Masters Clinical Nutrition

the structure of the master science and clinical nutrition program is flexible in order to meet the needs of our current and future students program can be completed in two years going full-time up to five years going part-time we offer a thesis and non thesis option and a majority of our courses are online for any courses that do meet in class we do our best to schedule those during hours that wouldn't conflict with work schedules being situated on the campus of the state's only teaching hospital with additional access to regional centers across the state provides opportunities for our students to engage in learning opportunities tailored to their interests regarding research through generous donations we are able to provide financial support toward attending national and international conferences for presenting research projects as majority of chronic diseases are at least in some part by it related having an advanced understanding of the connection between nutrition and disease is important for delivering quality patient and family-centered care our program provides students with knowledge experiences and experiences toward enhancing that care process via online instruction one-on-one mentoring through the research process and engaging experiential learning and service opportunities I graduated from UAMS with a Masters of Science and clinical nutrition the program provided a foundation of clinical nutrition coursework while also enabling me to tailor some of the coursework to meet my individual clinical and research interests the clinical nutrition master's program helped me grow as a professional a clinician and a researcher I'm currently employed as a research project manager dietitian and I work in a pediatric outpatient clinic performing nutrition counseling and education for children who are at high nutrition risk because they have multiple food allergies I'm also a part of a research team that performs clinical trials in pediatric food allergy ultimately the Masters of Science and clinical nutrition program helped me develop knowledge experience and a professional network that led me to a career that I'm very much proud of you

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