Match Day 2019 at U of R School of Medicine and Dentistry

So, match day is pretty much the
culmination of four-plus years of medical school, where
medical students learn where they’re going to be
training for residency. Where we’re going to be
spending the next three to seven years, in my case. You figure out what
specialty you want to go in to and then you pick the
schools you want to apply to, and then they send
out interviews. You interview at many places. The hospitals that
we interview with, they make their lists
of their preferences. You rank the schools or the
programs that you want to go to, and they rank you, and then
there’s this fancy computer algorithm that kind of puts it
all together and matches you. We open an envelope and it says that this is where
you are going. A lot of nervous excitement. A little anxious,
but really happy that we’ve gotten this far. It’s going to be very
nerve-wracking at first, but also very exciting to kind
of find out where, ultimately, I’m going to be able
to compete my training. Five… four… three… two… one… [cheers and
applause] My husband, my son – who’s 20 months
old, and my in-laws, and my parents who’ll be
joining us through Facetime. Definitely a little more
on the nervous side now, but hopefully afterwards
it will be a more on the excitement side. Nervousness. Excitement. I feel like my stomach
is about to explode. I’m hoping to end up in
Boston, so fingers crossed. Yeah, that’s where
my family’s from, that’s where my partner is, so it would be nice
to end up there. I’m originally from Brooklyn,
New York, so I’m hoping to move back to the
New York City region. I ranked U of R number
one, for many reasons. Partly, the research,
and the faculty that I’ve met here
are incredible. I’m not totally sure
how today’s going to go, but my top choice is Washington
University in St. Louis, followed by Duke University, and
the University of Pittsburgh. Cornell, New York
Presbyterian Hospital, NYU, and Robert Wood Johnson
Hospital in New Jersey. My parents are here, one of my
high school teachers is here, and then my partner – who is
actually a year ahead of me in medical school – so he’s
now in Boston, as an intern, and he’s here with
his family as well. Well my son was holding
the envelope and then he ripped off the
sticker and, opening it up, it was just like this wave of
emotion and relief, really. I had my parents on Facetime and they were shedding a
couple of tears as well. And it’s just everything
I’ve wanted for so long, so it feels great. Oh my gosh-I matched at
my number one, U of R, I could not be happier. This is the best choice for
me, and my family, and I’m just so happy and relieved
that I know and can make the next
steps moving forward. I did great! I’ll be at NYU for the
next three or four years. It’s exciting that I got
exactly what I was looking for. I matched at my number one
program, Washington University in St. Louis, so I am
really, really excited. Those final few moments were
a little bit nerve wracking. But, then to just kind
of see it in black and white – it’s just so exciting. It’s a dream come true. It’s crazy and you just
know that it’s right there, and this moment has
finally happened, this thing that you’ve been
waiting for, for so long and, almost I didn’t want
to open it [laughs]. I matched at Mass
General, for children, so I’m super excited for that. It’s the same program
that my partner’s in and now we can actually, just
like, look at homes together, and just start our lives, so, I’m so glad that my
dreams came true. I feel incredibly well prepared. I think that the
science education that I got here is
sub-par to none. I am just so grateful for the
education that I’ve had at U of R. I feel like
I’ve been taught to be really compassionate
towards patients, I’ve been taught to really
value co-learning with my peers, and working together as teams, and treating the
patient as a whole. This place has really got
me to where I am today, so I’m just really,
really happy and proud to be a Rochester future doctor.


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