Match Day 2018: University of Michigan Medical School

(soft music) – [Woman] The last time any
of us were in a room together was nearly four years ago
at our white coat ceremony. We were bright eyed and so
excited to begin the journey of serving patients together. When the anxiety of the match
has seemed overwhelming, I’ve tried to think back to those feelings of hope and optimism from that day. It’s helpful to remember
that whether we match at the top of our list or at the bottom there are patients at
each of these locations that we can serve. – Hi, I’m Laurie. This is my son, Callan. I’m going into obstetrics and gynecology, Brown University of Women and Infants. – I’m going into radiation oncology and matched at Michigan. (audience cheers) – I matched into ophthalmology, and I was blessed with my first choice, Howard University in Washington D.C. – I’ll be doing med-peds at
the University of Colorado. – I’m going into neurology
at Stanford University. – I’m going into ob/gyn, and I’m going to Morehouse in Atlanta. – I’m going into
obstetrics and gynecology, and I get to deliver victors here at the University of Michigan. – I’m studying family medicine at the University of
California San Francisco. – I am so thankful to be matching into anesthesiology at UCLA. – My mommy’s going to train to be a doctor at University of Michigan. (audience cheers) (soft music)


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