognitive Behavior Therapy – CBT in Urdu/Hindi


  1. Thanx alot sir for explaining these terms
    For giving us complete concept of about these terms
    Even Which we do not take after ready a lenthgy chapter on CBT
    Thanks sir
    Jazak Allah

  2. Sir plz muje hamisha dar sa lagta gi heart beat huti hi or bahot ziyaga khof me mubtla huta hun aisa lagta hi shaid me ab marne laga hun. Waisa to me shoro se nai tha bus achabak hugia .kabi sar me dard to kabi dill me dard kia karo koi hal to bata plz

  3. Sir, one more thing…. I am listening to the points being discussed by you. Your rational approach to the problem is very right. But, in CBT, you target the logical brain that works at the Beta level. All that you are saying is 200% right, but our logical brain absorbs these positive affirmations only at the logical/conscious level and it doesn't last for very long. I have experienced and tried this for years. It is effective, but the positive affirmations need to be ingrained at a deeper level for them to last for a very long time. According to my knowledge, meditations target your subconscious brain at lower frequencies and when these positive affirmations are planted like seeds through guided meditations, they work better and last for longer times in your mind.

  4. AoA! Sir, I am in the middle of watching your video. The question that comes to my mind instantly is that is it possible to resolve social anxiety with CBT or the like?

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