Match Day 2017 – UC Irvine

Welcome everyone. What a fantastic morning. I like to say it’s the culmination of lots of effort but it’s still another beginning. We have an outstanding match because we have outstanding students. It’s another step in your path to greatness. The lucky first person Amanda Christine Purdy. I’m going into general surgery and I’m going to Harbor-UCLA. [ cheering ] I matched at Advocate Christ in Chicago. [ cheering ] I’m going to my number 1 choice Sutter Health Sacramento. I matched into orthopedics at my number 1 Johns Hopkins. [ cheering ] I’m going into emergency medicine 1st choice, UC Irvine. [ cheering ] I’m going into pediatrics Going to my number 1 Children’s Hospital LA. [ cheering ] I’m going into emergency medicine at my number 1 spot, UCI. We are both going into family medicine at Scripps Chula Vista. [ cheering ] I’m going to my 1st choice which is Emory University. [ cheering ] I’m going into pediatrics. I’m going to Cornell. [ cheering ] I’m going into psychiatry UCLA San Fernando Valley. My number 1! [ cheering ] It has been one of the greatest honors of my life to be part of your future. Thank you for letting me be part of it and bringing me into your life and your dreams and your hopes and this really is our special day.


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