Match Day 2016 – Penn State College of Medicine

here you are almost exactly three years
from the time we met moments from finding out the next place you will go I
am excited for every one of you an enormously proud of the physicians who
are becoming I’m sure you’re sitting on pins and needles says you anxiously
await to see where your lives and careers are headed next you work really hard to get to this day
and I think you should really enjoy it towards four years ago I never would
have really thought that this day was going to come but it’s the start of a
new chapter of our lives and a new journey matched he was a long awaited event I’m
an MD. PhD. student so it was a long time coming for my final year and
finally get that envelope and receive my top choice for family medicine matchdays wonderful combination of all
of the work done over the last four or five years and just a great celebration
of all the friendships and relationships formed. I’m looking forward to concentrating
on work that we’ve grown to love of these past four years and making new
friendships and mentorships. My fondest memory of the white coat ceremony was
being there with new friends and my parents and joining their profession is
a true one of the better medical schools I would say in the country busy have
that ability to grow to such a huge extent three or four years here overall I’ve had fantastic menteur all
the physicians throughout all my rotations really excellent role models
in a compassionate care and I think having that humanity’s emphasis really
prepared me to be a compassionate caregiver we’ve all done and seen some pretty
incredible things here in 30 and today matched it is just one more of those
incredible experiences that we get to share together on this medical student

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