Match Day 2017 – Penn State College of Medicine

it’s March seventeenth and love is in the air for today’s the day, that thousands of medical students walked down that proverbial aisle the birds are singing the bees are buzzing and we’re already madly in love with are betrothed whose identity we don’t yet know we are here today because we have all been hired for some of you this is your first real deal pay stubs and taxes job as one of your older peers I feel that it is my responsibility to make sure that you know that most job offers are not presented via secret envelope surrounded by family and friends with parties and champagne toasts. It’s kinda like a culmination of all the hard work that we put in over the last three and a half years and to finally have it all kind of payoff. I matclatched into family medicine at Lancaster General Hospital. Today I matched at Thomas Jefferson University that’s in Philadelphia and I’m very excited I think Penn State College of Medicine has prepared me through the mentorship that they offer through the availability and warmth that they offered students I matched at USC University of Southern California in psychiatry. Four years ago when I came out here I didn’t know what to expect but it was far from home and that’s about it I’d lived in a city my whole life and so coming out here was really a surprise for me but looking back it was really the best decision that I could have made. Penn State College of Medicine prepared me by I think giving me the tools to be a professional you know not just the physician and to have hard skills but a professional and somebody who will stand up for what’s right in patient care and in medicine So congratulations to each of you go change the world for the better and make us all even more Penn State Proud!

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