Match Day 2018 at Washington University School of Medicine

so I'm going into internal medicine here going into psychiatry at UC San Francisco pediatrics at Stanford so match day is kind of the day that every medical student looks forward to but also fears I'm going into internal medicine at NYU's going back i remember we first started dating he was already freaking out about couples matching got a plan ahead he's a planner imagine orthopedics a University of Washington so the couples much always as a layer of complexity we don't know how we might be adversely affecting each other we're doing jungle surgery Massachusetts General Hospital I'll be matching into pediatrics at Boston Children's children Buick surgery at the University of Southern California [Applause] whether we were couples matching or not both of us would want to be here as our number one choice but you know nothing is ever certain until you walk up to the microphone and open it all right I'm going into internal medicine I'm doing orthopedic surgery oh my gosh I hope it says Barnes that Copas is pork butts and we're gonna be going to we're staying here [Applause] [Applause]


  1. I know the Cleveland clinic is world renowned, but I was so shocked that girl was so happy to go to Cleveland it sucks here😂

  2. I got so happy for each and every one of them but I burst into tears when that one guys said USC “Mom I’m coming HOOOOOOMEEEEE” that was SO CUTE

  3. Idk why this made me cry. I can't even imagine this being me one day. If that day comes I will be so proud and cry my eyes out.

  4. whenever i see doctor couples all i can think is how one day they’ll be making $800,000 combined if not more lol

  5. It’d be embarrassing if one doesn’t like their match but has to show all excited and euphoria on stage in front of everybody lol.

  6. God, I got teary-eyed for all of them. All their hard work and more to come! Congratulations! Go Wash U!

  7. Why not attend PA school and match in everything (Surgery, Pediatrics, Dermatology, Internal Medicine, & many more)? Someone please comment.

  8. You notice they all matched, I wonder about the ones that didnt. Every year 6000 students don't..

  9. So happy for these soon to be first year residents!! Congrats to everyone who matched recently and best of luck!

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