Marist Physician Assistant Program: vlog of a day in the life

I have to admit, I love PA school. I really do.
It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but it’s so rewarding. PA school just
proves that you are capable of so much more than you really think that you can
accomplish. It’s just like every day I feel like we get through it’s just like
a mini reward. So, you get through one day you’re like ‘okay I can probably get
through the next day.’ (upbeat music) Well… here goes nothing. So I just left school. I got out 3:30.
Another day down didactic year. It was a blessing for me to have really good time
management skills coming into PA school, because it has been essential. So even now
as I’m walking home I’m kind of going in my head like ‘okay what do I want to get
accomplished tonight?’ I have a behavioral health quiz tomorrow morning. So my grandma never text me, but she decided to text me today. And she goes “Hi. How’s the
pre-med going? It’s beautiful down here in Florida.” Like some people just don’t
understand the PA thing but at this point I’m like “It’s great grandma!” What are you gonna do? I’m so glad I got through that quiz. I also am glad that
that means that watching the first half of the bachelor finale was not a total
bad decision last night. So win-win situation for me. Just got through
emergency med lecture and I have a break until about quarter
to three which is usually when we have clin med lecture. Off to do glutes and
hammies today. Our teachers give us these assignments
this semester. Since our third semester didactic, they are expecting obviously
for us to be able to integrate all the material that we’ve learned into these
cases. So my teacher assigned this yesterday. But a SOAP note generally what
the idea is, is it describes the patient presenting today at the clinic. What
their chief complaint is and it lists their main concern with this, their past
medical history, their medications, physical exam findings, and what else.
Whatever was here. So they give it to us and they’re like ‘okay here you go.
What are your differentials? What are you going to do for this patient? What other
labs are you gonna do?’ And that’s gonna be a fun assignment to do tonight before I watch the second part of the bachelor finale. We’re doing splinting in Emergency
Lab tomorrow, and I’m really hyped about it. We’re actually gonna have a
orthopedist I think it’s an orthopedic surgeon
actually he’s gonna come in at 8:00 and do a lecture for us, and that’ll replace
our normal emergency med lecture that we have on Thursday mornings. And then I
have a break get to go back at 2:30 and we’re gonna practice splinting on each
other. So, I’m gonna get this taken care of. Take some notes. Go to bed. Do it all
over again. (recorded lecture in background) Now that is a very bad day. Well guys, I am so pleased to tell you
that I made it through this week and I’m officially on spring break.
I’m so happy. I have this huge lovely like ten inch packet of papers that I
have to fill out for all the clinical sites that I could possibly go to. Also
have to go to a doctor’s appointment. I’ve a dentist appointment today, have another
doctor’s appointment for clinicals, a third doctor’s appointment for clinical
clearance. I finished my ethics paper that is due
Monday I get back. Rounds presentations about our surgery week that
I’m presenting at 8 a.m. the day that we get back from break. I have to study for
a clin med exam when we get back from break. I have to make my five hundred
quizlet long thing, whatever you call it, for that said clin med exam. I… What else do I have to do? In all serious though, if you guys have any questions please let me know in the
comments. Take care good luck with your adventures to PA school and beyond. Bye.

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  1. Haha, love this mash up! Anyone can DM me with any questions or comments right on my channel page! Good luck to everyone in their PA school endeavors 🙂

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