Marijuana and Spirituality (Does Pot/Weed/Cannabis Enhance Spirituality?) – Teal Swan

Marijuana and Spirituality(Does Pot/Weed/Cannabis
Enhance Spirituality?)[subtitles using] hello everyone. in accordance
with popular demand i decided that today’s video should be on pot
otherwise known as cannabis or marijuana. cannabis has been used as a spiritual
drug since 2000 BC. has been used as a spiritual drug because
it’s a psychoactive drug. what a psychoactive drug is, is a drug which
alters your state of consciousness. by altering your state
of consciousness it enables you to get outside the restriction
of your limited perception. to expand your consciousness beyond
the three-dimensional reality. all plants possess unique
energetic frequencies and those frequencies can teach a new way
of thinking, in a new way of being. cannabis teaches a great many things including
the path of least resistance, oneness, surrender, release, letting
go, inhibition, the present moment, Liberty,
communion, allowing, the impermanence and illusion
of the physical dimension, the frailness of boundaries, the illness of control, the fear resident behind the bold confident
mask of the ego and effortless being. people react differently to cannabis. that’s because people hold different vibrations
and different vibratory rates. when a person with their unique vibration
shares the space with a cannabis plant. the person’s vibration has to match
the frequency of the cannabis plant. otherwise they can’t share
the same space. in shamanic tradition, these plants including
cannabis were seen as gatekeepers or tunnel Guardians between realms. this matching of frequencies or resonating between
the person and the plant is called friending. you friend the plant so that the plant can allow you
to pass between realms. this resonance effect is drastically increased
when the medicine is ingested. the vibrational resonances causes a cascade
of physiological reactions to occur most especially the inhibition
of neurotransmitters. it inhibits the brain from functioning
at normal capacity. this provides a great deal of
reliefs to many people who are bombarded by their
own resistant thoughts. the brain is a transceiver
of information that is designed to create the illusion
of a static third dimension. when the transceiver is affected or
inhibited by certain drugs the illusion of the physical dimension
begins to dismantle and a person can feel or see beyond this dimension
into other dimensional realities. it may also enable a person to allow more of his or her
own pure being to be fully present and unrestricted. so why is that the people react
differently to the plant. there’s two main reasons; the first reason, is that your vibratory rate
may be higher or lower than cannabis. if your vibratory rate is lower than the
vibratory rate of the cannabis. it’s likely that when you ingest
cannabis you will feel better. because it will cause you
to increase your frequency. you will experience that calm you for
a feeling that we associate with pot. if however your vibratory rate
is higher than pot then most likely when
you ingest pot what’s going to happen is that you will experience
a decrease in vibration. you’ll experience paranoia and other
unwanted side effects. the second reason is because cannabis
is highly reactive to intention. cannabis enhances the truth
of this universe which is the intention Direct Energy
intention creates your reality. if you do not set an intention before you go into the experience
of ingesting cannabis. then what’s gonna happen is it’s going to respond
to the intention of your subconscious. so let’s say that your subconscious
has a desire for you to know something which is
buried in the subconscious. or let’s say that the subconscious fears
the loss of its own boundaries. if that’s the case when you in just pot you
are not going to feel you for feeling. instead you’re going to feel the surfacing
of your subconscious fears and resistance. the number one benefit cannabis, is that it helps people to
release resistance. it is perhaps the very best spiritual drug when it
comes to helping with this release of resistance. it disables the brain from focusing
on the thoughts which cause the body to exhibit
a stress reaction. this is why it is so effective
at reducing stress and this is why it is so effective
for the use of pain management. pain is a symptom of resistance. by causing a person to release resistance
and flow downstream with life. a person is free to be
who they really are. more of their true essence is present
in the absence of resistance. and this is why people often undergo such intense spiritual
experiences while under the influence of cannabis. this is also why it is
used recreationally. as a spiritual teacher
I can’t fully support or fully condemn the use of cannabis
versus the non use of cannabis. because whether to use or not use is not a black-and-white
scenario it’s a gray scenario it’s a case by case scenario. i also can’t completely condemn the use
of pot because all plants are teachers. if a person tries to escape the
resistance by using cannabis, all they have learned is to be dependent in
a powerless way on the particular drug. all that has happened is that they have learned that
they need that in order to release resistance. cannabis may enable us to break
free of the illusion for a minute to see what is
beyond this dimension. but it does nothing to teach you
how to get there organically. it has not taught you how to get there
without the use of that crutch of the particular medicinal. this is the number one reason why i don’t support
the use of cannabis overtly in spiritual practice. it’s because all too often there
is no organic experience of accessing dimensions beyond
this dimension. more often than not when people
experience breaking outside this dimension with
the use of cannabis. that becomes their only way of accessing
dimensions other than our dimension. it becomes their only way
of releasing resistance. this facilitates a very unique
type of powerlessness. the feeling state of the experience
becomes an addiction and the more subtle transition
of increasing ones vibration and altering ones focus. so as to facilitate an organic shift in
consciousness. no longer registers as a special
and not worthy experience when compared with the intensity of the radical break
from reality that is caused by cannabis. so the drug itself becomes the
only access to spirituality. the drug itself becomes
the religion. pot is absolutely an addictive
substance, we need to change our criteria
of what is addictive. what it means to be addicted is to be powerlessly
dependent on something else to induce a feeling state within you. if you think that pot is necessary for you
to achieve a certain level of awareness or a certain level of
feeling good you then are absolutely addicted to pot. and become addicted to cannabis is
too short cut your own expansion. stress and resistance
exist for a reason to teach you about yourself and to feel you
in the direction of your own expansion. when you feel resistance creeping
up in your consciousness, there is always an aspect of yourself
that needs to be examined and shifted. and there is always something that is
being desired. if you escape from that feeling
by using cannabis. you will forego the opportunity to examine
and shift the root of that resistance. and when the effect of
the drug wears off, you are right back to where you were having
improved nothing long term. in this way cannabis prevents
learning. also, with a decrease of resistance you will see
a decrease of desire simultaneously. and when you decrease your
level of desire. the physical reaction to that decrease in desire is
a decrease in dopamine levels in your brain. dopamine is responsible for
your motivation response. this means, that when the dopamine
level decrease in your brain. is a response to the reduction in your desire level
as a response to the marijuana or pot. you are in essence making
yourself a pathetic. you cannot have intense levels of motivation
with the presence of cannabis in your system. it’s also why wouldn’t support the use
of any recreational drugs of any kind. I’d rather help somebody change
the conditions in their life. that are making them want to escape
their life with drug use. then enable somebody to escape their
life by using some kind of a drug. that being said, we create
our own reality and when people are in chronic pain or
when people are chronic warriors, an interesting thing happens. certain kinds of pain and worry inhibit
focus and especially positive focus to such a degree that a
person cannot learn and cannot get out of the downward
spiral of negative reality creation. if a person is incapacitated
by resistance which is the case when chronic illnesses
has cause chronic pain to occur. when someone is a chronic
worrier, cannabis may in fact be the very best
tool that a person can use. to enable themselves to release enough resistance
to come back into alignment. when this is the case, a person’s vibration is so low that the cannabis is able to help a person
distract themselves long enough. to release enough resistance to be able to face and explore their own resistance
and therefore shift that resistance. but cannabis should never be treated
as a long-term solution to resistance. we need to find the root
of our resistance and pull up that route if we want a long-term
solution to resistance. as many of you know the legalization of pot
is a big issue in today’s society. some people see pot as
a gateway drug. which is going to put our youth
at risk of course. we’re using even harder drugs. other people don’t believe in condoning
any kind of drug. recreational or otherwise and see the legalization as
ask condoning the use of those drugs. I’ve been asked again and again to present
my opinion on the legalization of pot. so in today’s video I’m going
to let you win on my opinion. in my opinion making something
illegal. fuels the use of that substance much
more than making it legal does. the reason is humans are not addicted to substance
as much as they are addicted to freedom. if you make something illegal then a person now has the opportunity
to exercise their free will. when we are breaking rules we have the
opportunity to feel more free and that becomes its own
kind of addiction. besides prohibition
never did anything to restrict the use or sale
of illegal substances. it simply makes the trade more life-threatening
for both sellers and users. also in my opinion, the government has no right
to tell people what’s right versus wrong. when they have demonstrated
again and again they’re over inability to decide what
is right versus wrong. which is evident by the fact that they think
that it’s appropriate to go to war. in my opinion, people can and should be trusted
to do what is right for themselves personally. rather than be told what is right
by an external organization. as a side note too that. i would hope that our government has
better things to do with its time. than to prosecute people
for trying to find relief. which is exactly what people are trying to
do when they are taking any kind of drug. legalizing marijuana would also reduce
the amount of smuggling which we experienced in this country. if we reduce smuggling then we’re reducing the amount
of american dollars that are going towards fueling, criminal,
international markets. even though it is a major money making business
to find people for illegal drug use. in my opinion were missing a major opportunity
to make even more money by taxing pot. if we legalized and taxed pots, we may not have
to shut down so many beneficial programs due to the government’s embarrassing
financial mistakes. and lastly i believe the rules and general prohibit people
for listening to their own emotional guidance system. and because of this they prohibit people from
discovering right and wrong within themselves. and because of this they disallow people from
experiencing an organic sense of morality. it is a sad day when an external government
replaces internal self governing. cannabis should be seen as what it is. it is a tool. it is a tool that is in no way necessary for your
spiritual expansion and for spiritual awareness. it is a tool that can enhance your spiritual
awareness and spiritual practice. but it should no way be replacement
for the organic experience of naturally increasing your
level of self-awareness. and organically experiencing
spirituality as a result of altering your consciousness
intentionally. and as a side note, you don’t have to ingest pot
in order to learn from its beneficial teachings. after all you don’t have to smoke
weeds to learn for me. do you? have a good week! [subtitles using] Subtitles by the community


  1. I'm addicted to pot. There is too much tension in my body to deal with sober. When I'm not on pot it's hard for me to talk or look at anybody. It started 3 years ago when my marriage started to go down the drain.

    It's true that it has affected my motivation, but maybe that's a good thing. I'm still always doing too much. How do I learn what I need to learn to reduce my pot use. I'm now using 3 grams a day, what isn't that much, but still enough to be high all the time when I'm off duty. I'd rather be down to half a gram a week.

    It's also true that I like it, because it makes me feel free to do what I want even though the government doesn't want me to do it.

  2. John 4:24 – God [is] a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship [him] in spirit and in truth.

  3. I agree, using pot constantly or dependently in spirituality can inhibit one's progress. Learning how to progress down one's own spiritual path is something one should do without dependence on other substances or entities, even though these examples are excellent for guidance. Also, I think you made some of the best points for legalizing pot I've ever heard.

  4. I agree completely your awesome the way you put things in a balanced way even on things I can sence you may lean a certain way thanks for the advice

  5. Cannabis needs to be decriminalised not legalised!!! Because I smoke cannabis I am by law a criminal!!! No arresting me at the weekends pissed out of my head drinking alcohol but I can be simply arrested for possession.
    Come to think of it, maybe 'Law' should be decriminalised?

  6. I know everybody is talking about smoking weed but doesn't anybody see how beautiful this woman is oh and not to mention her voice

  7. Great video. So glad you were able to state the fact that it is addictive. Because it most certainly can be. Many claim "ohhh I'm not addicted" but can't go a day or 2 without it. Or they claim "it's my medicine, it helps me heal" sure it can help with pain and certain things but I think many people use thatbas an an excuse to use it constantly and then their life, true potential and motivation suffer greatly for it. RX meds shouldn't be used for life (if one can help it) and should be a temporary aid to help one cope and lift them up to better health. Constant use and abuse of medications is not healthy, why wouldn't it be the same with more natural "medicines" like weed? A lot of folks out there have no self control and need to stop lying to themselves.. EVERYTHING in moderation!

  8. It is mesmerizing the amount of information that flows out of this woman. I never tire of her videos. Every one is a non stop stream of thought provoking information

  9. I have always wondered why pot relaxes and makes so many people feel calm and it has always made me paranoid and feel terrible. I’ve never understood that until now. Thought I was crazy😆. Thanks, Teal.

  10. agree with your words. it is a tool for a journey of the unseen. it is a stepping stone. since learning Reiki my want has been reduced. My time now is to understand the existence and effect of reality. To embrace reality is also another journey.

  11. perfectly said miss teal : ) thank you for your all your videos and your great words of Wisdom… You are brilliant just like the Goddess Athena herself : )

  12. Cannabis can intensify any thought, feeling, sub-consciousness, sense, belief or emotion. That can be both good and dangerous.

  13. I'm not convinced about the high vibration part. I've known many ppl. That I don't believe for a minute, are of a higher vibration, but get paranoid and other undesirable effects. So that kinda sinks that idea.

  14. Many ppl. Need it as a medication, daily. I think over the choice we have at this time, if cannabis works, it's a far better thing to use than most alternatives out there. It's a biological substance that our body has evolved with. Every cell has a receptor for its active ingredients. If that's not a pro cannabis "tell -tale " promo…. in the near future well understand the how and why much better. Sure it's a tool for our bodies, but maybe no different than vegetables or water is a tool, and needed in a balanced amount for good health. Noone says hey…"your addicted to water it looks like "…..

  15. How odd to come across your video, working on putting a stop to it. Helps me stay grounded and focused while studying though.

  16. The majority of my personal and spiritual revelations, and even the most powerful ones, where not when I was high. Also when I use herbs i use a large variety mixed together. For me pot is what I love when I want to do things, if i want to do are or shape some metal, weed just increases that and helps my creativity flow and to focus. But spiritually I've found i prefer not to be high. Then again I've found I dont use pot to get over negative feelings. On contrary if I have doubts, fears, ect. Facing them sober and with my own personal spiritual view point does what pot can not.

  17. Thanks. I believe it’s medicine that shouldn’t be used just for fun. It needs to be respected! I agree everyone is different and has their own needs it can help with. It’s not evil!

  18. Did you get my Dragonfly,.My Love!
    Do you know what it can't trust) All plants, like Mandrake. Ho has the power To do Both!

  19. Cannabis helped me increase self awareness but now it has become a bit of a problem, days without it become increasingly difficult

  20. Should do one on weed and psychosis ,pschizophina and mental illness young mind don’t realise this is what can happen to them !

  21. Wooow! @Teal Swan you are an amazing being! 🙏 Your explanations and points of view were explained so fluently so I could understand it very much so. I appreciate you and your endeavours @Teal Swan! Thank you! 🙏💙🌿

  22. damn Teal, is there anything you cant explain with the precision of a thousand hyperintelligent and aware minds? so good!!

  23. Weed? Spirituality? lol
    With consciousness work I'm all for DMT and psilocybin, I would much rather have humanity on magic mushrooms/truffles every weekend than alcohol as our recreational "break" from the western mechanical world, but I personally don't feel weed is the answer for contemplation, consciousness exploration and synchronizing mind-body-spirit.

    Most people I know who smoke weed are lazy hippies that moralize the government and all that, and talk about connection and love, but don't actually get anything done. People I know who are into deeper psychedelics however, are deeply passionate about their life-purpose, creativity and the absurdity of existence itself

  24. I ❤ you. I think you are one of the most intelligent people I have ever listened to in my entire life. I say this having had nothing other than a ciggarette by the way.

  25. The Creator gave us all to be consumed and to be used. It is up to us as to how. “Everything in moderation.”


  27. Now, this is maybe THE most exact conscious describing of what cannabis is and should be. Thank you for this insight!

  28. I have to use it. I want to stop for spiritual reasons. And your right, but so many of us cannot escape our current situations and the only way to function at certain points at a stable level. And that is because of our leaders and their corruption.

  29. I’m glad I found your channel. It made a lot of sense when you said that when your vibration is lower than the plant you feel relaxed, where as your vibration is higher you feel paranoid. I’ve noticed this as well since I used to be an occasional smoker but as I began to grow more into the habit I noticed when I was anxious/tense it helped me, but if I got high anyways just out of habit even when I wasn’t anxious it makes me a bit paranoid. I’ve learned some insightful things with cannabis and it definitely has been my teacher and shown me the beauty of presence in many different ways and also made me able to look at things butdifferent perspectives. I’ve had many realizations while stoned, but I need to start practicing mindfulness while sober. It will be hard considering my anxiety was so bad at some points but I know I need to keep expanding

  30. I escape into cannabis by myself every nite & have been releasing deep emotions from 60 years ago…I call that opening door to further growth, whether spiritual or emotional. This has allowed me to feel closer to my siblings (4 still alive) & people in general. I used no “mood altering drugs” for 40 years of my life doing 12 Step work for 25. Buried emotions from so many traumas (as TS brings out in other videos) were very difficult to release for me as they started at age 2 & sudden death of mother. Cancer pulled me into world of cannabis & I thought this “wake up call” was all about getting sucked into environment & all the negativity of world as well as my people pleasing life style I took on to meet Mr. Right. My only issue is it is not legal here & my SO has never used it – his “drug of choice” being alcohol…so every so often I feel alienated from him – but that is of my own making. Great video & comments are just what I needed to see that others are also growing from its use. Sure it is not for everyone. I feel for all who have lost there life being locked up & demonized by those who only serve to use / abuse the citizenry- cannabis being only one of many avenues.

  31. Anyone else hear the amusement in hear voice at 2:50 when she said… 'it inhibits the brain from functioning at normal capacity' LOL i love hearing people smile! 😀

  32. Pain is a symptinon of resistance ? No, no,no that is one reason. Pain exists out of many reasons.. — Spirituality is not religion– I can't belive how much bs she is talking, while she also is saying a lot of pretty accurate things.. Weird..

  33. I started watching your videos as of recently and I just want to say I love your intellect and the way you explain things. You put your words together so perfectly and precisely. You are a blessing to this world. Thank you so much for your content. I am definitely a life-long fan! Take care, namaste. 🙏🏼😊

  34. ''In my opinion the government has no right to tell people what's right vs. wrong when they have demonstrated over and over again their inability to decide what's right vs. wrong which is evident by the fact that they think it's appropriate to go to war''

  35. 420 ok 7x 15x 4= 420 or GxOxD= 420 420 + 42= 462 try 462 Hz on your stringed instruments feel the difference wish

  36. Actually my levels of motivation increases when cannabis is in my system. That part about dopamine I disagree, but again everyone is different and it affects everyone differently.

  37. Should be re-examined. Street weed is different from store bought weed that is cultivated with science. I believe a continuous dosing of a light CBD/THC oil is therapeutic in nature.

  38. Ive been spiritually enlightened going on ten years, the latter five years of those ten have been with marijuana. Smoking weed has only enhanced my spiritual side.

  39. Great points and said in such of an intelligent fact-using non-judgmental way. I love the way you present the good and bad about the plant.
    For years I have been saying the same thing but I lacked the education referring to the brain chemistry reactions taking place with pot usage.
    I was raised learning about herbs. As an adult I wanted to learn more and got books and sought out experienced herb users. With the help of all that I learned to identify and safely use more and more wild foods and madicinal wild plants. My daughter and I forage for the plants we want and need and take them home and preserve them in a variety of ways.
    Anyways, I view pot as just another madicinal herb that should be used only when needed and not over used and not misused. The misuse of any plant can be dangerous even the well known commonly used plants like rhubarb for example. The over use of rhubarb is gonna send a person running to the bathroom.
    Pot is a great powerful madicinal herb that requires respect with usage.
    I am noticing that more people are starting to break free from the brainwashing that most of us grew up with that said that a God made plant, pot, was bad but man made liver and kidney killing pills were ok.
    Pot was used as a madicional plant for 1000s of years and was legal and ok until money came onto the scene. Then it got made out to be a horrible drug.
    I know you already know all that though.
    Keep up the great work.

  40. Fun fact > Your soul goes out of your body when you are high. Its only for few millimeters tho, but it depends on how much you smoke and how much you actually get high. I was once high as kite and I could feel my soul out of my body for about 5 centimeters, its a hot,chilly sensation. When I told my friends about it they were like "no way bro" and then I put my hand close to their torso so I didnt touch their body,but they felt me touching them and felt same hot chilly sensation. Same goes for arms, you can feel your soul going out as you are higher and higher. I want to do some tests and experiment with this in my mind but I'd preffer to get high and relax.

  41. Weed raises my vibe. It helps me open my third eye and weed helped me in my spiritual awakening. Unfortunately I cannot seem to feel high vibrations without it. She talked about it how it can become an addiction. Basically true that I’m addicted to pot.

  42. Where is your evidence that “ Pot Absolutely is an addictive substance” addiction is an effect that can actually be proven scientifically the body will go through verifiable withdrawals. Unless you are the one and only human that happened to then that is an untrue statement

  43. My life has improved significantly since I began ingesting cannsbis. It is obviously not a vibrational match for this chic.

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