Match Day 2013 | JHU School of Medicine

[MUSIC] I have had the absolute pleasure of spending four years in [UNKNOWN] school
surrounded by the most brilliant creative and caring
group of individuals I could ever ask for, and there is no doubt in my mind that all
of us will go on to make great strides in medicine I
became a physician to be inspired and… >> Today [UNKNOWN]. All of you are in a wonderful position. Whatever is in your envelope to see at the
end of [MUSIC] The kind of doctor that I didn’t want to
be. I look forward to cheering for all of you
wherever you’re headed. Look forward to celebrating that with you. >> Oh my God [LAUGH]. >> Woo! [MUSIC] >> Congratulations to the class of
2013. [MUSIC] I wish you many years of health happiness
and discover [UNKNOWN]. [MUSIC]

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