Managing stress and anxiety to live well

before I even got out of the Air Force I had started really struggling with anxiety attacks and sleeplessness and fears getting out of military was interesting and exciting and that maybe presented some of the most the anxiety I ever felt it's scary you know because you have this whole life that you learned for me it was six years active duty and an infantry unit now I have to all the sudden go be a civilian I didn't really notice the anxiety until I actually I got back from the Academy probably just an actual reaction but as he was overblown to me that like getting stuck in traffic I was just getting so angry well a lot of my issues were generalized anxiety so a lot I have a lot of issues with them like perfectionism and just you know putting too much pressure on myself which is definitely from the military I think part of it was self induced rest and I knew I was transitioning I knew I was getting out what do I want to do with my life and oh my gosh what's that gonna be like the big the big unknown I got really nervous going to new places in places I hadn't been as kind of say you know I don't know I don't know why but we know like you know I had a friend that way he said hey you wanna go to dinner tonight you know I said I don't wanna yeah I'd make up an excuse like I got homework but really I was kind of like oh I'm afraid if I go I'm gonna have an anxiety attack what the anxiety your heart races I mean it goes it's just insanely fast you sweat you get paranoid you keep looking over your shoulder insomnia you don't sleep your body's so tired especially after these anxiety in panic attacks it really feels like you ran a marathon but you didn't I ultimately felt that my anxiety was kind of overwhelming and it was less that I needed to manage it because it was taking all of my energy to management manager it was taking up my whole day I had a panic attack a full-on panic attack and I don't even I still don't know what I was doing at that time I called one of my friends I said you have to you have to drive me because I can't even Drive and that was my first time going to the VA they diagnosed it as a panic attack and my treatment started from that point and this two weeks at school I missed finals you know which does school let me make up later on but after that I said you know what I I really need to get help for this so I went to the VA I got referred to see a couple months of health professionals and we talked and three months after getting out I felt more like myself than I had in years before started out by weekly and meeting with the counselor just I mean it almost felt like we just we just had a casual conversation I felt really comfortable speaking to the the counsel that I was with and it really helped out a lot one of the things that was really crucial to me was remembering that I did have a support system knowing that I needed that I had the capacity to reach out and ask for help I talked to my family who I'm really close with about it and you know I I did have a I guess my own little support channel outside of the military that you know and I wanted to uh I wanted to do better for myself my wife pushes me having that person my relationship that that pushes me you know along with the therapy that's helped me out and that's that's I think what's been helping me out the most you know having having that drive to get better I've definitely noticed an improvement and a difference I would say that especially now after seeing seeking treatment I've been doing much better at trying to manage my symptoms and cope with them as they happen or even prevent them

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