Master in Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences – Leiden University

I’ve always been very interested in the human body
and what drugs can do to the body, and that’s why I choose for Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences. I did my ten weeks bachelor internship in the lab at
Analytical BioSciences, doing a lot of research. So then I found out that research
is also really my passion. In the master of Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences
we have a lot of different areas. So we got toxicology, we’ve got
medicinal chemistry, pharmacology… So in this programme the focus lies on doing research
and they train you to become a researcher. The institute is located at the Bio Science park in Leiden. That’s the biggest life science cluster in the Netherlands.
For me, that’s really motivating. Leiden University really tries to pull you out of your comfortzone. They really try to focus you to develop
your own skills, your own research skills. The institute really wants you to focus
on what’s there in the world and what you could do within
the company or even academia. We use state-of-the-art equipment. As a master student you have to
find out how to do the analysis. I think that’s a pretty important
aspect of drug research as well. The professors are very well-known in
their field, but also really approachable. I you have any questions you can contact them. I was part of the board of our study association. We’ve got educational activities like lunch
lectures, symposia, et cetera. But we also really got this nice social aspects. Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences
is all about doing research. And it’s a really nice place for me to develop my own skills,
and well you feel like you’re part of the team.


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