Mark Hannaford, founder of World Extreme Medicine, discusses the MSc Extreme Medicine

my name is Marc Hannaford and I'm the founder of world extreme medicine my background is in is in expeditions and the military and we I employed a lot of doctors to help me on expeditions and and realize we realized as a group that actually sitting around a campfire maybe that wouldn't setting up a training course be a great idea for doctors preparing themselves to work an expedition sudden onset disasters are much more I don't know whether they're more frequent or that but they're sunny and the news more often with we're a bowler with the Philippines tidal waves of earthquakes left right and center and sadly the sort of recent sort of terrorism activity so you know the need for the type of medicine that's coalescing around extreme medicine is becoming more and more almost daily need it's a I think a an academic program that's almost like no other in some matches there is a clinical side of it there's the academic rigor but there's also these remarkable classrooms that we operate in in the jungle in the polar and in the mountain Obama's

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