Match Day 2019 Sights and Sounds

(upbeat music) – Match Day is this incredible
day in a doctor’s life. So essentially you take
senior medical students and you give them an envelope and you say this is where you’re going
for your post-grad training. It is incredible. It’s kind of crazy actually
that in this profession your entire future is in an envelope and it all gets revealed
in like one second. (alarm buzzes)
(crowd cheers) – Harvard South Shore. Yay! – I got matched in Miami. – I matched here at my first choice at UT Southwestern for internal medicine. – We’re going to Boston! – Stanford! (cheers) – I’m going to Columbia in New York City! – I matched at the Harvard combined orthopaedic residency program. – We’re staying at UT Southwestern! (upbeat music)
(crowd chatters)


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