Mary Poppins Dispenses Medicine

stay close now Obert all your fine drawings well there's more where they came from meantime on teacher businesses this year is lovely our chestnut – ChIP chip an Egyptian Giroux lot of that Adam da-da-da-dah no no I'm losing your nasty medicine do we have to marry popping people who get their feet wet must learn to take their medicine I don't want it 9 Cornell delicious strawberry rum punch quite satisfactory


  1. I wonder how they made the medicine change color like that. Practical effects back then were so awesome. These days they’ll just immediately resort to cgi.

  2. A lot of pharmacies do the Mary Poppins trick for children's medicine (i.e., add flavors to make it go down.) I don't know of any that offer a rum punch flavor though…

  3. When my brother and I were sick as kids, we used to call the liquid medicine our mom gave us "Rum punch." Never knowing the meaning behind it. lol.

  4. 1:35 "rum punch" 1:37 "quite satisfactory" 1:39 hiccup jeeze Mary Poppins I didn't know you were an alcoholic

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