1. hey bro I watch the video it's very nice question is it possible that you be able to show us your actual penis while doing so with attractions that would be very helpful

  2. Has it worked for you in the lengthening of the penis department or have you not tried or are you trying to get the message across about strengthening tissue which is damaged from injury? I Want to stretch mine and grow the girth not that it’s tiny, hence my question.

  3. This is in my watch history, & I've never seen it till just now?! Not that I'm minding.😉 that's good info!

  4. A million thanks for making this I'm going to try it out. Is there anyway you could make a video showing how you do this on your penis so we can see the results?

  5. Great video… precisely informative… thank you so much for sharing your personal journey of success with us all, with this nasty tiresome complaint.

  6. For the past, I don't know, maybe month and a half, my erections have been becoming increasingly painful on one side and gradually, I'm starting to notice firm nodules. I am scared that it might be Peyronie's, but I guess we'll wait and see. I have little faith in the medical system after continuous negligence and the substandard care of the NHS (The "free" UK healthcare system).

    I have a penis pump, but my dick is honestly way too thick to use it (little bit of an ego-trip, haha). I will try this exercise! To all the men out there going through this, stay positive, darlings! I have optimism, and this needn't be the end for your lovely dicks. Research and take it upon yourself to ameliorate your situation!

  7. Has this helped you anything later on, i.e. Did you get results more in the acute stage or also years later in the stable phase?

  8. We have to do this dry or with using some lube??? And is warming with a hot towel required as well???

  9. thank you man ur such anice person ur videos gave me hope that some day the scar can cure or at least dosent get worse

  10. How would I stretch if my penis is pointing to the left? I do not have a curve in my penis it is pointing left (from the base) instead of straight. Is my left ligament too tight?

  11. Hey Neo, I'm type 1 diabetic. Have ED from it. And peyronie's I use vacuum pump threapy also. I'm scarring is near the top left. Near the head do you know any traction exercises. For that area?

  12. Hey man did you ever have Hard Flaccid? I am so confused and don't know if I have Peyronies or Hard Flaccid…Ive been to several doctors and seeing a PT now.

  13. Very brave to upload videos on this topic. Thank you very much for sharing your insight/approach. What you say makes sense to me, definitely worth a try!

  14. Hello Neoman.
    I'm 19 years old boy living in South Africa and just recently (+- 5 hours ago) noticed a lump on my penis and hopped on to Google and self-diagnosed that I have Peyronie's disease.I came across Maxinator's(strikingly similar case to myself) article on the peyroniesforum website. I was worried at first that I might gradually attain erectile dysfunction and kiss my unborn sex life goodbye but after reading your advice my thoughts have settled down. What can you recommend for myself ,Neoman ?

  15. Hey Neo what about spider veins?? Do you have any advice, it seems like it is spread more and more ?

  16. Hi,

    I'm 26, from the UK, I've seen a consultant today and confirmed I have peyronies. Im about 6 months into it. I will be seeing a specialist next (could be months). I think I will go private. The consultant today basically said my only option is surgery. I was shocked by this because of everything I've been reading on non surgical treatment. I feel as though he wasn't specialised so makes me think it was a waste of time. I told him all about the the drugs, creams, traction and basically said Nah. I'm concerned because I believe non surgical methods could help me. Any thoughts? Thanks

  17. Thank you very much.
    Two questions:
    How often and for how long each time do you recommend doing traction, and how long before some results should be seen/felt?

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