Master of Physician Assistant (MPA) program (overview video)

Well, the
physician-assistant program trains people from all
different types of backgrounds to be health-care providers. We are trained for 28 months. It’s 28 condensed months,
in the same specialties, the same areas that MD
students are trained. It’s just a compressed training
and not necessarily in as much depth as the MD program. The last year of the
training is in the clinic. So you do the same clinical
rotations as the MD students. And then our
students do not have to do a residency
after they graduate. They’re ready to
practice on day one. I love this program. In a year’s time, we
have learned so much. And the way that they do it
and the layering of information has been proven to
work, over and over. And it’s just really
quite incredible. Medical education
is a dynamic process that really requires
multiple layers to be applied over many years. That first year,
here in the program, we’re really trying to
establish a very firm foundation they can build upon, not only
in their educational experience here, but also as
we look many years into their clinical careers. It’s probably the
most fun I’ve ever had and then the hardest thing I’ve
ever done in my entire life, at the same time. The program has an
abundance of resources. It’s tied to a wonderful
medical school. There’s obviously
hospital facilities just out our back
door, as well as the community is very
supportive of our institution and the program allowing
for clinical rotations that enhance that didactic training
that occur in the classroom. Someone who’s worked in the
Emergency department before, I can say that the
education we’re getting here with ultrasound is stellar. I went from not even knowing
how to turn an ultrasound machine on to, I feel
pretty confident I could go and show off my
friends my new ultrasound skills without too many problems. After that one. Remove that one, and
then try the next one. It definitely attracts a
certain personality type. We’re people who
want to help people. There’s very much a
demand, right now. You look at our health-care
system and all the changes, and we’ve got the baby
boomers that are aging. And PAs are an excellent
choice to expand health care to those populations.

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