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You owned that name
for two years, why wouldn’t you tell
me then? >> I didn’t own it for
two years, Heavenly. I’ve been working on this
project for two years! Why don’t you pull
the trademark registration? >> Everything you did
was- was questionable. >> I didn’t try to cheat
Heavenly. And I really don’t think
she just understood how these conferences go. >> You a liar! I cannot take liars! I don’t think that Lisa
thought enough of me to tell me the truth. >> Heavenly, y’all got a
misunderstanding. >> No it ain’t no
misunderstanding. She’s a liar! >> Let me say this. Let me ask you this. I have a question. I’m here to ask the
hard questions. >> Okay. >> Okay, and all you have
to do is answer me. >> But don’t you think
they should ask the hard questions to
one another? Since nobody else really
involved in it. >> Well it’s not
my fight. >> Exactly. >> I know. Mm-hmm, uh-huh. >> Uh-huh, exactly. >> Everybody has had
their opinion. So guess what? I got mine too. Pay it girl. >> Until that hurt and
pain has been dealt with, it’s always gonna be you know,
Quad versus Mariah. >> There has definitely
been some miscommunication- >> Okay, Heavenly, y’all
should talk it out. >> Shh. >> Don’t tell me to
shush, Heavenly. >> I’m listening to her. I can’t hear her! >> Well you don’t have
to listen to me, you can listen to her. I’m talking.
>> Hush! >> I don’t have to God
damn hush! >> Okay, okay, okay. >> Don’t speak to
me that way! I respected you. >> Okay, okay. >> You don’t tell me to
God damn be quiet! >> Please be quiet. Please be- Mariah get out my
f—in’-! >> Well you get out! You want somebody to go,
you leave, honey. This bitch done lost
her mind! For real! You leave honey boo-boo,
child. >> Mariah. >> I ain’t goin’ no way. >> Mariah. May I have your
attention?! Mariah, I’m only
a doctor. And so we might not
be the brightest people out here. But we definitely cannot
comprehend when everybody’s having a
conversation. >> I believe that they
truly had a misunderstanding, that’s all I was saying. >> But I’m saying to you,
let Lisa interpret what she thought. >> I haven’t said
anything! But Jackie, you keep
doing that hand a lot to me, tonight. >> Do you want me to do
like the President? Here you go. >> No. >> I- >> And I’ll give you two. >> All right. Well from me, Lisa,
I need you to use your brain and not anybody
else’s next to you. Now I’ve watched Mariah,
you know, pull the puppet
strings with Quad. And now I see Mariah
doing this to Lisa. And I don’t like women who
don’t think for themselves. >> Oh God, Jackie you
ain’t got to be so indirectly messy ’cause I’ve only
supported you, honestly. You only have an
opposing opinion, and I said nothing but
positive things. Yeah, it seems to be. Jackie and I have had
our differences. >> Can you let go
what you felt was done with malicious intent? You don’t have to
necessarily birth a child to know where you’re
coming from. >> That’s not the same. You really don’t even
have a clue, I’m not even
being funny. She claims she’s
forgiven me. But I think it’s obvious
she’s still harboring some resentment
towards me. >> Okay, how do we
move forward? We can, we can. >> Any time I develop
a concept- >> That is misleading!
It’s misleading! >> No it’s not!
>> Yes, it is! Yes it is!
>> You misunderstood. >> Let me tell you why!
Let me talk! >> If I give you a
platform- >> Okay, all right. Platform! Bitch you-! Excuse me! Oh twitch, twitch.
twitch! >> No, no, no. Curtis: It’s hot
down there. >> The old Heavenly
is back. Miami is here. >> Excuse you? >> Heavenly. Stop screaming, stop
snapping, stop screaming, and stop the cussing. >> I’m sorry. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean
to say that.


  1. The same way Mariah uses Lisa,is the same way Dr.Jackie and Simone aligns with Quad to get at Mariah!

  2. With the exception of Simone and Lisa,I think the other ladies secretly have hate for Mariah. No matter what she does or says it's never good enough. They speak negatively about her every chance they get, but claim they don't have any issues with her. They get tickled when anyone confronts her and never really listens to anything she has to say without a shady comment or nasty side-eye. Jackie was wrong and needs to stop straddling the fence. When your "neutral" you address both parties not just one, Quad was speaking the entire time and Jackie didn't say a word about it. Even when Heavenly attacked Mariah she laughed. Either pick a side or just admit you don't care the most for Mariah and move on, but stop with act. Mariah actually had a valid point and no one backed her up. Quad doesn't like Mariah or Lisa and she is relishing in the fact that the other ladies side more with her. Jackie you should be ashamed of your actions and Heavenly is straight up gutter trash no matter how much weight she loses she'll always have the "BIG and BAD" complex until somebody sets her straight.

  3. Mariah is so fake. She wants everyone to think she is all religious, but will curse you out before the sun shines. Girl, bye!

  4. All these women are very irritating. I can understand Mariah because this is her show, her idea and she wants to be queen supreme but she's not smart. Why would she think she can manipulate the others and gain more following because she is a producer on the show? Dr.Jackie I tolerate more because she tries to be reasonable but her relationship issues gets on my last nerve! I wish these ladies well. However I sincerely do not miss them!

  5. What was this an outtake? I don't remember this scene at all! Sho was funny! Jackie started getting glamorous here with the extensions! Had to read Mariah who's just a petulant child! 😉

  6. Why do they wanna stick these smart, successful, educated women in a reality and have them argue and behave catty and stir up drama for cheap entertainment.

  7. wow sex twice a month smh that's a old person ….I'm not married to a Dr, but trust me n mines click more than twice a month n if I had a Dr for my husband I show would give it to him more than 2times u should b shame n u my girl I never would imagine

  8. Dr Jackie was absolutely being shady to Lisa Nicole and Mariah. All Mariah was saying was let Lisa and Heavenly talk it out amongst themselves. Neither Quad nor Jackie needed to put in their 2 cents. Whatever Quad wanted to say, wouldn't have come from a sincere place toward Lisa because of their history. It wasn't necessary for Dr Jackie to insert herself at all.

  9. But did ya'll catch how Dr. Jackie looked at Dr. Simone when she told Dr. Heavenly to stop screaming and cussing? 🤣😂

  10. They be coming for Mariah way too much ppl can talk or have other back everyone was being loud telling Lisa to use her brain wtf smh she is not no better

  11. Mariah wrong for what she said to Jackie just cause you have kids don't mean you know shit Jackie should a adopt a baby her and her husband people trip me out oh you don't got kids like a kid comes with a damn book on how to raise a child no smfh its people ain't got kids probably be way better than ones who do the world we live in today

  12. How is Simone gonna set up there nd tell Heavenly to stop,screaming,yelling nd cussing when she does the same.Hello What!

  13. Her real name is Kim…I can't believe how bad she makes black women look.She s a disgrace with that nasty ugly mouth.The hate pours from her like water.

  14. I’m Dr. Heavenly she fucking read Lisa and Mariah especially when she said please be quiet and said get tf out she reads down

  15. I’m sorry but does anyone else see Lisa’s missing an earring, it’s distracting the hell outta me😂

  16. Where are the real women? These people on these “Reality Shows” are infantile as hell. Just evil towards each other.

  17. Mariah is hilarious 😆 and so is Dr. Heavenly. They never seem to disappoint the audience with their clap backs.

  18. The funny part is the argument was between Heavenly and Lisa then Mariah said something. Quad then tried to ask Heavenly a question but then was told by Mariah that it's between Heavenly and Lisa. So why does Mariah get to say her peace but Quad can't? Heavenly clearly was trying to hear Quad out so she said "shhh" to Mariah, then Mariah got an attitude. Heavenly even said "shhh, I'm trying to hear her" and Mariah still decided to get an attitude and that's when Heavenly blew up at Mariah. I keep trying to tell people that the whole Mariah and Heavenly beef stems from Mariah getting involved in a situation that she shouldn't have even gotten involved in. I'm not trying to defend Heavenly because I think she's RIDICULOUS but in this Mariah was wrong for saying that Quad should not speak especially since she had her say on the situation.

  19. Mariah and Heavenly have the best enemy chemistry. I be dying fucking laughing when they go back and forth. Tennessee vs Florida 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  20. I think Mariah 🌬️a lot of hot air, it seem she upset because Queen bee she's not. Heavenly is a very disrespectful person seem like she's upset she don't get the same credit and recognitions that the medical doctors get all of these women are too old for the way they are acting

  21. Jackie checked Mariah while Mariah was in her teenage pick a team mode! She is still resenting the fact that Quad decided to distance herself from her because Mariah was the bully and puppet master for several seasons. Mariah will never admit that she's is still big mad about how Quad broke free of her control! Mariah wants the last words and the last everything else. Mariah wear her feelings on her sleeve but when she goes in on someone else, she doesn't expect other people to speak up or hurt her feelings in the process. Mariah enjoys seeing other people break down when she comes out of her mouth piece!

  22. Idk how anybody can be friends with Quad or Heavenly. The most fake, childish and annoying. They are NOT ladies at all.

  23. God Mariah is so bitter. So you just had to get out your opinion on the matter but had to shut quads down when she was trying to say something similar before you? Girl bye

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