Managing Crohn's Disease

Any mom will tell you, she
doesn't wanna miss a moment with her kids but
that can be tough when you're dealing with
a health issue. So, let's meet a mom
who's worked closely with her doctors to manage
Crohn's disease so she doesn't miss a
moment of family time. (slow solemn music) Marissa Jenkins first started
dealing with recurring stomach pains and inflammation
when she was just 18. – A lot of stomach
inflammation pain. It was so bad, it was like
if you were being stabbed repeatedly like
a bunch of times. Very similar to
cramping, contractions, but maybe magnify that by 20. You assume the fetal
position for quite some time until they dissipate. So, it's pretty miserable. – [Jane] Soon after, Marissa was diagnosed
with Crohn's disease. – Crohn's disease is
an autoimmune disorder where the body's white
blood cells attack the gut. That could lead to
inflammation of the intestine, which will manifest as
diarrhea, bloody diarrhea, and abdominal pain. It's partly genetic and
it's partly environmental. The disease is lifelong. Sometimes the disease
can enter into remission and we can deescalate
the therapy, but it's often a
lifelong therapy. – [Jane] Marissa started
on medications but stopped them when she became
pregnant with her daughter. And that led to a complication
of her Crohn's disease. (lighthearted rhythmic music) – She developed ulcerations
in her intestine and the ulcerations
tunneled so deep, it went right through the
thickness of the small bowel into the adjacent
muscle of her thigh. And we got an MRI
magnetic image, which showed a pocket
of pus or abscess in the muscle of her thigh. – It was like a pain
that was shooting. I couldn't move. It was shooting
down through my leg, making it impossible to walk. – We don't want mothers
to stop medications without consulting
their physicians. It's often safer to continue
whatever medications makes them well, even
during pregnancy. If the mother does well,
the baby does well. – [Jane] Doctors treated
Marissa and drained the abcess. – And we're able to
cure that abcess. (mumbles) baby
Zoey did very well. – She was able to be
delivered close to term. I'm pretty grateful for that. I don't want anything
to happen with her. So, that was my main concern. – [Jane] Not only did Zoey
do well, so did Marissa. (exciting fun music) – I've actually been in
remission for over a year now. It feels really good. – Marissa is doing
very well right now. Her Crohn's is
clinically in remission, there's no signs of
clinical activity. Patients with Crohn's
disease should be proactive and not react to
when things flare up. It's much better to be
proactive, keep them healed, and to prevent complications. – [Jane] Marissa says
her priority now is focusing on her family
and continuing to work with her doctors to keep her
Crohn's disease in check. – Me and the kids do
tons of activities. We go outside, we do
painting, art, play with toys. It's very important because
you wanna be 100% for them, so doing exactly what
I'm supposed to do is pretty important. – Our goal is to keep
her in a deep remission, where we do periodic
colonoscopies to make sure that there are no ulcerations. – Have an open, honest
relationship with your doctor, not a pretty condition to
have but it is manageable and it is possible to still
have a really happy good life. So, you just have
to stay strong. (lighthearted rhythmic music) – Love seeing Marissa
playing with her kids.


  1. I was first diagnosed when I was 4. I am now 18 and still do not have a hold on it. I'm currently on stellara and hoping it works

  2. I went to 11 diff drs and they didnt help me. I cured myself of crohns disease .in my case it was caused by fungus..Saccharomyces cerevisiae. I did ton of research but drs did nothing .in one article i saw that 75% of patients have Saccharomyces cerevisiae. .. Since drs couldnt cure me i ordered a Dr to give me every test for ffungus bacteria..but she told me insurance would start asking questions ,clearly doctors don't give a fuck about patients.i asked if there is a rare disease Dr n sbe told me there r infectious disease drs .i didnt know that since nobody told me .i had a referral to a disease Dr ..i told him i have Crohn's.disease and i want you to find a bacteria or fungus in my body..guy ran few tests ,week later i come back n said Chris in amazed but you were right you have Saccharomyces cerevisiae ( fungus in your blood) he told me but the bad news is i dont have drugs that will kill this type of fungus .it will ruin your kidneys liver n other organs..i was excited n lil sad ..sad because he didnt give me drugs. Why excited?? Because i knew what was causing my disease n was happy to know and thn i knew that my goal was to take care of myself live healthier life.. I also tested for vit d deficiency n i was in critical range ..i started taking vit d3 50k about 40 pills. 1- 3 pills A week .sometimes one wen i was like maybe its too much let's back off this week , other weeks upto 3….and i was taking also diff brand d3 5k ius. Whole bottle .in 4 months..both the 5k ius..and 50k ius..along with k7 for calcium as u should take it…i changed my diet for a week no bread no seeds no rice .and i felt better .waaaay better .but thn went back to eating junk food as i got depressed..later that year i went to my home country n my aunt( nurse. They worked together ) told me about this medical Dr who quit being a medical Dr n was into natural healing ..she did blood work n i didnt have fungus in blood no more felt 40% better. But Still had pains shits…She suggested we do food intolerance testing..turns out I can't eat any rice.seeds .pasta.flour products…..bananas n others .pretty much everything i was eating only daily i changed my diet 180 degrees .2 weeks later i had no pains at all..i stayed on the diet.for weeks and i stooped n discomfort would show. Up I learned my guts n stomach were so fucked up I had to b on this diet of foods that I tolerated n slowly loong months later i was introducing the foods i couldnt eat till.a point where i was back to normal..also the lady told me i have very weak acid in my stomach n i need to a adress it by drinking apple cider vinegar on empty stomach for long months..
    How did i get the fungus???? SEX. Next day i woke up with my stomach rummbling loud…i new i cought something 2010…i met a new gf n she wanted to raw week later she was shitting her brains out thn we stopped unprotected sex n she went back to normal ( she constantly tans and always took vit D ) I went std clininc n all good well because stds panels dont test for fungus .i noticed my fiecies werent solid n were loose . it took years for me to go from loose to diarrhea ( 15 times a day )to Crohn's disease driving to brand new job n having a sharp pain n at that moment I knew my life was over n here i am years later feeling bad that i never wrote my story or made a video on YouTube ..If you know better n your Dr who helps you but can't cure you pls listen to your Dr who isnt curing you n don't be an asshole to me giving me negative comments ..

  3. Sir Crohn's disease m medicine life time ku khani parti h or khane se koi side effects tu ni hoty kya?
    Crohn's ka Control medicine se ho ga yn khane peni se?

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