Married to Medicine: Good News, Bad News & A Pajama Party – Full Opening (S6, Episode 8) | Bravo

– The first thing a man needs is honor and respect. The second thing, sex. – Hey, gorgeous.
– What’s wrong? – Mommy has an owie right
here and right here. That’s okay, but I feel
much better. – Who you are today
is simply a representation of all of the things you’ve
been through. – The woman that I have
the most problems with, Mariah. She kind of reminds me
of my sister. – Have you heard from
Gregory? – I just said, you know,
we’ll be in contact via the attorneys during
the divorce process. – Right. – A couple of days ago,
I filed for divorce, packed my bags, and found
myself a new residence. – Everything is
about you. – But they’re saying they
want to hear from me! ♪ Now paging Dr. Jackie ♪ ♪ Dr. Simone ♪ ♪ Dr. Heavenly ♪ ♪ Dr. Contessa ♪ ♪ Toya ♪ ♪ Quad ♪ ♪ Mariah ♪ ♪ It’s about that time that
I flash my wealth ♪ ♪ I don’t want to be
no one else ♪ – Avery, please stop. – Can I write my name
right here? – No, finish your
homework please. So, it’s gonna
be “ship” – Ship. – P.
– P. – Very good, look at
you spelling. – Owe!
– Sorry. ♪ I just want to be me
when I walk inside the club ♪ ♪ they give me
bottles for free ♪ – Y’all got some sardines
in here? – Yes, we do. – Oh, these are the high
class sardines? – Yes. – She speaks French?
– She does. – She’s what, 25 dollars
a can? – She’s not 25.
– Ten dollars a can? – Yeah, I was about to say
a good nine or ten. ♪ It’s about that time that
I flash my wealth ♪ – Good doggy. – What are you doing
to him? – I’m washing his hair. All right, come on, let’s
put him in here. – What are you–
mommy! Hold him! – Alaura, see how you
do the dog? – I didn’t do that!
– Go get him. ♪ It’s about that time that
I flash my wealth ♪ ♪ I don’t want to be
no one else ♪ ♪ It’s about that time that
I flash my wealth ♪ ♪ I don’t want to be
no one else ♪ – Jackie! What’s up, Jack Jack? – You know what?
– What? – I’m glad my staff is
gone early today. You come through here
screaming like that. – They love me.
Don’t play. – Girl, come on in. – This is my favorite. – I got you, girl.
I got you. The beauty of it all is I got
you eating salads now. Bam. – I could’ve sworn I asked
for a sandwich. – Listen, you know how much
sugar’s in that tea? – Excuse me.
Excuse me. I don’t want to hear none
of that sh– today. Okay? You don’t know
what state of mind I’m in. You don’t know! Just let me have my
sugar, sugar. Sugar makes
me sweet. You don’t leave me
alone, girl, I’m gon’ bitch up
on you. – So, Dr. Jarrett’s
housewarming? – Her party was
really nice. I was glad to see
Quad. – Mm-hmm. – She had a moment where
she was gonna share and Mariah kind of
interrupted that moment. – Shut it down. Didn’t interrupt,
shut it down. – Yeah, she shut
it down. – I am the rock in
my family. A lot of things that I’ve
been through– – All of us are the rocks
in our family. – I’m just telling
my story. – But I think you’re
missing the point. – I was really about to
open all the way up to you, but you
interrupted that. – I hope Quad eventually
sees that nobody wants to see divorced if
she doesn’t want that. And we’re not gonna
pick a side. And we’re there. And that’s why I sat,
watching the group at Dr. Jarrett’s party
and thought “Let’s have a slumber
party.” How do we reconnect? – We need to have a cute
little slumber party. – Jackie, why don’t
you plan it? – If you coming to the
slumber party, bring some onesies. – Don’t bring your
nasty corset. – I want Quad to know we’re
here for her. – Mm-hmm. – She might not like
everything we’re gonna say, ’cause you gotta own
your part. – You gotta own
your part. – So, how’s Cecil? – He’s doing good. – Okay. – We had sex. – Hallelujah! This is the parting of
the Red Sea, a miracle, honey! She needed that ’cause she
was grouchy as heck. – And I had all this drama
in my head, like I wasn’t gonna be
able to be wet. Like I was gonna want to
stop in the middle. Girl, I was so thirsty. Like, give me more!
Give me more! Desperate horny. I definitely see a
change in Cecil and I am finally in
a place where I can have positive thoughts
about sex. Yeah, you could’ve called me
“Desperate Housewife” ’cause I ain’t had none
in so long. I was dropping hints
that Cecil needs to go ahead and approach
me for sex. And baby, he finally did. – Let me tell you what
I tell the patients. You have to go in the
house, I don’t care how tired you are, sometimes
just go in the house, take your coat off, and you
just sit down like this and you just start
making it, you know? – Huh? – Yeah, just start
doing it. – Making it right straight
when you come in? – Yeah, get it done. I was about to say get
it over with. Get it done! – Um. – Mm. ♪♪♪♪♪ – Sup, baby girl? How you feeling? – I feel like I’m in
the hospital. I can’t get no rest, every
two minutes somebody comes in to
check on me. You’re coming home
from school! Hey, give mommy kiss. Hey! Oh, mwah! The kids have literally been
back and forth in here. One leaves and the
other one comes. One leaves and the
other one comes. They so sweet though. If I could just please,
just please get one little nap,
just tiny. Oh my God, I think that
would be wonderful for my recovery. Just can’t get
comfortable, it’s weird. It feels like pulling
and tearing and just that kind
of pain. And then occasionally, you’ll
feel this like searing– Like you know how you
burn yourself and how your skin feels after
you’ve burned yourself? It feels like that. – Do you need some
medicine? – You know what? I haven’t been trying to
take any medicine. – No, you’re supposed
to take your medicine around
the clock. Doctors make the worst
patients, I’m telling you. – And I think I need
to drain these. – Look, you one day out,
you should not be up. And try to relax. – But I can’t take some
medicine around the clock because then the
kids will come in and be like– – Don’t worry about
the kids. – –“Mommy why are you
sleeping?” – It don’t matter. Guess what? You gonna need that Percocet
I was talking about. How about that? – Just one. – You want me to take care
of those drains? – Oh, yes. I need you to take care
of the drains. – So, how are the
twins doing? Are they eagerly waiting
to meet me? – They are, but you don’t
want to see them right now. Right now they look like
I’ve been in a fight.



  2. Where can I get all the episodes love married to medicine….only got to see up to episode 3 and after that shoo clips…can someone please help me.

  3. Hey I would sure love to see my favorite ladies go natural..I wonder what their hair looks like natural..I've switched..what y'all think🤔

  4. Lmao Dr. Simone is hilarious. Get it girl.

    Did anyone see the picture frame behind Dr. Jackie's head, "squeeze a boob, save a life." 😂😂😂😂

  5. Quad has always been about herself and she was the same way in her marriage all dr g wanyed was a child and again Quad made it about her..

  6. quad …sorry to say ur too full of yourself …an ur accent is so hi class fake n walking around with ur cheewowoz like ur a white lady …u needed to come down to earth n Dr.g ..for being a plain n simple person. ..don't forget where u came from honey

  7. Damn Heavenly your one and two rule a man needs sounds like a good wife should dance on a pole at home after work and be a private hoe all night. That ain't right baby.

  8. Good job dr jackie the pajama party was a hit quas please go back to being real and u will get better results dont say mean tjongs about Mariah groe as a women the beautiful women u both are hod bless

  9. Quad has got to see that they are there to support her as a friend she is a strong person but she plays the victim too much its like ok move forward

  10. Dr Jackie is so hot!!! and she carries herself very well also. Not mean and vindictive like some, not ghetto like others, just a confident woman that knows exactly what she brings to the table.

  11. I love Dr.Simon & Dr.Jackie 😘.. But that Toya I'm need for you to get a job so you can stay out folks business and stop being so miserable

  12. Dr. Walter(guess her name is Jackie on this show) (but I know here as Mrs. Jacqueline Walter) she is my doctor she delivered my daughter and has been my OBGYN since I was 14. She worked with my mom at Northside Hospital. If you live in Atlanta please go to her office; you will be in great hands!!! I promise.😘

  13. Dr Contessa husband don't wanna spend money on peace me time for his wife especially around the time to heal after surgery. I recall when she asked to stay home he said no cause money. Then he at home watching kids called her at work crying/ nagging on the phone the kids want her to be home so can she come home, but claim she needs to work cause money. Now she had to cry to him to stay home w/ kids for her to stay home, so she end up working part time cause she loves her career. Now she at home after surgery to heal and can't rest cause he probably don't wanna pay for a person to come there just to watch the kids while mommy gets rest. If Contessa now how to be a friend to her friend Toya that got her on the show I know Toya would not have mind coming over to watch Contessa kids, with her kids as a play date so Contessa can get her rest. I done it for my friend. Toya right there for you, but you to busy low key hating on Toya, and she got you on this show to help your family pay bills your husband quick to bring up talk have bills to pay. Toya husband worked quadruple shifts while he made sure Toya stayed home with his sons while your husband Contessa told you talk got bills and at that time I recalled on TV he told you can't afford to stop working until you came back crying to him. Contessa I know you jealous that Toya husband will do for her and his family that your will not and that's why you treat Toya they way you do and again Toya got you on this show.

  14. I can't believe that nobody sees how sexy Dr. Jackie is for her age! Man, I hope that I can age like that, that dam sexy… dam Jackie!

  15. Well come on Simone drive through there then that girl!! Rep that strong independent black woman ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  16. That conversation between Dr.Jackie & Dr.Symone had me gagging lordt 😂eww. literally love them tho real sisters. 🙌🏾🤞🏾

  17. I know that's right Dr. Jackie. She said come home, take off your coat, and get it done. Awwww SNAP!!!! Getter done Dr. Jackie.

  18. Dear most lovely i respect ur comments it wasnt an attack on ur comment just a different point of view peace and happiness to u

  19. Mostlovely ii know ur team quad but i just wish someone would talk to Greg maybe she knew what the home environment really is and didnt want a child involved. She has been protecting his reputation all that time nobody ever thought that he would do anything shady but he did and I don't think it was the first time he's very controlling it's about money and what I bought you but that has nothing to do with marriage after being married for 39 years myself

  20. I know Quad is one of those women that is not about showing weakness..she is strong and hurt but there is two people to blame ..n two sides to a story..even if we see one person in public showing the disfunction of the relationship..doesnt mean the other isnt also at fault behind close doors

  21. This thing about Quad and Dr Gregory is messy and she makes it look like Gregory wasnt a good husband and a bad person to her, well allaboutthetea has info that he married her after he knew she had a affair with Mariah's brother-in-law, sister's lake husband, and cause them to divorce, so Quad got alot of nerve to be divorcing anyone over anything, she just want Gregory's money, she's a scandulous liar and homewrecker, and Mariah continue to remain friends with her after that…please that's a real friend for you and quad got the nerve to be upset with Mariah about anything.if i was Lake, this is one show she would be on, because i would have seriously caused some damage to Quad, and that's for real.

  22. Dr. Simone and Jackie are so calming. I need to be more like them but I am more like Quad and Dr. Heavenly. They are too much but Jackie and Simone are the sensible ones.

  23. I love dr.jackie she like the sane real mom and dr.Simone the loving i got your back sister. They are always on point on who needs the most love dr.heavenly god bless her. Heart trying to stay out of trouble and do good to quad.Quad dont worry your gonna be alright your girls have your back. Mariah go to church and be good. Help out quad cuz she needs it.

  24. Mariah thinks because she's the creature of the show she can say and do what she wants to the other ladies thats why i love heavenly she dont back down from her

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