Match Day in 1 Minute | The Perelman School of Medicine

(upbeat music) – We are thrilled to welcome
you to Match Day 2019. (cheering)
(upbeat music) – I’m feeling really excited, but also it’s been so much emotion and anticipation,
building up to this time. – This is a day you’ll
remember for a very long time. – [Male Speaker] Alright, here we go! (cheering) (upbeat music) – Knowing that that
envelope has your future for the next four years, and I opened it, and then all
the emotions hit me at once, that I’ve been suppressing for months. – I’ve been just wanting
to know where I’ll go, and what the next six
years are gonna look like. – I will remember this forever, just that feeling, so much
build up and excitement opening my envelope,
and then so much relief finding out where I’m going. (cheering)

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