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we brave mykayla again I just wanted to tell you how my cannabis makes me feel it makes me feel tired like rest I’m tired it makes me have the Munchie Munchie [Music] that’s an easy day to remember Friday the 13th 2012 was the day we got told she had a mass in her chest her oncologist came has said the chemotherapy wasn’t doing what it was supposed to they were going to recommend us to start considering full-body radiation and a bone marrow transplant we knew that wasn’t necessary we knew that what we were going to do would be right so that day we gave her her first dose of cannabis oil six days later it was in full remission medical marijuana is legal in 20 states and DC but there are still legal use cases that are very controversial like medical marijuana for kids some claim it’s a wonder drug for epilepsy severe autism and to quell the harsh side effects of chemotherapy others decry the long-term effects of pumping weed into still growing bodies we headed to the small town of Pendleton Oregon a state where medical marijuana is legal to visit mykayla Comstock an 8 year old who takes massive doses of concentrated THC to treat her leukemia her family believes in cannabis as a curative effect that pot can literally shrink tumors [Music] michaela is about to take the THC equivalent of a third of an ounce of the highest grade medical marijuana roughly ten bong hits she does this twice a day a lot of people complain about it when they get too high to my psychoactivity of it is very extreme compared to just smoking a joint one pound will yield between 45 to 80 grams depending on your process and how often you take these every day energized so I take this and I’ll fill up one side of the capsule the flavor [Music] in the conversation around medical marijuana for children dosing is a major issue how much is too much Michaela’s treatment is about delivering the most amount of THC that she can tolerate psychoactive properties and all this is like the medicine basket saturation is key in treating cancer you have receptors on every cell and organ in your body the more cannabinoids you can intake more effective and the treatment would be and it protects the nerves from the damage caused by the chemotherapy cocoa butter lotion it’s a cannabis infused essential oil blend that rolls right on so just like a tiger bone you know you drop it right on your tongue yeah every now and again Mikayla likes to have meta bulls or infused goodies or candies and she’ll eat these things on top of her oil that’s when she gets the more noticeable psychoactive effect Mikayla loves to eat these in the absence of any formalized production the THC oil that Michaela takes is made at Stoney girl farms in a DIY garage operation there are a lot of people who including the federal government who don’t feel that children should have cannabis but we feel that it’s more important to save the child’s life than be concerned about the child having THC in their system can you guys take us through the process of making absolutely this is our processing area trimmings from all of this process as you see us going into here is actually what we’re going to be making the oil out of so we’ll start by taking this and we’ll put it into our food processor and we’ll just quickly grind it up fire hazard is a very big problem with this make sure to do this outside don’t do it in your kitchen we’re gonna put one pound of material in this pot and then we’re going to add to that two half gallons of 190 proof alcohol so that’s a really intense color huh it’s a very very intense color in fact there’s there’s many many colors in that when we start to pour it out you’ll see that there’s lots of reds and purples and blues in it as well it’s really quite colorful watch the color of this as I pour it it should be a real reddish color now we’re gonna take this mixture of alcohol and oil and we’re gonna go ahead and pour it right directly into our fryer daddy look at all those red colors in the center of that what we’re going to do is evaporate these alcohol fumes we don’t want to meet the fire department [Music] guess what that time is now we don’t want any alcohol around left for the patients as you can see it’s quite thick so if you touch it – you’re telling us still a job does this job get me high very well Ken okay in addition to cannabis Makayla takes traditional cancer meds – how do you think the cannabis helps well the canvas is made of so Makayla really has minimal symptoms she was very very very ill and in a lot of pain she didn’t want to keep very thin the very first dose of cannabis we gave her she instantly said she was hungry and she smiled and she was happy we get our baby back she plays now and she’s a child again as much as Mikayla’s folks prized the palliative effects of cannabis it’s the drugs supposed curative power that makes them such as zealous advocates in conversations with Brandon he often uses a word apoptosis how exactly does THC allegedly shrink tumors THC attaches to cannabinoid receptors in our bodies and translocates bad mitochondria cancer cells to produce RNA that disintegrates the walls of the endoplasmic reticulum peer-reviewed medical studies have backed up this claim but only to a degree there is no control when it comes to this word called cancer the only thing we did have control over was saying no to radiation therapy and yes to giving her cannabis Michaela’s becomes something of a celebrity in the weed world inspiring other parents to give their sick kids cannabis including their babies Abel’s first medicine that was introduced to him when we started treating him cannabis oil infused into organic agave nectar [Music] [Music] he had stage 3 Wilms tumor he didn’t want to eat he didn’t want to play he just kind of laid around all day then you introduce the cannabis yeah and that day he made like a huge turn he started eating and playing and it was completely different at this point we should mention that the medical community at large doesn’t think that pot can cure cancer and furthermore that giving weed to kids presents more risk than therapeutic reward Michaela’s oncologist refused to comment on the story and never gave her a prescription for medical marijuana the dispensary in Portland wrote the prescription which is perfectly legal brandon has a dispensary card that allows him to be the delivering agent of medical marijuana the way things work in Oregon is that each patient that is prescribed marijuana even a child is allowed a caregiver and a grower to grow six plants brandon is able and Mikayla’s caregiver when Mikayla first began her cannabis treatment she moved into Frankie’s home clinic we visited his garage grow room and found another layer in the community of believers in the healing power of weed you can kind of consider it like a alternative medicine hospital well well we have had a couple yes doesn’t necessarily work for everybody sometimes we get people to late in different cancers different diseases respond differently and you know they won’t let us do much science on it so at this point in time it is really uh if you’re part of the poner grassroots movement you know we moved here from the state of Alabama to grow medical cannabis I had a dream of cannabis curing cancer and many diseases I woke up in the middle of the night googled found a movie called run from the Cure I found the information to be compelling I ran in and woke my wife up and probably some sound it looked like some kind of maniac and told her that cannabis cured cancer and we started researching and we researched literally for months because it just sounds so preposterous the condition against this plan it’s been so thorough for so long that to say that campus has any medicinal benefits much less the ability to heal disease sounds to people like you have totally gone off your rocker I guess it took a some researching to convince me that you know actually that there was a possibility that it did cure cancer which was very profound and then Mikayla came along witnessing Mikayla go through what she went through and seeing how well she did only further convinced us take a look at what other kids look like who were going through similar treatments I think the evidence is overwhelming she’s the healthiest child on chemotherapy yeah she’s a bundle of energy every day all day long it’s not because if you came out therapy I do think it will be proven you know we’re not legal federally we’re just gonna continue to try to do what we feel is the right thing and hope that the federal government will allow us to do so all right so we’re gonna read if a peacock finds a pot leaf the for Rasta pigs they were known as men marijuana patients but Peter didn’t actually know why they needed it so he decided to stop by and asked he knocked on the door who’s there Mon one of the pigs called from behind the door hello I’m Peter the peacock from next door they quickly opened the door and snatched Peter and the kid Rasta he’s got a bong what can we do for you Mon the for Rasta pigs said in unison well actually I was just wondering why you need medical marijuana the for Rasta pigs took turns telling Peter of how they’d been losing sleep ever since the wolf moved in down the street Oh eventually they went to a doctor and found out they had insomnia their doctor recommended medical marijuana because it was natural and wouldn’t harm their bodies but it would help them sleep Peter gets his medical marijuana license tries it and finally he feels so much better with a smile on his face he fans out his colourful wings and he is happy again thanks to medical marijuana Kevin Sabet is the director of the institute on drug policy at the University of Florida and a former Obama administration drug policy advisor hey Kevin it’s Krishna from vice so what is your general position then towards medical marijuana my position is that marijuana definitely has medical value but we don’t need to smoke vaporize or eat it to get that value of medical marijuana as it currently stands as a joke joke you know we don’t smoke opium to get the effects of morphine it needs to be separated just like a hundred years ago when we separated opium from its recreational and medicinal properties it’s something that we definitely need to pursue frankly with more vigor than we’ve pursued in the past why do you think that hasn’t happened yet on the federal level because it should be lab scientists pharmacists and doctors and in certified laboratories as opposed to guys mixing a mixture in their backyard and growing something in their basement don’t use it as a cover for legalization and make it truly legitimately medicine but for Micaela’s family weed is already a legitimate course of treatment and then this is your dream journal big dream and I’m stuck so what is this dream about Lyme chocolate and strawberry rainbow sherbert no no what did that feel like ticklish blueberry new beer and bubblegum big day we’re all getting ready for something do you know what that something was the big tree it snapped and broken fell all the way into the river and to the river splash [Music] [Music] it’s hard to imagine what it’s like to have your kid diagnosed with cancer but it’s clear that Makayla and her folks are empowered by what they believe to be marijuana’s positive effects they like other proponents we met have donned the robes of the converted with evangelical zeal whether read might in fact be the cancer drug of the future remains to be seen [Music]


  1. I hope they know how offensive they are being by letting a girl play a didgeridoo… it’s very insensitive to the aboriginal and Torres Strait islander culture 😕

  2. I have a feeling he has watched Rick Simpson's Run From the Cure documentary. He is doing the right thing.

  3. This is by far the most positive influential documentary that we need about medical marijuana. In my opinion of course..

  4. Why not give opium to kids, we already give out pills like candy. *sarcasm for those of you that can't tell I'm joking.

  5. Even if this child is seven years old, it looks like they're inhibiting her prefrontal cortex from developing properly leaving her in the mindset of a five year old.

  6. There literally is no negative effect to marijuana. As long as you eat the right foods and don’t drive baked you are hurting no one, healing yourself mentally and physically. I will never understand why people look down upon it. Weed needs to decriminalize and celebrated. Even if you don’t smoke how or use CBD how can you dislike what it does for so many people??? I don’t even smoke anymore only because it’s hard to find a job without stressing and being dishonest with tests. I don’t understand why people feel the need to keep down something so good for everyone. We have a long way to go


  8. Bless her and may she live a healthy prosperous life. I bet watching cartoons are on another level for her…

  9. Don't you think that: the use of “THC” (which – is a very dangerous sub-stance: due to a high psycho-activity) – wasn't necessary, – but: the care-givers (possibly) referred to an “old” publication: of 1998 (made in Spain: by Cristina Sanchez), – when “CBD” (a non–psycho-active sub-stance, from cannabis: with a healing potential) wasn't studied enough? … The main difference (between “CBD” & “THC”) – is in their physical structure (and [as isomers] – they have a same set [by number & type] of atoms, in molecules). Also:
    1. On “Wikipedia” – the following is said (about “CBD”): «Under acidic conditions it cyclizes to “THC”, which also occurs during pyrolysis (smoking)». So: if it isn't stored well (or – is being smoked), – it can lose its medical benefits: becoming psycho-active (and – [maybe] neuro-toxic);
    2. The insects – avoid “THC”; so: shouldn't we, too?

  10. Some kid – "cancer is bad"
    Other kid – "weed is bad"
    Stoner – "how can I get weed?"
    Me – gets cancer from the sun so I can get weed

  11. She looks like a boy………
    And acts like a boy
    Sounds like one too………
    Maybe it because she high

  12. there arent any english subtitles but theres french subtitles thank god i'm fluent in french


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  14. way 😡 these kids may suffer personality disorders,be mentally unstable! ..possibly become psychotic! ..and society may have to deal with it 🤔

  15. Even if the cannabis doesn't work it makes you happy and being happy means dopamine is being released to the brain, dopamine fights cancer, so yeah… it works either way.

  16. I have generalize controlled epelepsy an when i used to smoke thc oil , or wax or, rosin it would increase my seizures throughout the day i would have 3 seizures , it's not "SAFE" THE only thing i can smoke is marijuana no alcohol no rosin or anything, but everyone reacts to it different i have no electricity flowing in the left side of my brain.. Thc is more of a risk then flower..

  17. The oil is black because of the plant matter in it..The alcohol will break down the chlorophyll if in contact with the material for too long and in turn the oil turns black..If you want to extract this way it must be a quick wash method.

  18. I have a toddler with Spastic Cerebral Palsy. Her muscle stiffness is the main issue now. Her sleep and mood can be affected at times. The doctors tell me she needs to be taking her muscle relaxer Baclofen. I do not want to keep giving her so much of it for obvious reasons. The CBD around Texas is not the best and I want some THC combined with a dosage of CBD. It has to be in oil form. Since medical marijuana is only legal for Epilepsy patients my daughter does not qualify for the FDA approved THC drug. I want to drive to a state where it is legal so I can purchase quality CBD/THC. However, I don't know how I will get since I dont have a medical marijuana card and I would be a out of towner. I continue to look for quality CBD in Texas until I can get my hands on quality product for my daughter. It is so hard watching my toddler in pain from her CP. If you know any despenceray or doctor that could help, please send me information. I would be grateful forever.

  19. i have no issue with marijuana but for kids they should only use CBD i dont see why she has to use THC especially because it can stunt brain development in some cases

  20. Imagine if med weeed wasnt legal in that state and one dad the dad is sneeking weed from another state and the police catch him in a police car chase thinking he is a PLUG #amSOfuckinHigh

  21. marijuana is a sacred plant, demonized by the system because it brings man closer to the I and perhaps to GOD

  22. Wow!! This is AMAZING. My dad had kidney and throat an had 6 months to live then he did 15 of 35 chemotherapy treatments and when he went back the doctors dropped their jaws in shock sayin in all the years of practice they had never seen anytging like it an he smokes ALOT so did my Aunt with breast cancer when she got so bad her hair come out an she was VERY sick now she still lives in Cali and still smokes an is cancer free as well. I've smoke since I was 13 an will till I die.

  23. Anybody who would rather see a child slowly die away than give them marijuana is sick. I live in California where we grow half of the nation's weed. More and more people are finding that the marijuana receptors are ancient and part of our fundamental DNA. People have been using cannabis for hundreds of thousands of years all over the globe.

  24. I tried a hemp-infused drink yesterday and I was somewhat stoned because I felt really happy but tired at the same time and I plan on using it for my healing which I’m recovering from narcissistic abuse and to handle my problems.

  25. Damn now I'm glad I smoke weed bc I ain't know that shit can help u know it sucks havin cancer I would know

  26. She have to be the happiest girl in the world a gift from God that actually heals you everyday 420 God bless her

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