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in the trailer we see the Mariah's back after leaving the show does she bring back the drum now has more I ever been gone even dressed the girls are happy to have her back or not so much oh I'm always happy with without I'm always happy so if she's there we're good if she's not we're good why don't we said she adds to the drama no one can ever be pushed out you may be nudged and you make a decision to stay or go I think it was a little rough because we're women and you know women make decisions we're kind of seasonal you know we have seasonal friends and we have friends who you have for life and I think when that life time friendship broke we were a little bit torn between who's gonna stay in the group or not nudged I think that's the right answer do you think reality television has hurt your marriage absolutely not absolutely not I think timing whether I was doing reality TV or working in the office seeing 40 patients a day or working with my foundation or helping out a friend or my family responsibilities I'm still busy I mean I was born that way I was just born busy I am not the person who's the 8 to 5 you go home and you just kind of kick it that's never gonna be my personality so with or without reality TV I'm busy so you think it's your schedule more than anything that has given your the marital problems that we're going to see transpire on the seasons yeah I think it's my schedule are you nervous about seeing those struggles play out on camera nervous is an understatement I'm more than because the part of reality TV is you you have conversations that your spouse has never seen and when it airs on TV this will probably be the first season we're not gonna watch it together what's up guys I'm Giuliana Rancic and you're watching the live from the red carpet youtube channel subscribe today then be sure to check out our other live from the red carpet videos right here


  1. Mrs Jackie There noo excuses that Spouse been or being Unfaithful!! UNFAITHFUL STARTS FROM THE THE TOP HEAD BEFORE IT Gets to THE BED…. AND THIS IS ALWAYS A COMMANDS WHAT GOD IN HEAVEN HONOR MALACHI 2: 10-17. EPHESIANS 5: 22-33.. 1 CORINTHIANS 10: 11-13.

  2. wow, I hear subliminals all throughout this interview! allllll of the answers, even b4 he asks about her marriage, can all apply to her marriage! she's happy either way? nudging him out? lifetime friendships?

  3. I love you most, of all the woman, and you seem the most intelligent, but! ! you rejecting your husband and his needs makes me question your heart that you say you have, that is something that is very important and sensitive to a marriage.

  4. Jackie acts like she don't want to be with her husband he is a nice looking man but those women doctors , both of them treat hubbys kind of bad.

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