Match Day 2016 – McGovern Medical School

Hi I’m Steve Jones and I work in the
office of admissions and student affairs. Today is match day and as the
culmination of all the hard work that seniors have done in the last four years.
This is more important than even graduation because new students find out
where they’re going to be over the next four years. I’m really excited to match today. I get
to find out where I’m going. Hopefully it’s Dallas.
My name is Jonathan. I’m going into internal medicine and I’m very excited
for match day today, hopefully matching to McGovern Medical School. I still remember when we’d spend hours
in the LRC studying for shelves and step and
I’m happy to be here. We worked hard. We’ve been very fortunate enough to have
a really good class of students. We all kind of work together and we made each
other better and we’re just really excited to celebrate the end of the road. Good morning my
name is
Giuseppe Colasurdo, president of the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston here at UTHealth. Let me welcome our students, these amazing young kids. They are
so relaxed as you can see, right? Today very soon they will find out where they
will spend the next few years of their lives. They’re going to be so amazing, they’re gonna be so specacular, the
best ambassadors. I’m the President of the class of 2016; we’re really really happy to have every
single one of y’all here: families, friends, it’s been a really arduous
process that we’re excited to share this awesome occasion with y’all. This
guy right here is the money jar. Please insert $1 – the last person who gets thei
letter for waiting so long gets the jar and the money. So bring a dollar. If you don’t have a dollar, get one quick.
First name: Christopher Deal My name’s Ramya Chockalingam, I matched to Dermatology. I’m doing my prelim year at Beth Israel in Boston and dermatology at UTHouston here. I’m really excited, it was my number one choice.
I matched to UT Houston which was my number one choice for ENT. My name’s Jessie Decarlo, and I matched to TUFTS for peds, psych, and child psych and we’re really excited! I’m Eduardo Mulanovich, I matched to UAB, and that’s my number one for Internal Medicine. I’m excited! Vanderbilt! Apparently we are the first same-sex
couple to match – that are both students – to match from UT Houston. I
mean, it was just like interviewing and matching with any other couple, like we
really – everyone treated us great, we didn’t have any issues at all being two
men that are matching together so it’s been a really great experience. McGovern School of Medicine has been very supportive in the process. We
had great support throughout our careers and we’re excited to see what the future
holds. I’m President of our LGBT
organization here and like it’s been nothing but support all four years so
it’s just really great and we’re so excited and happy. Que te hizo seguir la carrera? Mi familia son my motivacion numero uno. My name is Victoria Adeseye. I am a fourth year med student, well, soon to be doctor after graduating from McGovern Medical School and I just matched into
child neurology at Vanderbilt University which I’m so excited about I’m excited to
learn about the brain specifically with kids so I’m super excited for this moment. So I chose
pediatric neurology because my older sister, she actually has down syndrome,
and just going out with those experiences and learning about her
developmental and cognitive delay kinda really got me into pediatric neurology
so I’m really excited to be doing it as a specialty.
I love the brain I love how it makes us who we are so I’m excited to learn about it a little bit more.

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