Married to Medicine: Lisa Nicole Lays into her Husband Darren (Season 4, Episode 15) | Bravo

>> To wrap this
portion up. Is there anything you
would like to say to Darren or about Darren
in front of this forum. >> What I choose to do
in my marriage is my choice. It’s none of your choice. And what I’m gonna say to
you is you got to stop saying dumb
sh– that embarrasses me. Well the truth is, Darren
you and I had a conversation and you talked about
wanting to have another son to carry on your name and
carry on the legacy. So for you to get
around the men and try to act like you know you’re not
really all that about having a baby is wrong. >> You’re right. >> And you need to
stop it. >> You’re right. >> Because if you
wouldn’t say these things, they wouldn’t have
a reason to attack me. And I’m not gonna take
it from you guys and I’m not gonna take
it from you. >> Good. >> It needs to stop. >> That’s the best sh–
she said all night. That’s the best sh– she
said all night. Don’t attack the women,
attack your man ’cause it ain’t none of
our damn business. No way, we don’t care
at this point. >> Let me ask this. Because that was some
real anger that I just saw from you towards
Darren. Do you think some of your
upset and resentment towards the women
is misplaced anger that is actually directed
at Darren? >> I think they hit a
raw spot. And I think they try to
continue to hit it to hurt. And so, as a result, I’m
just as angry at him for giving them the
ammunition to hurt me in that very raw,
tender area. >> Lisa, I am sorry. I feel your pain. And I’m sorry if I hurt your
family in any way. I just want you to
understand that just like you protect your marriage,
I’m doing the same thing. I’m not saying two wrongs
make a right, we’ve already said it. And going forward I would
like me and you to do better. At- If we’re having
our arguments, then let’s just keep
it about us. Okay? We ain’t got to talk
about our mans. >> Yeah. >> All day. >> Good. >> That’s good. >> That’s great, Toya.


  1. You better Push Thru Lisa !!! Yaaaasss !!! Been waiting for this Woman all Season !!!
    That husband was Ridiculous with his responses this season he set their whole marriage up to fail this season. He dont know if he really want kids dunno how he broke his arm dont know how many years he been faithful!!! Chile I Cant wit him!!!

  2. You already got a son o_0 so why do you need another one to carry on, unless lil DJ oh neva mind…..yall got two beautiful kids, established careers who the hell wants another baby LMAO ummmm NO and you 40+ fuck that….yall better stahp

  3. I'm So Glad Toya Was The Voice Of Reasoning Here Toya Has A Very Genuine Spirit Of And She Keeps It 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
    All The Time, She Is Definitely So Very Genuine
    #Oh But It's True!

  4. That was big of Toya, but….let's see how she does next season. I gotta see it to believe it when it comes to her 🙄

  5. TOYA!! Girl, I really am liking this new change in you. And Heavenly, your core is so rotten it makes you look VERY ugly. Uglier than you already are. Darren, you need to back those women off your wife. They're all JEALOUS because Lisa is docile and beautiful. Read them b!+<#£s and dare their husbands to say something!

  6. Lisa & Darren should wait a few seasons to return until they can strengthen their marriage.
    Lisa is right though her husbands rumors are embarrassing and they exist solely bc of him, not bc of the others ladies.

  7. omg Lisa just have a baby & risk your life! damn your man desires you period…so he says but no…you crave baby so you could lose everything?! granted God is in control but let's use our common sense

  8. Darren has caused Lisa so much pain! That woman loves him dearly! I hope is that she'll make a choice that good for her so that she can begin to heal.

  9. Kudos to Toya for that genuinely heartfelt apology. It seems she was very remorseful for what she did, unlike Heavenly's nasty ass 😒…

  10. Toya and Heavenly the biggest hood rats sitting there demanding answers about Lisa's marriage..bitch mind your own is broke the other is a drunk dentist..heavenly the "praise The Lord" phony can't stop attacking gods children..Jealously runs deep in her veins

  11. HEAVILY SHUT UR ASS UP!!!! adding ur dusty 2cents KMFT!!!
    Lisa FINALLY made it clear to EVERYONE including da-run round man!!!!
    HALLELUJAH best way to end the season

  12. I don't even watch this show but completely respect what Lisa said. What she did was very brave and representative of what a lot of we women go through. The men are out here disrespecting us and adding fuel to fire allowing others to disrespect us too. That Lisa publicly admonished her man is HUGE and something I've never seen via a reality show.

    Take note ladies, this is how a grown ass woman handles her business.

  13. Proud of Toya for recognizing she hurt Lisa and apologizing like a real person should. Quad and Heavenly, did you see that and can you follow suit?????

  14. I think Mariah was a little condescending with the whole "I brought Quad in the circle"; and I think Quad got in the circle, got ahead and left Mariah in the dust. From season 1 to now Quad went from a 9-5 to her own boss. They are both wrong and too grown for all that pettiness. ALL OF THEM. Except for Dr. Jackie. She stays out of it while she's healing others so she's cool to me. And why Toya ass got a train? LOL😂😂😂😂😂😂

  15. How I wish Lisa had enough nerve to punch Heavenly dare in her mouth giving her a bloody lip and knock a couple of teeth out wish she wont have know problem replacing bcuz she her own (DENTIST )LMAO! ! !

  16. I hate to see Lisa cry about all this, hope her husband will be there for her more, this ladies are just evil, they can never mind their business

  17. Heavenly if u don't care shut ur mouth toya worry about ur husband and ur taxes quad stop trying to be something u not.

  18. I cant even be on lisa side with this bullshit yes its your marriage stay if u want but stand in all yalls mess he clearly has an issue and she clearly acting like its not one we all have fucked up relationships but we all not in denial either about how fucked up it is

  19. The pretty one at the end she's very hurt they just jealous of how pretty she is! (the one that's crying) But she do need to stop talking mess bout the other ladys

  20. Go ahead Lisa-Nicole. She’s a nice lady who just loves her ignorant husband. She’s rich as hell, she doesn’t need him. She genuinely loves him.

  21. Darren just continues to embarrass her, it was VERY sad to see her beg for a baby to save her marriage. Poor thing will fall apart if they separate, HOWEVER, he has checked out. Here we are, a year later, and he is still at it! Maybe she should work on herself and her self worth. She says she’s confident and high self regard, but to let him continue to embarrass you on national tv, idk Lisa. I just feel like she will fall apart if divorce comes to fruition.

  22. If Lisa's husband is gay. He looks it btw. She will not divorce him because of the money she loves but i believe she is crying all the time because she knows that she has to put up with the rejection everyday and she is not young no more so she can't leave him.

  23. Catch that shade Andy threw out though and I agree be mad at your man! Not the ladies! But you can’t come for mfkers and think their not supposed to come for you. I don’t feel bad for Lisa she’s too much of an extravagant woman to put up with his bullshit to each it’s own

  24. Finally she told Mr. Mole what's up! He embarrasses her! And you're on a tv show, to say it's nobody's business's is ridiculous.

  25. Honestly believe that they come for because she is beautiful and ultimately jealous…who cares if her man is cheating. What does that have to do with you

  26. This clip made me think a little about Tacky Toya lol, I think she has a good heart she just puts on a hard mess front

  27. Lisa Marie’s gorgeous. Her skin tone is flawless. What ethnicity is she? I just love her. They were hard on her this season. My heart breaks for her. She’s a real lady.

  28. proof 35 and over with educations still don't stop ppl from actn asses …….they don't need the money .but to b a spectacle I wld never let them treat me in a Hosp or on the street…….educated blk wmn totally embarrassing……white man going to the bank on yaull

  29. Toya the only who genuinely apologized and meant it. Quad sitting there shaking her head agreeing but not apologizing. And Heavenly trying to turn the tables on to Darren. Check your husband not us. Heavenly girl no you need to be checked at all times because you are rude ASF and don't care. And that's why a year later after Lisa Nicole left the show, Quad got cheated on in front of the public. Heavenly's continues to be read by Mariah and fans are demolishing her. And now this year 2018 Quad is getting a divorce, Toya ruining friendships and Heavenly is getting called out for her crap.

  30. I don’t know why y’all dont like heavenly especially over lisa Nicole I HATED her. She is more dizzy than toya

  31. Lisa, at some point you gotta stop fighting yourself for his behavior. It’s not smart to have a baby with her complications and her age to “keep” him. She sits there and takes a lot of shit off of him. She will always be a better woman than me!!

  32. Seeing Lisa cry made me cry and these women need to learn to respect each other, and stop going for the jugular to hurt each other.

  33. Heavenly needs to be off the show because she don't even have respect for people mother's, she's too negative, and I don't know who told her that she looks good.

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