Married To Medicine: Dr. Simone & Quad Webb-Lunceford Leave In Tears (Season 6, Episode 3) | Bravo

Everybody’s busy. Several of us have
problems in our marriage, and we still make time
for the people in our lives who are
important to us. This little girl thinks she is
better than you, me, her, everybody. And I’m tired, I can’t
do it with her. I can’t do it. – That was your friend, and you
basically said “Whatever.” – She said “Whatever.” – That’s what
I heard. – She said she was done
with me and I said “Okay.” – I think Quad is just
pushing everybody away ’cause she doesn’t
want to be vulnerable and say she
needs them. But this is the time she needs
everyone the most. – What’s happening here? – Quad, I don’t know. – I’m coming in, happy
to be seen and happy to have fellowship
with you guys. And this is what’s been going
on behind my back? – You make them feel like
you’re not their real friend. This is what they say. – They make me feel like
they re not my real friends. I’m dealing with a lot of
things right now and still trying to hold on to
my happiness, Heavenly. It’s hard. – Whatever you’re going
through, you locked us out. And people feeling some
kind of way about it. – I’m not locking
y’all out. This is not sisterly,
this whole thing , it’s not. – Quad. We’re not sisterly? – This is not sisterly
at all. – You have not reached
out to us. – Toya, let me tell you
I haven’t got a text– I haven’t gotten a scripture
from you at all talking to me. You knew what was
revealed. – Me and a friend of
mine, we met these two girls and we went
back to a hotel. – Because Quad, I don’t
know where you are in your marriage,
you have not shared it. – I am not doing well. Well listen to me now,
I am not doing well. – But guess what? Quad, don’t cry.
don’t cry. [crying] – The bitch hurt, y all. – I got to go. – This is not– we’re
not ejecting anyone from this
group. – Quad. – Don’t do that. You invited her to
your house. Can you go talk to
your girl? – Yeah, I been trying
to talk to her. Quad. I ain’t your enemy,
I’ve been talking for you the whole —-ing
time. – I tried. I don’t know how to explain
it to her anymore. When it comes to Quad,
it’s easier for her to start crying and
run away. As opposed to actually
sitting here and talking with her friends about
her issues with us. – I’m not better than
nobody. But I am a
good person. – You are,
yes you are. And don’t you ever let
nobody try tell you that as
a woman. Don’t nobody ever tell you
that as a woman. That is some bullsh–. – This ain’t cool. – Anyone– no that s
not cool. – That’s ain’t cool. – I cannot believe that
everyone is attacking Quad
this way. we’re like stoning this
girl, and it’s just horrible. This is not what friends
should doing. – You ain’t got
to leave. – No big deal. – This is my house. – This is her house. – This ain’t nothing but
a conversation. – Let me tell you
something. A conversation would be great
if I was sitting amongst women who wanted to
have a conversation. These were people
who had already made up their mind. And regardless of
whatever I’m going through, it don’t matter what
Quad is going through. So what her husband
was in hotel with a chick? So what if this marriage has
been rough for her? Who cares? that’s what
Quad deserves. And she’s still better
be there for us. – Sharing with your
friends has purpose. – I don’t understand
why people going through so much stuff, they
talking about we’re friends. But they don’t share with
their friends. I’m —-ing confused!


  1. They are fake asf lol. All of them. They arent friends theyre just distractions from their own unhappiness at home. She doesn't wanna talk to you about her shit, And? Go pray for her or something 🙄 like im praying for half of their wigs to get it together by the next season.

  2. Quad, just getting the same reaction she did to other, it's all about Quad!!!!!! All other had to deal with their husband cheating Quad, I personally think she's fake!!!!!! All of a sudden quad is talking about sending me scripture….I've never hear one bible scripture for you in this show…..

  3. As an adult noone is responsible for your feelings and it it up to you to let people know what’s going on with you and let them in. It’s a 2 way street and you can’t know something if someone won’t let you in.

  4. Quad is being paid to share her life on a reality show! So, why act as if what these ladies are asking her to do is something completely foreign? Each of them ( except Heavenly) have shared things on the show that I'm sure they would have loved to have handle why does Quad ( who's still cashing Bravo checks) feel that the rules don't apply to her or that what she's dealing with is some exception?! I get the anger Simone has, it's not cool when everyone has agreed to do something yet when it's on you, you're side stepping..

  5. Please let this be Quad's last season! She's not putting in the work the other ladies have signed on to do! She does feel she's better than them! It's ok for her to exploit their issues but now she needs privacy?! Quad do us all a favor and leave! I rather see Dr.G out dating than your over dramatization of everyday life!

  6. Dang Simone! Quad is going thru some hard personal issues! I think it's fine Quad has been distant from them. If she did come around they just gonna b fake and talk about her behind her back!

  7. please stop people pray for her. we can't jugede her let God do his work. this women needs help. don't no one knows what happened behind closed doors.

  8. I think 🤔 the show put this type of scenario in to show is more drama with the ladies.
    Everyone of the ladies had Dr. Jackie’s back when she was dealing with this issue. Since the senes mimic the senes of last season as they did with Dr. Jackie. This is their way of flipping it so you won’t see the same things giving a different scenario to Keep the show interesting and drama filled . I feel that’s why they’re showing her at the other network etc… Just my personal thoughts 💭 on this.

  9. I know going through a divorce is very difficult to talk about and if y’all are her friends please give her time and space to breathe she will share her story when she’s ready to talk about it

  10. Some of this ladies just don't understand that some people handle real problem differently, not only that why would I sit right next to mariha, not going to happen

  11. I distanced myself when I was going through. I thank GOD for my true friend who understood and welcomed me with open arms when I was ready. I remember one close friend who got selfish just like these women and we are not friends anymore. Pain brings REVELATION!

  12. You do not have a right to someone's situation or details. Send love, send encouragement, say I'm here. I love you. Wtf do they need a great disclosure

  13. I'm hurt for Quad because regardless of how they feel about her, she's still a person that has VERY REAL FEELINGS. Nobody treated Dr. Jackie like shit and she didn't want to discuss it either. Yea she may have come around but everybody not like that. When I'm going through, I don't involve a lot of people, I just deal with it by myself or confide in MAYBE 1 or 2 friends/ family members. All of them have their opinions and are very vocal about whose side they had taken in the interim prior to regrouping. I wouldn't be in their darn faces either.

  14. That episode was deep. Real friends fall back, sometime s there is nothing you can say as a friend. Just be a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen. We all get a turn. I have declared one thing in my life. I don't think anyone is better than me on earth!. I don't get it sometimes.

  15. Quad does not have to share until she's ready people deal with different things in different ways it doesn't mean that they don't love you and they made that whole situation about them instead of just meeting her where she was in the moment

  16. She share what the f#!& she wants to share thats not for you guys to regulate and GGOD friend will be there for her if and when SHE decides to do so if not…. SHUT UP ABOUT IT!!!!

  17. Everybody doesn't express themselves the same way.. that doesn't mean they're not hurting and need a little emotional support..I'm not a fan of Quads but that's bs how they ganging on her!! Simone wasn't wrong with what she said but it was the wrong TIME! Chill Simone!

  18. Oh wow so this is an issue I’m having in my life currently . My friend stopped talking to me because i wasn’t sharing my personal relationship business . I can definitely relate to this

  19. They already know what happened. It's like they need Quad to do a role play for them. As a friend when your friend is going through something you let them know you're there if and when they want to talk about it.
    His just look more like gossip girls. The way Toya is treating Contessa is totally wrong. Her father is sick, show some compassion. If Toya is hurt about what was said last season she could address Contessa privately.

  20. I'm not understanding their logic. So, Quad has to cope and share on their timetable? A true friend will give the necessary time and space that one needs to sort and figure things out and will be there when they are ready to speak. Quad clearly isn't ready or comfortable right now. Why take that personally? Let her have her time but reassure her that they'll there when she's ready, not when they want her to be ready.

  21. I think the attacking of Quad comes from a lot places that she has always thought she was better than the group and I also think its a lot build from past season where people are tried of the self centered attitude Quad shows…. and also shot they might be trying to save her job that if she doesnt film with anyone why keep her around! and another thing Jackie, Simone and Toya have all be verrrry open about their lives so why does Quad get a pass?!

  22. I love u ms.quad and you don't have to talk about your marriage I love you keep your head up things will most definitely get better

  23. No they’re fake . How are you gonna gang up on her because she hasn’t reached out . She’s going through stuff .. I had a few friends like that and I HAD to cut them off . That shit gets extremely draining when people have to know your business and start making you feel bad for NOT discussing YOUR business

  24. Real friends do not behave this way. Quad told them that is not doing well emotionally. Dr Simon is not a nice human being.

  25. Smt Quad with the fake tears!!!! She is manupulative. She set her husband up so that she could get the sympathy. Quad never loved that man she only loved what he had. She loves the sister circle crew because they encourage her in her BS

  26. Smh, with friends like that who needs strangers. It's funny they know how Quad shuts down, but don't understand their friend enuff to be considerate of her feeling.

  27. Listen I don't feel bad for Quad. She has been an instrument in the demise of some of the women and their relationship with the other women in the group. Lisa Nicole was going through some shit in her marriage with her husband, but instead of being a "sisterhood" like they claim to have, they attacked, made jokes and maligned her and her husband, and made an already terrible situation, worse, then essentially kicked her out of the group. And guess eho was front and center of that crusade…Ms. Quad. The ring leader who brought out so called "receipts" and made sure to film on camera with some messy people who claimed to know Lisa's husband, to push the narrative of Lisa's husband being gay. So I can't feel sorry for someone who can do that to another woman but expect her friend's to be welcoming and patient with her when she's going through the same thing she did to someone else.

  28. I was taught that you don’t tell your friends, family or really anyone about the intricate details of your marriage. Say whatever you want to say but we found out years after the show began that Aiden had cheated on Mariah and none of the ladies knew that so wouldn’t that mean Mariah was not their real friend either??? When I’m going through things I’m private because that’s just how I become. It’s not about being embarrassed, sometimes it’s just that when I’m around friends, that’s my time to get away from the stress and difficult situations I’m dealing with.


  30. People shouldn’t be forced to share things that they aren’t ready to share or that they don’t want to share at all.

  31. Really Heavenly!! The what is hurting? Very unprofessional, and you call yourself a Dr. Peace and blessings Ms. Quad. This too shall pass 💝

  32. Quad said since the reunion only two persons reached out to her…
    But they doing it for the show…
    Dr. Contessa and Dr. Jackie were the only ones who reached out to Quad. ..
    They not hers friends they only doing it for the show…
    Everyone is saying she should tell them what is happening in her marriage ..but they only want to be in her business. ..
    I don't blame Quads. ..

  33. Quade didnt love or like that dam man anyway…she salty af that life style about to change she talked so much shit about everyone relationships and shit happen to her in front of the world she salty af marriage is a lot of work divorce is ans and emotional tail spin and this is comeing from a divorced person but you have to keep pushing

  34. Some people don’t lean on others because they don’t want to or know how to reach out and they don’t want to feel like burdens. They live in their internal world and don’t know how to ask people to come in. If they were true friends, they would know this about her and make the effort to meet her where she is. Everyone isn’t built the same and all I see is judgment instead of understanding. They are caught up in not feeling like they know enough about her struggles but really, how much has either of them really gone he extra mile to get her to come out of herself and feel safe to let them in?

  35. Simone MIND your business and deal with your relationship and leave Quad alone you and the other ladies..she will co.e around

  36. I understand how quad is feeling, but she needs her friends. I love me my Doctor Jackie, cuz she is the patient person , she is the real mother, friend to this group of women.

  37. These ladies dont want Quad to lean on them as friends, they just want to be in her business. How are we supposed to be friends but you got conditions on that friendship? For us to be friends I gotta tell you my business even if I'm not ready to share or risk losing your friendship? BHhhh Bye! I dont need people pressuring me or feeling entitled to my business when they don't even call to check up on me. They just show up when the camera turns on, that's not a friend that's a snake. Watch out Quad.

  38. Petty shit. They don't need to know her business. They told their business because they chose to do so. Quad doesn't choose to do so. Quad has the right to keep her problems away from the public as much as she can.

  39. first of All Mariah was the only one who was really trying to be there for Quad and she pushed Mariah away and a lot of people noticed that but no one spoke on it.

  40. Nah. If a person is that hurt and isolating themselves to heal, give them space and let them know they can swing by whenever they feel up to it. Then visit INDIVIDUALLY. A cool, sisterly visit. Stop this whole “we’re sisters so give us the tea” thing.

  41. Say what you want about Quad but I know exactly how she is feeling and what she is going through. I as a woman is going through the exact same shit in my divorce. My ex now is the victim and I am the devil. I maybe loud but there are things us women keep to ourselves. People shouldn’t say much cause they aren’t in that situation. No matter how much you chat there are times where you shut down especially if no one is there for you. I went through crying nights, depression and anxiety cause everyone turn against me. Cheating in a marriage is the worst it never goes away. No matter how many years it always in the back of a woman mind.

  42. Quad full of shit she do think she better then the rest of them and she's is pretty much done with them lady's! they were her ni–er in the alley but she don't need them no more she got her fame now!

  43. Ignorance is bliss. I will share when im ready and if not my friends will still be there… Sounds like these bytiches just nosey….i mean im not going to push my friend but i am going to hold her hand an let her know i got her….

  44. What solutions are guys going to break for her broken marriage……miss Toya you will know what quad is feeling now when your source of 💰 cheat on you

  45. Quad is full of it she is smarter than what her cast mates think she is. Dr G was a stepping stone for her she got what she wanted now it's time to move o n. Dr. G cheating scandal came at the right time. Quad had no intention on having a baby or staying with Dr. G something better has come along money wise which would be Sister Circle.
    Quad has gone from dating a drug dealer to marring a Dr to having a talk show. If that's not considered keeping moving I don't know what is.

  46. If you haven't been through what Quad has been through, you can't begin to understand what that woman is feeling. It hurts and its embarrassing to learn that your spouse has betrayed you on this level.

  47. Quad you're not nobody's friends do you want people to leave what they doing I'm coming by you GIF darling you play Everybody including the man that you like the high lifestyle with any know what quad im getting sick and tired of your boring voice you know what I don't know why why do you go around them if they can't help you and you talking about it talking behind my back then only will talk about you you're not irrelevant you're in relevant to everybody that's there yeah you know exactly what you're doing just like how you said yes I go out with my cousin because he's a drug dealing he's got money you're disgusting you make black people look bad and you know what you make your type of black people look bad because I may be black but we're not sisters darling will never be sisters you are a dog

  48. the show is right up there with bad girls club and Love and hip Hop just ratchet as all hell and what a shame positive light

  49. I’m married and the one thing my daddy always told me is don’t let people into your marriage. Your business is between you and your husband nobody else. They don’t have to know everything. Just be there for her and stop trying to get all the tea.

  50. Sometimes it is easier to give ppl space until they are ready to communicate…. Everyone deals problems differently

  51. I am confused, why do anyone have to discuss their problems to friends. Everyone do not have to know your business including friends and family. They tend to used that against you.

  52. They don’t care about her y’all just nosey!! If you know your friend is hurt just support her! It’s up to her to share what they want to share.


    (I wonder if it was also a Huge problem that they all didn't see their PERIODS TOGETHER….??????! )

  54. Quad is NOT a good person and she’s not a communicator (because she doesn’t want to hear anything truthful about herself without allowing her anger and viciousness to deflect it back on the truthteller! She is ruled by PRIDE and arrogance and always thought she was too good for her husband. She played him and despised him and disrespected him ( every chance she got)! Her crying is for “ herself” ALWAYS! Her cry that “ she’s a good person is her way if reassuring herself when her conscience tells her she really isn’t)! Her husband KNEW before the wedding she was not a good woman and he tried to break it off with her because he caught a glimpse of the REAL Quad.” This poisonous viper ingratiated herself with him promising him children and deceived him! She wanted the title and prominence of “ Dr.’s wife” but was only in it for “ herself” and not him.. EVER! To stop physical intimacy with him after only a year into the marriage was to deny him the benefits of a physical relationship and intimacy or reproduction! She paid him back for daring to call off the wedding to her! This is how vindictive and unforgiving this snake is.. she wouldn’t go to church with him as a couple.. she abandoned and set up this poor man to cheat while using him to advance her own career! The most recent episode in season 7 shows her finger pointing and talking down to the women who TRIED to befriend her while PRETENDING to want to reconcile.. its the same thing she did to Dr. Gregory..she’s QUAD THE FRAUD! Dr. Simone called her out in the beginning.. she has to PRETEND she’s better than they are because “ she isn’t’”.. she’s really trailer park trash and a Memphis yard lady.. no Christian.. just a vicious yard dog who is ugly inside and out! Enjoy the 15 min of fame and fortune because it will soon end with your fall and destruction!

  55. My Lord she does not have to share everything with you. Yes she chose to be on TV but come on does she really have to share EVERYTHING! come on women sort it out and be a real friend not a TV friend

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